We, the people, elected Donald Trump to be the Chief Executive Officer of the United States to “stop” the corruption” that has been Washington’s “Rule of Unlawfulness”. The people elected President Trump to drain the swamp and to make the tough decisions that go along with the change that is necessary. These decisions take more than a strong president to face the onslaught that the left will rain upon anyone who is willing to upset the corruption “cart”.

The president should have known that Jeff Sessions is not a person who would make a strong attorney general, even if he hadn’t recused himself. But the president is a loyal man and stuck with someone who stood alone, supporting the then-candidate Trump. The president cannot allow his loyalty to Sessions ruin his presidency, which it will do “unless” the president either convinces Sessions to: unrecuse himself, fire Rod Rosenstein outright, suspend him for his “many” questionable… even criminal acts or…take control of his DOJ himself!

I am saying… the president must use his Article 2 authority and in the very least suspend all the current DOJ (justice and FBI) employees who signed/participated in the FISA warrant process regarding Carter Page! Suspend them now and order FBI Director Christopher Wray to open administrative inquiries on all as well as criminal cases on Strzok, Lisa Page, Rosenstein and Bruce Ohr.

Follow that with the appointment of a replacement for Rosenstein, like Chris Christy or Trey Gowdy. Make whoever is appointed, the temporary, until approved by the Senate, and place Mueller’s team, which is of out of control, totally illegal, above our Rule of Law, on temporary hold!

Let the House and Senate take sides but there is nothing that the president is doing that is not supported by Article 2., previous presidents, and our rule of law. The president was given the authority to hire, fire and discipline, to prevent unethical, as well as illegal acts from being perpetrated by his employees. That is what Rosenstein and Mueller… your employees are doing: unethical acts and operating by some imaginary premises…Russian Collusion. ..Enough is enough!

Suspend what they are doing until the president can determine what happened in the FISA court and related matters…it’s the president’s responsibility and his congressional duty!


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