As virtually all knowledgeable legal sources report, “The Constitution, executive orders and case law clearly give the president broad authority to classify and declassify documents. Similarly, prevailing law also requires federal officials to follow certain procedures in declassifying documents to establish specificity and memorialization for future handling.” Posted by the American Bar Association Oct 17, 2022.

Why then hasn’t your attorneys filed for injunctive relief before the US Supreme Court or a District Court, friendly to Republicans, much the same as the Democrats file before the left wing 9th circuit in California for injunctions against everything you did ,including Executive Orders, when you were President?

Also what law excludes former Presidents Clinton, Obama and ‘garage Joe Obiden’ from doing almost the same thing you did? I say “almost” because your documents were secured in a building guarded by the US Secret Service 24/7, garage Joe’s were stored in an open ,unsecured, garage, next to his Corvette that was openly visible from the outside and numerous unattended buildings all over the country?

Then there is the 1 million government documents Hussein admitted openly he took, without archive protocol, refused to return when asked to return by the keeper of the archives and to my knowledge, still has those documents?

How is all of the above not a violation of your Equal Rights, 14th Amendment?

What has Ronna McDaniel, Chair of the RNC, done to earn the $400,000 she is paid to keep the elections honest? What has she accomplished to ensure the future elections are audited ON SITE by comparing every paper ballot cast to all of the Voting Machines used to count the votes, in the next Presidential election before chain of custody is broken by removal from the site?

The RNC should place an equal number of Republicans and Democrats at each and every polling venue , lock the doors and count all votes cast and compare the count to the Voting Machines no matter how long that audit takes…after all…we all want to know that our votes were counted as cast! Don’t we?

Mr. President, in my humble opinion, I do not believe you should debate any one until two are left standing…you and the Top Contender. Would a Heavyweight Champ allow a 1 percenter, fight for the title? Why give any of them the publicity, attention, notoriety you bring to the fight and give your TV ratings, translated into money, for the fake News Medias on the left? Do the last debate on NEWSMAX…screw the rest!

Respectfully,  J Gary DiLaura, The Right Side