For example …let’s start at the top. A President must be 35, and a natural born citizen. A Senator 30 and a Congressman 25, and all citizens for specific times. Pretty simple and straight forward…then why not age limits and term limits across the board, to be fair to all, using common sense, simple rules? Some refresher classes may also help remind some what exactly they are there to do…protect us!

An FBI Agent, 50 years ago…speaking to when I was appointed, had to be 23, a certain height/weight, have a 4 year degree from a resident college in accounting, science, or law, pass tests and a physical. We also had to stay fit, qualify on the range 8 times per year and pass an annual physical and as time went on, pass body fat, condition tests and so forth…to continue being an Agent…AND mandatory retirement at 55! So what do the people who run the country have to do to prove their mental and physical continued good health…nothing!?

So, if I may, here’s what I suggest for “important” elected positions…

PRESIDENT, of these United States: max age 75, annual physical and cognitive tests. The cognitive test must include where he is (exact location), ability to tell time without looking at their watch every 20 seconds, his/her name, and ability to read a teleprompter and, this is very important, what exactly is in that brief case he has! There must be a test to prove that a President can walk and chew gum at the same time, while also carrying “the Football”. When over 55, also walk up a flight of stairs (without the gum distraction here) without tripping and falling more than two consecutive times and  again, very important, what would happen if he …“drops the Football”? Oh…I almost forgot, or did I, I can’t remember…does he know what the “Football”, actually is?

SENATE/CONGRESS: again max age 75, annual testing for health and cognitive function tests. For committee jobs, there is a real need for tests to … be timed to run about 25 yards in work clothes, from a Committee room to the Press room, all while carrying the Secret Papers that were just under scrutiny, without dropping any…very important! Congressman Shifty would be a good one to learn from, my God he is the fastest, in my opinion!

CIA, FBI, NSA Directors and other top level, highly critical positions: max age 55, the same as Agents! Know, at all times, these extremely critical items:

  1. Statute of Limitations for Perjury while under oath.
  2. What the exact date of their testimony while under oath, was.
  3. Ability to pick exactly the right people, as their staff, for disposal “under the bus” when desperate to save their own ass…very…very important, (ask McCabe, Strzok), for example they may be able to shed light on Comey, about that!

In the case of FBI Director, there is a need for a refresher periodically to make certain, they remember how to pick staff.  Pick staff who have no idea what the “Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure” or FBI Agent Handbook or Rules & Regs are or what the DOJ R&R’s are and send them, on all search warrant raids with HRT and SWAT, they are really handy for Intimidation purposes, without even doing anything…just stand there!! That too is against the Rules but if the Director knows…

In the case of CIA, FBI and other “intel” agencies, there seems to be ignorance when dealing with “FISA” and what the real “masking and unmasking” are…several high ranking, appointed and elected officials don’t seem to understand what “mask and unmask” really mean. Also, the heads of Agencies MUST sign wiretap applications, since they are no longer trusted by FISA! Allow me to give a brief definition…”mask”, means to “protect the name and life” of a citizen who was overheard in a wiretap and “unmask”, means to “sell that citizen to the dogs”…so to speak. Kind of what Obama did when he left office and changed the Rules so that hundreds of masked people were unmasked…my opinion! So have periodic tests so those who are masked remain that way…after all that’s why FISA was created…to protect “unintentionally” monitored Citizens who should NOT have been monitored, in the first place.

Now here’s a question for the FBI Director…why the hell is Congress conducting the RICO investigation (Yes! That’s what it actually is…a RICO Case) on Obiden and the Obiden Crime Family…that’s YOUR GOD DAMN JOB!

What’s wrong with you Wray? A Field Office like the NYO should be OO since WFO is in the tank for Obiden, and don’t pretend you didn’t know anything about that! You are in way over your head!