Russia is a threat to the US if we have a weak, ineffective President who has demonstrated his “decisive” ability to be indecisive, un-reactive, and weak to serious threats! We had a President like that for 8 years and, in my opinion, he put us on the verge of destruction by his intent to destroy our Republic and because of his Treasonous actions and absolute stupidity that almost got us all killed!

Russia is the only Nation on Earth that has an indefensible EMP device capable of crippling our electric grid. North Korea is working to that end, has smaller EMP devices now, and may believe that it can cripple our grid when it has a delivery system capable of delivering 3 or 4 EMP devises at the same time. I don’t believe Russia would sell/give their device to N Korea as N Korea is totally nuts and would drag Russia into a war, Russia knows it CANNOT win, against the US!

Our REAL defense is our Nuclear Submarine Fleet! One US sub carries enough Nuclear firepower to completely destroy Russia… JUST ONE! We have many Nuclear subs that carry a mind boggling number of VERY powerful Nuclear devises!!!Understand that our sub fleet is so superior to anything the rest of the world has that no one can detect or locate our subs! We dive deeper and faster, are more stealthy and are UNBELIEVABLY more deadly than you can imagine!!! Russia understands that, as long as we can contact ONE sub, just ONE, no matter what they do, they will be reduced to glowing powder, PERIOD! That is IF we have a President who would push the button and we DO!!!

Russia could launch a devastating and indefensible, EMP attack on the US but we have several EMP (direct hit protected), installations in and out of the US, as well as an EMP protected Navy, that could contact the fleet and order an attack on Russia, China, Iran, N Korea, individually or all at once that could wipe out all or…just one. Russia, China, probably Iran are NOT suicidal…the N. Korean mental midget IS!

If Russia believed, for an instant, they could attack the US AND survive, I believe, they would have done it decades ago! Our unbelievable, retaliatory ability is what has kept us safe, however, Obama did all he could to change that. Obama reduced our Nuclear war heads from 5,000 in 2008 to less than 1,000 now and reduced our Military to “danger status”! WHY? To bring peace? Get real! Obama WAS and IS intent on destroying our Rule of Law and with it, whatever it takes to make his promises to Allah come true!

Our current President believes in God, Guts, Guns, our Military, our Constitution and not Allah!

Do we need to worry about Russia? The answer is, yes, but our imminent threat is N. Korea and NEXT Iran. These people are fanatics. Putin has power aspirations, for sure, but he is NOT a fanatic with suicide tendencies trying to satisfy some radical fantasy!

We cannot allow N. Korea to develop a Nuclear, intercontinental ballistic missile capability nor allow Iran to get the “bomb”! It’s that simple. We MUST start shooting down N. Korea launched missiles and start hitting their command and control centers! Congress must be consulted to develop a pre-eminent strike plan to deal with N. Korea AND Iran, NOW!

Diplomacy, talking, even 1.7 billion dollars didn’t work, now it’s time to act!

So…Congress, get your act together and prepare to defend yourselves, because N. Korea and Iran ARE coming!!