LOGIC…what is it? Why do I say,  “Socialism is Illogical and Illegal” in your Constitutional republic?

Here’s how logic, in its most basic “101”, context works…

PREMISE – A Rule of Law and the enforcement of that Rule of law is necessary for any Nation to survive. Our Rule of Law is founded in our Constitution.  A body of people, with weapons of some sort, is necessary to enforce that Rule of Law.

With me…so far?

CONCLUSION – Therefore, in order for any Nation to survive…there must be an armed body of people, to enforce the Rule of Law!

Pretty simple isn’t it?

Our current Rule of Law is, again, founded in our Constitution.

For example, in Russia, N. Korea, Iran, China, and some 40 other Islamic Nations, their “enforcement” body is either military or para-military, and there are NO Constitutional Rights. Would you want that here…I mean it would work, but can we do it?

Sure…but only if we change our Rule of Law…or do away with it…wait, we agreed there must be a Rule of Law so with what would we replace our Constitution? Remember we agreed our Rule of Law is founded the Constitution…so what to do?

You must understand the consequences of doing away with our Constitutional Republic. Our Constitution guarantees certain inalienable Rights…all are pretty important; like the right to freedom of speech, freedom of Religion, freedom from illegal search and seizure, due process, keep and bear arms to prevent tyranny, to be treated equally and keep those rights…27 such guarantees in our Constitution.

In Socialism, by definition, there are no guaranteed Rights…only those Rights bestowed upon you, by your “Leader, King, Dictator”…whatever you want to call him or her! Again, only for example, in Sharia, Islamic law that Saudi Arabia, Iran practice along with about 40-50 countries, there is NO due process if you are charged with say…adultery!! You are screwed, but not in the way you may want!!!

There are numerous forms of Socialism in the World, from Communism to Democratic/Socialism to Islam to…but only ONE Constitutional Republic in the World!!!

Where did you say you would rather live, and more important…why are you still here?

There is no private business…by definition of Socialism and by fact…the government owns all business and employs all citizens…except a handful of oligarchs, that the ruler picks…they can do anything…kind of like the Clintons and Obamas, Soros’  here!?

So do you believe looting, rioting, arson, murder would be allowed in your new  “world order” for the former America…I don’t believe you have given enough thought to that concept. How’s Seattle working out?

If you want Socialism in any form, you must do away with our Constitution because no matter what Joe Biden, AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Omar or anyone else says…our Constitution does not allow Socialism in any form…and we have hundreds of thousands of armed soldiers, a President, Vice President, Congress (Senate and House), Nuclear weapons loaded on Nuclear powered very big boats carrying very heavily armed planes, ALL guaranteed, to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution and the Citizens of the United States!

These people, along with a couple million who have given their lives, actually take their Oath very seriously…fact is many, myself included, believe it to be a lifetime pledge…that’s why I write, The Right Side!

It is illogical to believe that because Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Obama for America (OBA)…and a handful of other geniuses, want to Rule America… that it will ever happen…it won’t.

Even if they put in place a temporary pseudo-President like Joe Biden… our Military, Secret Service Agents, US Marshall Service, real FBI Agents, and other Federal Agents who all took an Oath to “Protect, Preserve and Defend the Constitution…” won’t allow you to take over …at least…not for long!

Just keep watching!