First of all, the Main Stream Media and you Democrap leaders had better pull your heads out of that dark, smelly place you have them stuck in so at least your eyes and ears pop free…because some of the hidden crap in those Trillion Dollar Bills (over 5 Trillion and climbing) are beginning to surface. No wonder Pelosi doesn’t want you to READ them… “Just sign and we’ll see what’s in them later”.  READ IT BEFORE YOU ATTACH YOUR NAME…YOU WON’T SIGN ONCE YOU DO!

Note: My definition of a Democrap is someone who lies and says he/she believes in the Constitution, then shows he/she doesn’t believe in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Due process, Equal Rights, by his/her actions like, “ don’t read…just sign”, telling us, and I’ll quote former President Truman…“ You can pick up a piece of shit from the clean end”!

On the other hand, true Democrats, do believe in our Constitutional Republic, but have different ideas and ways to interpret them, but defer all to our Constitution and equal rights for all!

There is a LOT that Main Stream Media is NOT telling us and you MUST READ this…

There is nothing “Clean” about these 5 Trillion Dollar Bills…These Bills are a Vehicle to Socialism and bankruptcy.  These spending bills are the final straw that will break Lady Liberty’s back and intentionally crash America into a pile of crap called Socialism! AND…I’ll bet Pelosi has written an exemption clause for Congress…that they are exempt from the “NEW” IRS getting access to members of Congress’ bank accounts and assets! WHAT? That’s correct…these bills give the “government” (IRS) additional powers and billions of dollars, and the ability to monitor all your spending, audit all your bank accounts, audit all your holdings, do direct withdrawals, and lock up all you cash…while they (specifically the IRS) review, and investigate if you are dealing in cash to hide your purchases to avoid paying your NEW UNFARE share, as defined by “them”! And then Congress will exempt themselves from the IRS having access to their (House and Senate) accounts…just watch!

That is a direct violation of the 4th Amendment of your Constitution, Unlawful Search and Seizure, and all your Privacy Laws.  I can tell you from personal experience as a former FBI Agent, that Law Enforcement, which includes the IRS, MUST have a “great deal” of no nonsense Probable Cause to obtain a search warrant to get into any citizen’s personal bank accounts, holdings, and all those financial things that are privacy protected. That’s the way it should be, unlike the criminal acts perpetrated on the FISA courts against Carter Page, Papadopoulos, and the Trump National Committee.

That all goes out the window, with Pelosi and Schumer’s Bills…unless you’re in Congress!

Listen…Obama is now starting to distance himself from the “orders” he’s been giving the faux President…Obiden! He knows that the “orders” he is giving Biden are illegal acts.  Why else would he now say, “Open Borders won’t work”? He created the concept!

He has said several times he planned to run his 3rd term from his basement with a “stand in President”… (Howdy Doodie, my words). He not only said that, several times, he even said he wanted to have him wear an earpiece so he could give him/her speeches, sentence by sentence!

Obama has told…us…in so many ways and so many times, that he wants to destroy America and make it a Socialist, Islamic State. He has SAID that… but you keep thinking he was kidding, just saying that….just pretending….BUT HE IS NOT JUST KIDDING.  I swear, those who can’t believe what he has said, are truly idiots BECAUSE OBAMA IS DOING IT.  OPEN YOUR EYES…IT’S GOING TO BE TOO LATE IF HE GETS THAT 5 TRILLION DOLLARS!

He even said how he would do it…by following his favorite college professors…Cloward and Piven…”overload our economy” with give aways…spend… spend…spend, create chaos, make the citizens dependent on the Government for everything…health care, money, housing, food… take all that we own (access to bank accounts and assets) …then move in with the military to put down the chaos, bring peace, and become the Ayatollah Obama! That is exactly what Obama is following!

In my opinion, Hussein Obama directed Biden to retreat from Afghanistan and desert our American citizens and allies. I believe Obama told him to just bail out and leave everything, like Obama did in Iraq.

Trump made us energy independent and Obiden/Obama made us Energy “DEPENDENT”, again, dependent on Muslim Nations for oil.  He shut down the Keystone, again, he OPENED the Borders, again, then said he’s against open borders…he re-upped the “Climate Change Emergency”, which is all BS (WE CANNOT “CHANGE” CLIMATE CHANGE), he rejoined the Paris Accord, again, he removed the sanctions Trump imposed on our enemies, thereby aiding and benefitting Biden and Obama’s “Buddies and business partners”… Iran, China and Russia…?!

PEOPLE…PEOPLE…PEOPLE… WHAT DOES IT TAKE for you to see and hear the freight train that is coming, doing 90 miles per hour, and we are stuck on the tracks! That train is, has been, and will continue to be racing towards us unless, and until,  you so called “reporters” start doing your jobs and “oust” Obama.  He’s committing Conspiracy to Commit Treason, and you know it, and you are covering it up by the fact that you refuse to report it! Just go ask those who Obama is using as “runners”, and tell them that they, too, are Conspiring to commit Treason (delivering messages are overt acts, if they are illegal acts). Treason is a Crime with no Statute of Limitations and with the Death Penalty, ON THE TABLE.


Better yet, publish the sections of the Trillion Dollar Bills that give the IRS access to all citizens’ financial accounts…tell the public, I dare you, you cowards!

Obama has recently said that “open Borders won’t work”…”They will lead to chaos”…which is exactly one of the Cloward-Piven goals needed to change and bankrupt America! So what is Obama up to? He’s going to, eventually, throw Obiden and many more …under the bus…by “I never told Joe that”…! Hussein Obama is a lying, despicable hypocrite and makes Hillary Clinton look honest! Obama wants a Socialist Islamic America.  If you Reporters and “elected Democrats, Republicans, and Independents”, who believe in the Constitution, would smarten up and see what is going on, you would take immediate steps to stop it all.

Where is the FBI? I thought they are supposed to enforce the laws of the United States and the Constitution.

Aiding and abetting is Treason… Giving pallets with Mega Millions of US cash to the Taliban, by just leaving it on the runway at Kabul Airport, along with $85 Billion in enough munitions to supply an Army…like Obama did in Iraq to ISIS, is indeed TREASON!  Yes, Treason in anybody’s book!

AG Merrick Garland/FBI Wray, do your Freaking jobs…or step down.  You are supposed to protect America and not just a senile President!