“President Trump Must be hiding something”

Washington Com-Post, NY Com-Post, and other MSM…  “President Trump Must be hiding something”

Let me get a good grip on the Main Stream, Left Wing, Red, Commie Pinko, deceitful press reasoning. The Press that has a Constitutional right to report the truth and a moral obligation to seek and report the truth!!!

If Donald Trump refuses to release personal and private information about his taxes he MUST be hiding something! Now if I follow common sense, logic deductive reasoning then it must be true that withholding private information is evidence, maybe even “probable cause” that the withholder has “something to hide”! If we take it one step further, it should follow that , if let’s say, a person (especially the President of the US) hides personal information that would reveal a lie, indeed, a criminal act, then the MSM should do everything they can to “out” the lying SOB, shouldn’t they? They should be relentless! Like they did to Nixon! Right?  Now IF those hidden documents would /could PROVE that the lying President committed a Federal Felony, by further covering up those lies, sort of why President Clinton was Impeached, then the MSM MOST CERTAINLY would have been relentless NO MATTER WHAT THAT PERSON”S POLITICAL AFFILIATION IS, to get the truth! Hmm… let’s think about that for a minute!

Let’s say President Trump didn’t release his Taxes because they show he earned less that we thought, or paid less that we thought or paid no Tax. Foul or no foul, legal or illegal? In my opinion , NO FOUL, NO CRIME and NO BODY’S FREAKING BUSINESS BUT HIS!!!

Now, playing “devil’s advocate…let’s just assume this scenario is TRUE (which it IS)… Barack Obama, hid his birth records because he wasn’t a Natural born US citizen then provided a Birth Certificate that was proven to be a FRAUDULENT Government document. He hid his college FAF (Financial Aid Forms) because they show his was a Foreigner, born outside the US. He obtained a Social Security Number that was previously issued to a now deceased US citizen using fraudulent Birth Documents (SSA only reissues a SS number to the ORIGINAL owner). He “sealed” his passport making it unavailable to anyone else, because it shows he was of “different” citizenship than US and born outside same. His Selective Service card was altered and other, official US Achieves documents ( US Customs Port of Entry Documents )  were deleted or otherwise altered. So WHAT…?

The DIFFERENCE is this…what Barack Obama did  are ALL Federal Felonies and should have been the basis for Impeachment, Indictment and probably evidence that his IS a Muslim and consequently, evidence of Treason against the  US!  HAD THE DECEITFULL, DISHONEST, UNETHICAL, CORRUPT, PRESS DONE THEIR JOB, Obama would be in prison, on death row for Treason…but don’t give up hope. He may be there yet!!!!!