You have to feel sorry for Bob Mueller. His staff should have stepped in and said he can’t do it! I am NOT making fun of Mueller or denigrating his character, bravery or intelligence. But a man needs to know his limitations! The Bob Mueller we saw today is only a shadow of the Bob Mueller just a few months ago, and he has obviously missed not a step but missed the staircase. I blame the dumb-ass Democrap leaders like Nadler, Shitty and Swallow for not realizing that Mueller could not answer any questions as the signs of aging WE ALL ARE FEELING have crept up on Bob, and grabbed him. I’m sorry Mr. Mueller, and I too thank you for your service, but you need to stop your professional life, and retire! A five minute conversation with him by Nadler would have told Nadler that, unless Nadler’s dumber than we thought, Mueller is no longer up to the task!

So the Democraps got what they deserved, a torpedo right between the eyes and their ship has been sunk! To our advantage, the testimony brought out some VERY telling facts. If you look at what I wrote about the FBI “raids” conducted on Roger Stone’s house and the others…I wrote that those raids were NOT the type of raids that the real FBI would conduct…a SWAT team on a nonviolent, never arrested subject of a white collar investigation with the CNN crew first in the door. That’s a Hollywood raid…that the FBI does not do. Well if the FBI didn’t direct the raid …who did?

My guess is… that it was the idiot who wrote the Mueller report … not Mueller…my opinion!

Bob Mueller didn’t write that report, didn’t pick his “Mule Team” and didn’t run any investigation! That’s my opinion…and I am seldom wrong!

It doesn’t matter what Trump did or didn’t do to interfere or Obstruct what Comey or Mueller were investigating because there is/was NO underlying criminal investigation…Mueller said so and so did AG Barr! Let me say that again, there was no Prosecutorial crime…one more time, nothing that Mueller or Comey were investigating were prosecutable crimes.

Nadler, Shitty and Swallow…go back to law school and don’t cheat this time.

Mueller himself told America what the rest of us already knew. There is no crime called Collusion. There was no conspiracy between Trump and any Russians to get dirt on Hillary, but, in my opinion, there was a conspiracy between Clinton, a Former British Agent, Chris Steele and Russians to obtain dirt on Trump!

There was Fraud committed against the US Government FISA Court to obtain illegal wiretaps on US citizens.

Every step Trump took on the sidewalk where his foot touched a “poison stamp”, Mueller tried to charge Trump with a crime and ignored every single piece of substantive evidence that hit him over the head regarding the crimes committed by Hillary Clinton. He ignored, buried, overlooked or destroyed the evidence with a hammer and claimed, “that’s not part of my job…only Trump crimes count”!!

Trump the candidate, Trump the President, violated NO Laws…get over it !