EDITOR’S NOTE:  This column was written well before the FBI actually charged Brian with one of the charges  listed…what does that tell you?

I’ve been pretty critical of what James Comey and his band of liars, leakers, cheaters and inept underlings did and didn’t do and what I want is for my readers to understand now, it’s coming home to roost, on a Criminal investigation they finally joined. I’m talking about the Gabby Petito case.

You see the FBI has not been conducting the volume and type of criminal cases we used to investigate. That’s because former leaders like Comey and Mueller removed those types of cases from the list of cases the FBI should investigate. The point I’ve been trying to make is that Director Hoover didn’t insist that we investigate Bank Robberies and Crimes on Government Reservations-Murder, for example, just to keep us busy. He knew that robbery, even violent robberies and murders and other cases are usually local crimes, investigated by local authorities. Director Hoover also understood that in order to stay sharp, FBI Agents had to actually investigate cases to learn how to do it! Most important was Hoover’s correct belief that in order to solve Crimes…any Crimes…we needed the Public’s trust, confidence and help! By keeping a list of crimes that could be handled by others…Hoover kept the FBI in the Public’s eye, and the Agents sharp. Not anymore!

You know the examples, they are numerous…Peter Strzok, Andy McCabe, Page, Baker and all the other Agents who worked with them, knew what they were up to and did nothing… and didn’t resist! There’s been case after case the FBI has blown and made political …case after case they let go which was worse than intentionally screwing up a case. Why hasn’t Hunter Biden and associates even been before a Grand Jury?

You cannot teach people how to become… investigators, interviewers, and evidence gatherers, or how to make dangerous arrests and how to put it all together until you actually DO IT and do it lots of times…every day of every week!!

All the parts of a significant case must come together, but you need experience to do what I’m talking about

When you know a case is as serious and fast moving as this case, you must get involved right away and not wait. This case has had an interstate element from the beginning when the two crossed state lines.

When the subject (Brian) returned home, with Gabby’s van and without her, after four months of travelling together and Brian refused any interview, as the press has been reporting, and “lawyered up”… that’s all PC that he’s hiding something illegal that he knows or did.

What should have been done is interviews of all those involved with Brian. First …Brian is a Material Witness and any investigator with any common sense should have known he was going to flee.

How do you prevent that? Arrest him …for what you ask? Well here’s a list; Material Witness Warrant, Theft of Gabby’s vehicle, Theft of anything that was Gabby’s with which, he returned home (credit cards, phone, etc). Obstruction of Justice, Misprision of a Felony, spitting on the sidewalk, any crime you can find…the idea is to keep him available until a body is found!

Those crimes are without a body. Let him fight those charges from jail. Whoops…he ran…are you trying to tell me you didn’t know that would happen? Give me a freaking break.

As far as his family is concerned…same deal, they are all Material Witnesses, and now that her body has been found, can be charged with the same crimes. But here’s the deal …Brian’s family cannot plead the 5th for Brian, only themselves! If they have any incriminating information, they MUST provide it, IF it does not involve themselves committing overt acts…such as hiding evidence and now helping him run. Where the hell did he get the money to run…it appears he doesn’t work?! Subpoena the family bank accounts. You do that by going to each family member and serving them with a Forthwith Subpoena (come with me, in cuffs) to testify before a Grand Jury. And that includes his lawyer! What can you ask his lawyer? Anything a good prosecutor wants…like when you were contacted, who contacted you…let him claim Lawyer client protection, don’t just give it! Some of those questions can be answered.

If his attorney inserted himself in a cover-up of a Homicide…or if Gabby was alive, when he was counselling his client to withhold her location and someone else killed her…he’s an accomplice to a Homicide!

Ask his mother to tell what Brian told her. If she refuses, give her immunity from prosecution for anything she says about herself. If she still refuses, the Judge will hold her in contempt and put her in jail until she does talk…it works…I’ve done it. One night in jail makes a mother give up a son who robbed a bank!

Local PDs don’t have the manpower to surveil a house around the clock…it takes tons of manpower, technical capabilities, forensic capabilities and EXPERIENCE!

FBI Agents no longer have that experience because they don’t work the cases that teach! That’s not the Agent’s fault.  It’s James Comey and Bob Mueller’s fault!

A retired FBI Agent was on FOX today, said that this case has so many angles, that it is going to be the most complicated case in FBI history…no it’s not!

That goes to prove what I’m saying…she most probably never investigated a homicide or complicated case in her entire career, because the FBI no longer works the cases that generate Homicide cases…period. They don’t investigate the violent crimes that result in lots of cases and lots of interviews and arrests, convictions and so forth.

I was case Agent on two homicides in my first year…Crime on a Government Reservation…! I didn’t have many homicides, and I am happy as crimes against children really bothered me but I did have a lot of cases, complicated cases, I even arrested  the Subject’s lawyer for taking Robbery proceeds for his fee (he had die marked bills). We solved cases by every way you can possibly think of and then some. Today’s technology is so advanced these Agents should be locking people up every day …but they are not…instead they are being accused of dropping the ball.

The FBI had a chance to clean up a very corrupt Clinton State Department…but it didn’t, and there were many Agents who knew what was going on and did nothing…shame on you!

When the director of the FBI admits his Agency screwed up, and he has no clue how it happened…and I do…it’s time for a complete revamping of the FBI…my opinion.  When it comes to the FBI …I have seldom been wrong…like when I advised the President not to hire ANY Judge for FBI Director and not nominate Jeff Session as AG, and to clean out DOJ starting with the Civil Rights Section and then career left wing lawyers, to fire Comey as soon as he was sworn in and then, to fire Wray, years ago.  There are published columns on every recommendation I made… “before”…not “after”.!

To fix the FBI won’t be easy. It will take a FBI Director who is strong and demands that he be in charge. He must be a former Agent who is probably in his 70s by now but still has all his “marbles”.  The FBI must regain the reputation of being the best Crime fighting Agency in the world. Keep the Security, Intel Gathering capability, but handle Terrorism like the Crime that it is with Criminal Agents. It was Criminal Agents that solved the Oklahoma City Bombing not the Security Side…I know because I was directly involved. The trouble is that the crime fighting Agents are all retired now!

You would have to get some of the retired Agents involved in rethinking things. Get back the Fugitive program, Bank robbery, and other “learning” violations…get them all back! Get rid of Comey’s dumbass phone answering system and put real voices on the phones, and get rid of the “Call 911 if this is an emergency”.  We liked to think that WE are the ones to call in an emergency, and we were.

But…… we really want Obama to pick a new FBI Director?   Oh for sure it will be Obama’s pick that Obiden will submit it, and don’t be surprised if it is Bill Ayers, Former Top 10 Fugitive and Murderer, and Weather man charter member and …Obama’s closest ally!