Former FBI Director, Robert Mueller’s goal is not to see justice done but rather to unseat the sitting President! The why… only Mueller and his inner most circle know, but, my guess is that James Comey and Rod Rosenstein may well be a part of that inner circle. A sitting FBI Director would not be a party to the underhanded, over reaching, illegal targeting that both Comey and now Mueller are undertaking. Comey did it to Martha Stewart for some sick reason…putting someone of notoriety in jail for lying to an FBI Agent. FBI Agents are lied to every freaking day, unless they are someone like a Comey or Mueller who never were FBI Agents! If the FBI, locked up everybody that lied to us, there wouldn’t be anyone left to put in jail for substantive violations!

Why is Congress allowing that to happen? Unless all those lawyers are stupid, they have to realize there is no criminal acts that justified the Special Prosecutor appointment…if there is, what is the Title and Section of US Code, please?

Real FBI don’t do what Comey did and Mueller is doing, unless there is a “personal reason.” I never saw or heard of any Agents or FBI Directors locking up anybody for “lying” to the FBI about bullshit! You jam up people by putting legit pressure on them for substantive illegal acts, like the firing of McCabe! That wasn’t about lying about misleading a bank on the use of a home equity loan! He intentionally obstructed a Federal criminal investigation, that he lead and tampered with evidence and did other criminal acts. That’s serious stuff!

Putting that kind of pressure on the likes of Huma Abedine, Cheryl Mills, John Podesta, Hillary for serious,substantive violations is what should have been done, not raiding Trumps lawyer’s house, office, motel room to find evidence on misleading a bank on a line of freaking credit.

How about misleading a FISA Judge on a search warrant for a wiretap on a US citizen to monitor Trumps campaign then finding Russia collusion, to try to alter the election and ignoring it because it was Hillary who colluded, and not Trump?

I’d like to hear Mueller explain that to a Federal Judge “outside” WDC!!!

Edgar Hoover had his own “tactics” that involved physical, legal surveillances that resulted in photographs and other “evidence” that produced results he wanted.

Mueller has a personal vendetta against Trump that he is letting get in the “legal and ethical ways” of doing things, and unless the President, doing legal, authorized and unquestionable actions takes action, there will be no stopping Mueller! The most solid ground the President could possibly be on are the allegations that came from the Congressional Intelligence Committee and the FBI IG who recommended the firing of Andrew McCabe! They and not the President have stated that Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page and other former DOJ employees have violated their Agency Rules and Regulations, violated trusts, and probably violated laws. Those are ALL legit reasons at the worst, to fire, and in the least, to suspend, all those employees who were involved in the Carter Page FISA wiretaps and initiate Administrative and Criminal Investigations on all of them including Comey ,Sally Yates and others.

The suspension of Rosenstein will bring a halt to Muellers investigation until the President, who is the BOSS, can get a handle on who actually broke the law, violated Rules and Regs and overstepped their bounds. That is the President’s Constitutional job! Any, and I mean “any,” advisor who is telling the President NOT to use his Article 2 authority and suspend those employees, who would have been fired outright back in the day, is going to cause this President to lose his presidency over; not criminal actions, but over noncriminal, nothing burgers that don’t compare to what Hillary Clinton did and, so far, got away with! The targeting of people who had nothing to do with anything collusive, trying to get at the President, after they illegally monitored Carter Page and Trump workers and found nothing, is mind boggling!

The FBI I worked for, would “never” have done what Mueller is doing…NEVER! We had respect for the office, even if we disliked the President.

Mr. President, get mad and act. Schumer and Pelosi’s crying won’t mean anything once you do. Even Congressman Rand Paul is calling for the firing of FBI Agents Strzok and Page, who still have Top Secret clearances.

Well, what kind of clearance do you think their co-conspirator Rosenstein has?