I continue to read and hear what is presented as authoritative opinions from people who are obviously not Science educated and that are not fact based, about Climate Change. A degree in “Scientific Journalism”, does not cut it, in my humble opinion. Some who are severely misled and are misleading others, specifically on “Climate and Climate Change” because they can” via their platform. Say for example the NY Times claims there is Climate Change. That’s not new, the climate changes every day …always has. When you start talking about a Climate Change being the number one problem facing America, you really need people who know what they’re talking about. When you talk about Global Warming and Climate Change being catastrophic if we don’t stop fossil fuel use because its responsible for “Climate Change” then who ever claims that had better have a Crystal Ball because no Real Scientist will tell you fossil fuels will end our lives, ruin our Climate.  First of all, when we speak about Climate and the change thereof, we need to define the elements that form our Climate, which is not a thing we can feel!  We feel the “elements” and effects of uncontrollable things that define and makeup our Climate. Man, however, cannot change, any of those contributing elements. So I ask this very basic question, “Can you Define Climate”! When you realize you cannot…allow me to try to help! My trade is Metallurgist it comes from a Bachelor of Science in Materials and a minor in Organic chemistry. I was also an FBI Agent for almost 3 decades.

In 1971 the EPA was created and soon Congress passed the big eight laws, Clean Air, Clean Water, Circla, RECRA, TSCA and so forth. President Nixon ordered the FBI to be the Lead Agency until the EPA could take over. I was “asked” to establish and direct the Western District of NY (17 counties) Environmental Crimes Program and was sent to all the EPA related schools. I joined the FBI through their Science Program. I investigated Environmental Crimes, ALL the violations, including Clean Air and Water. I closed several Hazardous waste disposal operations including Frontier Chemical, obtained the first Federal Convictions on the Big Eight and executed a search warrant the DOD nuclear Disposal Site, West Valley with a Search Warrant I helped write. This was one of the most important and dangerous searches the FBI ever conducted according to the AG, who personally approved the warrant. I was the lead Investigator but had the lead man from AEC at my side… that’s Atomic Energy Commission, 100% of the time! EPA, DEC and a host of others, all participated and knew their duty. We “cleared the Site” as being very well run and in complete compliance…thank God…there’s some serious material being processed there as a DOD Nuclear Waste Disposal Site!

 I know enough about the climate to be able to make this general statement, “There is nothing the occupants of Planet Earth can do to significantly overcome the physical effects that the elements of the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, asteroids… solar system in general… have on Planet Earth”. In my opinion, the BIGGEST effect of those elements that define CLIMATE and the change thereof is/are by our Sun! One Sunspot can destroy Planet earth! A Hiccup by the Sun could devastate Planet Earth! However, if a heretofore unknown, lets’ say, “Object’, enters the Solar System, then that could be a game changer!

Our Climate…. temperatures, seasons, winds, tides, storms, cold spells, hot spells …are DETERMINED by our rotation around the Sun, the Spin on our axis, distance from the Sun, which controls Earth’s temperature AND elements that are still unknown to science. An example …what causes about 30% of the atmosphere’s CO2 particles to fall into the Oceans and Lakes!? Science has no idea. What causes holes in Ozone layer? Do the so-called greenhouse gases help or hinder life as we know it…with fossil fuel? Without fossil fuel there is no life on Earth! Do you understand what I just said? Without fossil fuel there will be no life or very little! CO2 is necessary to make the air you breathe. I know I repeated myself because some of you just don’t get it by the way…there has been at least 5 Ice Ages and we are still in an Ice Age called the Interglacial Ice Age, according to the Utah Geological Survey.  The Utah Survey reports, “At least five major ice ages have occurred throughout Earth’s history: the earliest was over 2 billion years ago, and the most recent one began approximately 3 million years ago and continues today (yes, we live in an ice age!). Currently, we are in a warm interglacial that began about 11,000 years ago. The last period of glaciation, which is often informally called the “Ice Age,” peaked about 20,000 years ago. At that time, the world was on average probably about 10°F (5°C) colder than today, and locally as much as 40°F (22°C) colder”.

Understand, these studies are talking about thousands of years ago and when none of us were here, so they are all estimates of what things were…For example, in 2015 NASA did an actual study of the Antarctic land ice mass by drilling hundreds of ice, core samples. Their study, using carbon dating, showed that the Antarctic Ice Land Ice Mass is thicker, colder and bigger than 10,000 years ago!! What to believe…certainly nothing that comes from the UN IPCC and Al Gore, or his Gorites!

Also, here’s something you will never hear from the MSM, Times, Post, Al Gore, whatever…the US funds a United Nations Inter Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) …a program of 5 billion US dollars per year to Grant a million dollars to University’s to “study” climate change. HOWEVER, in order to get the grant, they must sign a contract that they believe there is “Global Warming” and will set out to prove it! See any flaws there? Well, where’s the Climate Change? How does a US College determine what the temps are in Oshgoshbygosh, Mongolia…Global Warming? How do they measure those temps?

They don’t…they “declared” it Global. Well for 18 years the IPCC used their flawed collected data to create a “scientific model” to predict what the future temps will be. For OVER 18 YEARS…they did that! Based upon THAT study, Al Gore and the left all predicted that the Glaciers would melt by 2015, the Polar bears would be extinct, and Manhattan will be under water and on and on. Well, NASA Compared their results to the IPCC and compared their predicted temps to the actual temps, as did John Coleman, Creator of the Weather Channel and they found that the IPCC model was “USELESS” is the word I believe they used. The IPCC members admitted there were some “discrepancies” (they cooked the books, my opinion), people resigned, and NASA disclosed the book cooking at the 2015 Paris Accord!  The UN shrugged their shoulders and continued on, with their same tactics! US funding continues as usual!  And… Al Gore went into hiding… the phrase “Global Warming” disappeared and the phrase “Climate Change “emerged suddenly… after a respectful time to bury and mourn the death of the Global Warming ghost!

Now with the new ghost, which is the BIGGEST threat to mankind, CLIMATE CHANGE, Obiden declared a “war” … on Climate Change. I’ll bet if one of you MSM reporters ask Obiden to define Climate he would collapse on stage…try it …it might solve all our problems!  In my opinion, Obama, the puppeteer directed mindless joe to do that, think about how freaking stupid that is. We are in a war with Russia because Ukraine is Blackmailing Obiden for billions and the Climate, which you and I know is NOT the freaking biggest problem…only Obiden is dumb enough to follow Obama…over the Falls, my opinion!

This is all extremely important because …where the ENTIRE left, AL GORE, his Gorites, the White House, Dems in Congress all of the left MSM get their scientific data from a very unreliable source…you guessed it …the UN IPCC!

So, if we are in an Ice Age now and the core of Planet Earth has a 5,000miles diameter of 10,000degree molten lava how can there possible be Global Warming, which is another “none-defined, “political term. Does warming mean from day to day or decade to decade, or Ice Age to Ice age. Science has yet to be able to determine the age of the Planet, any better than 4-5 BILLION years! How accurate is that? We cannot accurately tell if it will rain next week yet some idiot has you convinced that something he/AOL can’t define, is destroying the Planet? If they stop fossil fuel use …our “God given unalienable rights, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness “will be infringed and I will start a NATIONWIDE Class Action lawsuit against all those involved…are you in?

Bottom line…there is absolutely no catastrophic event coming that involves anything fossil fuel, CO2, Climate , Climate Change, that  will screw up America anywhere near what the tag team of Obiden/Obama has done and are continuing to screw up America…so that Obama can come to our rescue, which is what he has been working for …an Islamic, Socialist, America, led by the Ayatollah Hussein Obama, my opinion!