As an educated voter either Democrat, Republican, Independent or Communist, you need to understand something that a very few, disingenuous, ignorant or plain stupid lawmakers are continuing to do…and that is lie to the American voters.

These part time government employees (Nadler, Schiff and Swallow), continue to “kick a dead horse”.

A Special Counsel, Bob Mueller, was appointed to look into allegations of “collusion” by the Trump Campaign with Russia to influence the 2016 Presidential election. That’s, as you know, an oversimplification. By way of review, there is no such crime as “collusion” in the United States Code Book. Then why, you ask, would a bunch of lawyers use that non criminal, particular word to describe a serious investigation. The answer is because they didn’t know any better…yes, Dorothy, they are stupid! They meant “conspired” with the Russians but called it “colluded” with them because they mistakenly believe that we are as stupid as they are. But we aren’t, are we?

That being true, there was never to be any collusion and there wasn’t. But was there a “conspiracy” with anybody Trump meeting with the Russians to do evil things about the 2016 election? The 2½ year, $35 million investigation by Mueller revealed in a report that was presented to Congress and by the testimony of Chief Prosecutor of the US, the Attorney General, Bill Barr as a definitive, “NO!”, there was none.

Now… had Candidate Trump met with anybody Russian and discussed the American election, would that, in and of itself, have been a “crime”. The answer is NO. If Candidate Trump offered a Russian a wheelbarrow of money to throw the election and the Russian had no means to do that, would that have been a crime…NO! If the Russian had a way to “throw the election to Trump, would that have been a crime?  Probably not because there is no law specifically dealing with that issue…and there should be, shouldn’t there? Yes …but there isn’t!

Why doesn’t Congress make it illegal for ANYBODY to try to fix a Presidential election?  Who knows? They’re too busy trying to impeach the best President we have had in decades. Remember when President JFK was assassinated?  It wasn’t a Federal crime in 1963 to kill a President, either?!

So now that the Collusion horse is dead what can these disingenuous lawyers do…try to find another crime, because THE prosecutor for the US says, “there is no crime” to prosecute! If there is/was no crime, how could somebody Obstruct an investigation of a NON crime? That’s like obstructing a swimming meet!

Well what about plain old “Obstruction of Justice”? Sounds good to me…but …there’s a problem. There is no “substantive” crime called “Obstruction of Justice”, it cannot stand alone! There MUST be a Prosecutorial Crime for which Justice is being OBSTRUCTED!  Did you hear that Jerry?  What crime did the President OBSTRUCT the “justice” thereof?

EVEN if the Constitution didn’t say that the President could fire Comey (which it does), what was Comey doing that was a Prosecutorial Criminal Investigation…go ahead and say …a “Counter Intel Investigation”…lead by…none other than ADIC Andy McCabe (fired for lying) and ADIC Peter Strzok (fired for lying). I would agree only if you substitute “Stupid” for “Counter Intelligence”…! The creation of THAT investigation is numerous Criminal Acts (Filing Fraudulent Documents for FISA Wiretaps on US Citizens, Withholding Pertinent Evidence from the FISA court on Wiretap Applications, Fraud Against the Government, Obstruction of Criminal Investigations of Wire Fraud et al. by Tampering with Evidence (the Weiner Computer Evidence and the creation of the Dossier), Leaking Information on Pending Investigation and TREASON  by James Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan ,Clapper, FBI Baker, DOJ Rosenstein and more…so do go there, please!!!

So you see, it is important for we voters to stay informed because BS slingers like Nadler, Shitty and Swallow are really desperate; they violate their Oath of Office as well as the Oath they took for membership in the BAR and as an Officer of the court…?

These “embarrassments” called Congressmen…and women are just that…a total bunch of fools. To want to “impeach” our President because they are jealous…like Omar, the Somali refuge says, “she has a better choice”?! OMG, Tlaib why didn’t you say so sooner?!

They NEVER say what the Crimes are! Section 4 of Article 2 of the Constitution says, “The President… and all other officers of the United States…shall be removed from office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of Treason, Bribery or OTHER High Crimes and misdemeanors”.

Nadler…c’man, name the High Crimes and misdemeanors that would align with the “OTHER” in the Constitution…that would be on a par with “Treason and Bribery”, like the Constitution calls for…name it?!