I have been a staunch supporter of FBI Director Comey, even though he was never an FBI Agent nor law man and have written supportive articles during “Hillarygate” and even sent him a supportive email through SAC Cohen, Buffalo. That, has gradually changed with his horrible handling of the investigation of Hillary and her Hobbs Act violations, Security Crimes and her outright lies to Congress and the FBI while under oath. His accepting AG Lynch’s willingness  to follow his “prosecutive opinion” was absolutely outside the realm of reality, duty, and responsibility of an FBI Director and the most obvious POLITICAL move I ever saw by an FBI Director! His incorrect interpretation of the laws regarding Hillarygate and resulting “prosecutive declination”, will go down in history as the dumbest position and decision any FBI Director EVER put himself into!

After hearing Comey’s testimony, under oath, yesterday before the Intelligence Committee, I am now convinced Comey MUST go! President Trump can NO LONGER have ANY confidence in his FBI Director after his clear, politically motivated testimony and admitted actions as FBI Director! It is crystal clear that Comey gave information to then President Obama on Candidate Trump and campaign members that was leaked to the press! If it was clear to Comey that there was no criminal activity by Candidate Trump or his campaign, he had no obligation to tell Obama what he told him about members of the campaign and should not have done that! Unless Comey is the dumbest person on Earth, he had to know Obama would see to it that anything he viewed as damaging would be leaked! Comey’s obligation is to the Constitution FIRST and the President SECOND! He obviously made his decisions for political reasons first and the Rule of Law second.

If we are to investigate Russia’s influence into our Presidential campaigns, I would think that we should START with what we KNOW  instead of what we SUSPECT!


Frank Guistra, the 4th wealthiest Canadian, used Canadian confidentiality laws to establish a Charity in Canada to accept non disclosed donations from donors in order to funnel foreign money, secretly, to the Clinton Foundation, which Guistra also set up! From 2008 to 2010  Uranium One and former UrAsia (Russian) investors donated $8.65 million to the Clinton Foundation. In June 2009 a Rosatom subsidiary ARMZ( still Russia) secures 17% ownership in Uranium One.

In June 2010, Rosatom (Russia) seeks the majority interest in Uranium One (Guistra) from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States as apparently the US government must approve any deals where an enemy of the US wants to buy our Uranium for big bombs, not fertilizing crops! To ensure the deal is fully vetted, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signs off/approves the deal! Somehow she didn’t make me feel better about that deal! June 29, 2010 Bill Clinton is paid $750,000 for a “30 minute speech” in Moscow, by the Russian investment bank that assigned a buy rating to Uranium One stock. The investment bank also has strong ties to the Kremlin.

Jan 2013 Rosatom (Russia) takes “full control” of Uranium One and takes it private, which it said they would not do. So Russia now owns +/-20% of the United States Uranium assets and can do as they please with your Uranium, even sell it to Iran, which they will do!

Our eavesdroppers overhear NUMEROUS Clinton people, before and during their campaign, talking to Russian Officials.

There wasn’t a whole lot about any of the above that I heard during Comey’s testimony.

Are “donations” by Russian influence donors to the “Clinton Hobbs Act Foundation”, an attempt to influence an American election? I would believe if any of that money was used by the Clinton Campaign it is. Was it Director? Did you follow the money?


About Trump, nothing!

President Trump, don’t be politically correct…fire him!