Former FBI Special Agent: Affidavit to Pres. Trump calling for firing Robert Mueller

The FBI IG and OPM have recommended the firing of Andy McCabe for lying to them and the FBI. Unlike General Mike Flynn’s situation, McCabe has most probably violated several federal laws. Since there is reason to believe information that Mccabe has information that could disclose other crimes committed by high ranking government officials, soliciting his cooperation, ethically, is legal and a successful method of obtaining cooperation, providing it is performed ethically, through a proffer by his attorney with no threats to his family!

The entire reason for “jamming” Andy McCabe is to get him to cooperate.

It’s a lever and a good one for the FBI to use, to clear their name, and bring others to justice!

If I thought for a minute that the AG would procrastinate, hesitate, ponder what to do and stall so that Mueller puts his claws on McCabe, I absolutely would have kept my thoughts to myself, trust me on that!

That is “way” beyond Mueller’s scope. In fact Mueller was supposed to set forth his parameters as special prosecutor and, what a surprise, he didn’t!

That’s just another reason he cannot be trusted, not to mention his “collusion” with Rosenstein, Comey and probably Strzok or McCabe to become the special prosecutor!! That “collusion”is more criminal than Trump colluding with anybody Russia.

If then candidate Trump did if fact speak to anybody Russian and did talk about the election, before, during or after the election, somebody please quote me the Title and Section of US Code that it violated, because my code books don’t seem to cover that fantasy! That is, beside an antiquated, antitrust collusion that has nothing to do with anything Mueller is tasked with!

Reasons Mueller must be fired;

  1. By James Comey’s own admission, he leaked information to a former FBI Agent with instructions to leak same to the press for the sole and exclusive purpose of supporting a phony obstruction of justice complaint against the sitting president for Comey’s firing believing it would and in fact did, prompt the appointment of a special
  2. Rod Rosenstein brought his close friend and close associate, Bob Mueller, a former FBI Director, to President Trump recommending his long time friend and associate, Mueller, be made FBI
  3. The day after Mueller’s request to be appointed FBI Director was dismissed by President Trump, Rosenstein appointed Mueller as special prosecutor to investigate collusion between the president and After a year of investigation by Mueller no evidence of collusion has been found regarding the president, whatsoever.
  4. The investigation did, however, uncover that Hillary Clinton purchased the Democrat National Committee and also purchased an opposition dossier to be put together by Fusion GPS with information provided by Chris Steele and Russian officials. The dossier, according to then FBI Director Comey was “never verified” yet was used to obtain a FISA overhear warrant for an unpaid, lowt level Trump campaign worker, Carter Page. His phones were wiretapped, resulting in no evidence whatsoever of collusion between the President or candidate Trump and
  5. Special Prosecutor Mueller elected to ignore the illegal conspiracy of Hillary Clinton with Fusion GPS, Russia and Steele to disrupt a Presidential election, which
  6. The reason Special Prosecutor Mueller was appointed was to uncover interference in our presidential election by collusion between a presidential candidate and Russia, which it However, it was the wrong candidate, Hillary Clinton. Consequently Mueller cast aside evidence.
  7. Mueller went about illegally charging Trump staff member, Mike Flynn, a decorated and retired US Army general, with lying to FBI Agent Peter Strzok, who has stated Flynn had not lied to him! The purpose was obviously to force Flynn to provide information he apparently did not Even after unethical threats by Mueller or his team to Flynn’s family members, General Flynn could not comply and was financially decimated by Mueller’s relentless and unethical technique of soliciting cooperation. General Flynn was forced to plead guilty for lying to an FBI Agent for no substantive reason or crime.

The above information is provided by Retired FBI Agent, J. Gary DiLaura based upon information and belief.

I, J.Gary DiLaura, as a Citizen of the United States and respected, retired FBI agent, respectfully request President Donald Trump to accept this affidavit and find cause to believe Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller has violated any oath he could have taken to enforce the US Constitution, and our Rule of Law, and as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Chief Executive, and President of the United States, dismiss Bob Mueller as Special Prosecutor. Further, in the interest of Justice, Pardon General Mike Flynn of any charges giving him a clear record and also employment with the United States to help return him to financial security, should Retired General Flynn desire.