Allow me to clarify for those of you who haven’t read my columns before…DEMOCRAPS, in my opinion, are Democrats who have lost all sense of reason and confuse educating our children with child porn. They want no Rule of Law, hence… open borders; they want outrageous, insane people in serious White House staff positions and the more outrageous they are, the more they like it. For example, Mayorkas’ claims rate right up there as insane…the borders are all “under control”…how stupid can one human being be? Are all those LIVE TV reports watching thousands of illegals, “photoshopped”? Did I not see what I saw?

I arrested adults for crimes against children who did less than these teachers are doing, in the open! Secretaries of important departments like Transportation and Energy make statements that are on the order of the “Macabre”… “I have no idea why gas prices went to $7 per gallon”, after Obiden shut down THOUSANDS of working gas and oil wells…THOUSANDS…stopping the recovery of millions of barrels  of oil PER DAY and she…Jennifer Granholm…has no  freaking idea why …$7+ ???!!!! Jenn, you should resign, my opinion, yesterday! Obiden reduced our resources by MILLIONS of barrels PER DAY. Granholm, that’s why!!!!! And…what about all those thousands of jobs. No one single person can possibly be that freaking stupid. Obiden’s help/director is showing through his veil. Hussein…come out…we see you!

How about banning all private truckers, with rigs over 10 years old, from entering Ports to transport goods and then doubling down with “I  have no idea why there’s no baby formula or diapers”, must be a transport problem someplace…..all while the Transportation Secretary is wearing fake breasts and nursing an infant he purchased…that’s NORMAL for this Macabre administration that some of you elected. You should be very proud of what some of you, who did vote for this clown President…have accomplished!!

Just think about what you have accomplished: you created a wonderful environment for our children. They’re most certainly learning about sex that grade school children desperately need at 5, 6, 7, years old! What a fantastic quality of life you created for illegal, criminals who have entered the United States unfettered. Their ability to traffic in human slaves, drugs of the worst type have reached a new HIGH, not a play on words!! What a wonderful job you did to encourage gangs, criminals, drug dealers to come and benefit from the lack of law enforcement at the Border! The other important part of Democraps being different than Democrats is this… Democraps they do not believe in our Constitution and thereby want to OVERTHROW your/our government…and then deny it! They deny trying to change America into a Socialist Nation because some of those crimes  are “death penalty issues” and no statute of limitation” crimes, involved in “overthrowing America”…except for their leader Hussein Obama…he readily admits he wants to “fundamentally change America”…his words! My opinion is that the “change” is to an Islamic, Socialist nation with Hussein as the Ruler!

True Democrats on the other hand fully believe in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the innocence of our children …they believe in honesty, want law enforcement and controlled legal entry into the US!

I wrote a book about how my FBI, fought Crime…it’s titled ACTION-FBI CRIME FIGHTING THE WAY IT WAS, on

In 1992, when FBI NYO developed information that a blind cleric, in a Brooklyn Mosque, was preaching violent actions including blowing up tunnels, bridges, skyscrapers, FBI NY requested permission to open investigations to prevent those heinous acts of terror. Janet Reno, taking orders from President Bill Clinton, said, “NO”…it’s a Religion! On February 26, 1993,  they blew up one of the Twin Towers killing several Americans and caused millions in damage. It took my FBI less than a week to identify that blind cleric as Omar Abdel-Rahman and arrest 4 of those involved except one, the leader. The leader, Ramzi Yousef, we caught in Pakistan in 1995!

The drastic change Mueller made to stop criminal work and concentrate on hunter/gatherer, 10 days after his appointment ,was necessary …but turned into something VERY bad. A truly corrupt FBI emerged under none other than James Comey, whose claim to fame was…for bringing to justice the very dangerous Martha Stewart – Americas’ Top 10 Pastry Chef! I think she was charged with leaking a pastry recipe to someone on the NY Stock Exchange!

The Department of Justice took a big nose dive, in my opinion, when Eric Holder entered the scene appointed as US Attorney to the District of Columbia by Bill Clinton in 1993, and then again by Clinton in 1997, he appointed Holder as Deputy Attorney General.

In 2008 Obama put the nail in the coffin, of DOJ for fairness, when he appointed Holder Attorney General. Eric Holder was then free to put forth his personal agenda to put lawmen in jail and let the bad guys out. His true self came out when he turned his cadre of attorneys loose to conduct their own investigations on Civil Right cases that resulted in NUMEROUS of his “attorneys” being held in Contempt of Court for Tampering With Witnesses, Disobeying Court Ordered Cease and Desist Orders. Get this…the Texas District Court barred his lawyers from the 37 District Courts, in a case where the 37 States filed charges against the US in a Texas Immigration Case. THEY WERE BARRED FROM APPEARING IN COURT AS DOJ ATTORNEYS IN 37 DISTRICTS! Holder did nothing!

This DOJ just reeks of corruption and the mainstream is letting it all go. There is a plethora of crimes to choose from that involved people from Hillary’s State Department to Clapper and Brennan, lying then admitting they lied AFTER the Statute of Limitations ran out! What a GREAT, moral, honest pair of human beings… they monitored citizens illegally, lied that they did, then after the Statute ran out…admitted they did it! And these two comics were in charge of the CIA and DNI…WHAT? Oh at the same time Comey was FBI Director. AND you think it can be fixed…overnight…I don’t think so.

FIRST you who are responsible for these Democraps being elected, need to realize what you have done…then correct it! Only those who did it can fix it with the help of honest Republicans AND Democrats!

I’m afraid that unless an overwhelming number of people vote Republican and put Donald Trump in the White House, this nation is done! If we don’t win the House, the Senate, and the Presidency WITH the only one who has the skills, knowledge, guts, and patriotism…President Donald J. Trump, we are done as the world’s only free Nation!!

I wrote in 2015, 2016 and 2017 that President Trump … MUST recreate DOJ by firing all the DOJ Lawyers starting with the Civil Rights Division. I said to hire J. Christian Adams as an advisor and Trey Gowdy AG or Rudy. Had he done that …none of the above would have happened…my opinion!!!

I also wrote columns for President Trump to make a retired FBI Agent, like former NYO SAC Jim Kallstrom, who spent his career in the violent crimes program as Comey’s replacement and under no circumstances should he appoint any Judge. Judges interpret the law and have no idea whatsoever on how to enforce it. Today, Director Wray clearly showed he is in way over his head when it comes to running an Agency that made its name fighting crime…Wray apparently doesn’t know that the problem with the FBI is…that they do not investigate crimes anymore and haven’t since 9/11/01. Those crimes you don’t investigate anymore, Mr. Wray, were the experience that made Agents as successful as we were.  We investigated CRIMES and made arrests and search warrants and recovered kidnap victims and money and property. Your Agents today have no experience in Crime Fighting and that includes Hobbs Act –Extortion. If they did, the entire Obiden family would be behind bars!! Crime Fighting that made the FBI famous and the best there was… was side cast 20+ years ago!

Mr. Director, you don’t solve Bank Robberies, you don’t chase Fugitives, you don’t investigate interstate thefts, you don’t obtain Search Warrants or Arrest Warrants. That’s why Wray couldn’t answer the questions today about, “WHY did FBI HQ with the guidance of the Washington Field Office handle the Trump search warrant”?

Why didn’t the Miami Field Office or the Resident Agency get the search warrant?  Why was a Magistrate allowed to sign that search warrant…did the District Judge send it DOWN to a Magistrate who is not a Presidential appointed Judge? Wray doesn’t understand that the Field Office always …not sometimes, Mr. Director, always handles crimes committed in their districts. That’s where venue lies, that’s where the crime allegedly was committed. Andy McCabe and Peter Strzok didn’t train you on how things should be done… they must have taught you how they did things…against the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and the Laws… against all logic, under Comey. Headquarters is NEVER Office of Origin…never…ask a retired real Crime Fighting Agent why not? Simply put, the reason Wray didn’t answer those questions about how the Trump raid was conducted is he has no idea how a Search Warrant should be handled and by whom and what Federal Criminal Procedure must be followed.

Also, if I were the SAC of Trumps District, there would have been a confrontation at the gates of Mar-a-Lago…”you don’t come into my District and take over anything…you come to support or GET the HELL OUT”!