What made the FBI the finest crime fighting agency in the world was J Edgar Hoover and the relationship the FBI had with the public. As much as Director Hoover was hated by his Agents because of the way he treated all his employees, we recognized, as should America… that he gained so much power that Presidents feared him. America should know that unlike most  other “politicians”, Hoover wielded his enormous influence, not for personal wealth, but to make and keep the FBI itself free of political influence…at least as free as you can get in a very political Nation.

He used that power for example, to tell Richard Nixon, that in order to become an “FBI Executive”, as Nixon presumed he could slide into when he “quit” politics and before President Kennedy’s assassination…that Nixon could submit an application ,if accepted, attend training school and advance up the ladder. Nixon, stormed out of Hoovers Office!

When congressional Committees held up the FBI Budget appropriations , he would target specific “political enemies” of the FBI and get dirt on them as they were mostly dirty and careless…because they were in Congress and believed they were above the law. You may say he abused his power and he probably did …but you should be grateful his used that power to keep the FBI free of what we have ALL seen in the past several years!

There would NEVER have been a McCabe, Strzok, Page, Baker, Yates, Rosenstein,  Ohr and many others when Hoover ran the FBI and some say DOJ!

Hoover changed the name from Bureau of Investigation to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he placed minimum education requirements and ordered background investigations on all Agents.

He obtained the old Chapel on the Marine Corps Base at Quantico, Virginia and made it the FBI Academy. Agents trained like and with the Marines. Training included Federal Law, Rifle, Handgun, Machine gun and gas delivery systems, defensive tactics and control techniques. Agents learned how to write reports what Probable cause means and on and on for 4 solid months.

Hoover realized the importance of training and started the FBI National Academy and thus began the training for Local, and State law enforcement. The FBI led the Nation in trading for ALL Agencies…thanks to Hoover.

BUT the single most important tool Hoover developed was the trust and confidence he built between the public and the FBI. Hoover realized that law enforcement must gain the confidence of the Public to solve cases and catch fugitives. The public MUST trust the FBI to keep them (informants) private, protected, when they furnished information on dangerous people…less they be outed and killed. We gained that confidence through years and years of hard work. Try to get someone who is running with stickup guys, murderers or organized crime to hand up somebody. It’s almost impossible …but it is possible. As Agents we were REQUIRED to have informants or face financial punishment. We had no choice …but it worked and most all had sources…some good…some not so good.

What Mueller did was to begin the end to the Crime fighting FBI by redirecting the Bureau from crime fighting to Intelligence gathering. It was necessary to increase intelligence gathering but foolish to do it at the expense to Criminal Investigations.  Criminal Investigations were much more prevalent that intel type cases so as the Agency moved away from crime fighting and more towards Security work the Agents lost the ‘edge”, they stop making arrests, drawing up and executing warrants.

As an example, every Agent on every Squad I worked on knew how to draft warrants for the violations they worked…arrest, search, even Title 3 affidavits, without looking at a USC book!

I ‘ll bet anything, that Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok, Page, Baker and 90% of today’s Agent can’t write an arrest warrant for any Title 18 USC violation without a Code book , and cheat sheet in front of him. We knew all the elements of every crime we worked…if you didn’t how could you possibly know what Probable Cause, PC, is?

In my opinion they don’t know how to run a criminal case…if they did they would have known that their insurance plan couldn’t possibly work! They would have known you can’t have a party of lawyers and witnesses attend an interview of Hillary Clinton almost like it was a party. They would never have violated their oath of office and Obstructed Justice. They would never have leaked and then lied about leaking even if Comey authorized it.


But…they did.


That’s, in part, why these heroes screwed up.


Comey separated the FBI from the public. He stopped the average citizen from being able to call any office and speak to an Agent. He ran all calls through a call center that’s how the Brevard County shooter who killed all those kids slipped through the cracks…the call should have gone to the local FBI Office in the city serving the school district.

Comey did all he could to stop the pubic from providing information, as he wanted to control everything…so he made Headquarters(HQ) the Office of Origin ((OO), on Hillary Clinton’s cases …there’s  no investigative staff at HQ, no Evidence Room/Vault, no chain of Custody Protocol, no Evidence clerk…and on and on. We, the retired Agents, have never heard of HQ being OO on any Criminal Case…period!

James Comey, methodically, intentionally, did all he could to become the Czar of the FBI and Intelligence Agencies, so he could be the most Powerful figure, like Hoover, in the US. For what he did he should be Tried, convicted, and sentence to death for Treason…trying to over throw your government and Constitution!

The FBI will not survive unless a strong former Agent, with a solid criminal background becomes Director. As good a man Chris Wray may be… he is not an experienced FBI crime fighting FBI Agent and, in my humble opinion, that is what it will take to make all FBI Agents carry their God Damn Guns, learn to use them and stick to their oath!

If we don’t make changes, in the FBI,  what we will end up with is a bunch of FBI Executives ,testifying ,under oath, before Congress saying, “I didn’t do it …he did” ,or ,” He told me to do it”…he said/ she said…

If an agent didn’t carry back in the day… first…no one would work with him/her, and second he would be fired if any one blew him/her in! There’s a reason…got any idea what it is…ask any cop!?