Feel free (while you can) to check out what I am about to tell you…you will find every word is true!

Let’s look at what we are VERY CLOSE to becoming…a Socialist nation!  Here’s what two Socialist Nations, China, the biggest and Saudi Arabia, the richest, are all about…and try to decide which one you would like the most to emulate…become…live there! I left out Russia for a very good reason…you have to be nuts to want to live in Russia…that’s where Bernie Sanders loves to be!?

CHINA – Socialist/Communist Nation…

“China uses the hukou system, a government record of every citizen in the country. The law was inspired by ancient Chinese traditions and essentially worked to create a caste system in the country. Every household must register information including urban or rural status, legal address, religion, physical description, and sector of activity.

“The system restricts mobility between classes and physical locations. Any person who spends more than three days in an area not listed as their residence must apply for a temporary residence permit. It has been criticized as a form of apartheid by human rights groups as the restrictions have prevented particular classes of people from obtaining education or changing careers.”

“The goal of the law is to control internal migration and stop rural residents from migrating to the cities and causing a food shortage. But the system is controversial, with many reforms emerging in recent years to stop it and allow Chinese citizens more control over their own lives.” (by Lucy Lazzarus 12-6-21 and Gabriel Kirellos 12-5-21)

SAUDI ARABIA-Islamic/Socialist … Follows strict Sharia law and adheres to the teaching of the Quran (women have few if any rights, death to disbelievers*).

From Freedom House…Saudi Arabia’s absolute monarchy restricts almost all political rights and civil liberties. No officials at the national level are elected. The regime relies on pervasive surveillance, the criminalization of dissent, appeals to sectarianism and ethnicity, and public spending supported by oil revenues to maintain power. Women and religious minorities face extensive discrimination in law and in practice. Working conditions for the large expatriate labor force are often exploitative.

Political parties are forbidden, and political dissent is effectively criminalized. Some of the country’s most prominent political rights organizations and activists, including founding members of the banned Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA), have been arrested and sentenced to prison in recent years; one founder, Abdullah al-Hamid, died in custody in April 2020. Many other political activists continue to serve lengthy prison sentences. A new political party, the National Assembly party, was established by Saudi exiles living abroad in 2020.

*(Surah 8 -12 pg 108 HOLY QURAN  Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Writer’s note- I googled “What property is a Saudi citizen allowed to own” and cannot get a simple answer!? Reports of foreigners becoming allowed, in 2022 to…UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS… be allowed, recently, to buy property in Saudi Arabia but NOTHING on what a Citizen can own. You see, I knew the answer from personal knowledge…the answer is they own nothing. And the MSM won’t print that little tidbit…interesting how much the Main Stream Media is so easily controlled, by one person! I’ve spoken to several Saudis in the US and none are allowed to own their own home…the King does and leases the property to them, his citizens!!!

In my humble opinion, since former president Hussein Obama is a Muslim, Hussein, who finds “nothing more beautiful than the Islamic call to prayer”, Obama’s words,  my guess is that Islam is his choice that they have planned for us, my opinion.

So you go ahead and elect someone who believes in open borders, crypto/bitcoin currency, one bank, all digital control over your money, two tier laws (them and us), no fossil fuel (you cannot live without fossil fuel), control over what you read, write, eat, drink, etc. The government will control domestic media content and heavily influences regional print and satellite-television coverage. Journalists can be imprisoned for a variety of vaguely defined crimes. The Committee to Protect Journalists reported that 14 journalists were imprisoned in Saudi Arabia in 2021.

They determine how long you can live, what health care you get, how and where you can live, where you can go, all property will be owned by the government…and on and on. And when your grandchildren ask you “Grandpa/Grandma how could anybody be so dumb so as to throw away our freedoms?” You’ll have the rest of your life, as short as it will become, to think of a way to hide how stupid you really were!!!

Here’s a few facts you may want to think hard about…We cannot live without fossil fuel…it is used for other purposes besides fuel. Eighty percent of your electric grid is powered by fossil fuel . Since the beginning of man we have survived because of fossil fuels. There is absolutely NO scientific evidence that fossil fuel is detrimental to life as we know it. Green gases are not causing Global Warming, in fact we are, according to REAL SCIENTISTS, currently in an ICE AGE!!! OH YES WE ARE!!! But you believe what you want…you believe the garbage, BS, we are getting from the clown show called The White House and your food supply will CONTINUE to go down and the price of all commodities you need will continue to go up. Listen, it doesn’t take a scientist to see what’s happening and who is INTENTIONALLY doing it. Who opened the borders, Who stopped oil and natural gas drilling, and WHY?  What’s driving the price of gas up and up and up? He stopped drilling…it’s that simple! You just have to believe what you are seeing and hearing! Look around…how many closed businesses do you see? What is wrong with you…this is for real! They are going to change this country into a Socialist country if you continue to let them and its TREASON!

You can’t blame God, Russia, China, nor President Trump. We never had it so good with Trump and you have to be deaf, blind and stupid to not realize what I am trying to get through to your hard heads.  We are in serious trouble and the one person who is doing it is running the country from his basement, calling the shots, and will claim he only made suggestions to the Howdy Doody Puppet …who will resign from the Presidency and claim, “Mental Illness, I didn’t know what I was doing…why didn’t you recognize that …it’s all your fault, you saw me fall, forget where I was, say stupid things”. He won’t even be charged!