This writer has been writing about all the facts that Durham spent 4 years investigating and just affirmed all that I have written! And I didn’t have a staff of FBI Agents to come to the same conclusions.

Don’t think so? Under Archives, read my articles from 2/25/18, 4/5/18, 4/14/18 and see if it matches what Durham found …but could not charge, because he wasn’t allowed to pursue leads “outside” of his scope…even if he uncovered new crimes…committed by FBI Agents! He should have followed his leads but was afraid he’d be fired. He has a good 6 digit job.

But as an FBI Agent I never failed to follow the evidence no matter where it took me! He should have either followed new leads on new crimes or resigned…my opinion! What the hell took 6 years to find?! He never should have taken that Special Prosecutor job if he couldn’t follow new leads, like Special Investigator Mueller‘s Team. They pulled every dirty trick in the book to try to find/create crimes Trump committed…and there were none…according to Bob Mueller. So then why was President Trump Impeached…twice? Control…remember that word!

A President can only be Impeached for High Crimes and Misdemeanors…okay…what were they? C’mon man, please tell me the Section of Title 18, U S Code that Trump was charged and Impeached!!!

The reason you cannot find any crimes or any charges is, there are none, nada, zilch!

Well… tell me! Please do! We keep hearing from such reliable sources such as Joe Obiden and Hussein Obama, and Hillary Clinton that Donald Trump is a criminal, collaborated with the Russians, wait one minute… where did Hillary get the Steele Dossier? Oh, I almost forgot…Russia! AND another thing…Trump, like MOST Billionaires made most of his money in real-estate and smart business dealing. However, none of his enemies like Obiden, Obama, Hillary ever had a job, never had a payroll, yet they came into politics poor, according to all of them, never had a job that paid more than few hundred thousand dollars and left politics as multi ,multi-millionaires, with 2,3,4 multi-million dollar homes from Hawaii, to Martha’s Vineyard to the Shores of Delaware and Obdien is still raking it in. According to press reports Obiden just split 10 million with his family…Obama came in with a reported net worth of $250,000 and 8 years later left with a reported $25 Mil…WOW…must be one hell of a Book deal!

If Trump was ever seen spitting on the sidewalk, somebody would have a picture of it, then photo shopped it to show he actually spit on a 90 year old woman in a wheel chair after kicking her dog! Funny how Muellers’s team uncovered NO Criminal acts try though they may, spending 25+ million dollars and over 2 years…un-freaking believable …and not so much as an, “We’re sorry Mr President “!

Long before the famous Comey statement to the President that the Steel Dossier is “salacious and unverified”, I was reporting on the illegal activities between the FISA Court and the FBI…go into “Opinion” on the Artvoice home page and read some of my columns dating back to early 2018 (all my articles are also on my website therightsidejgarydilaura.com under Archives) and see if you agree it’s exactly what Durham was reporting to Congress today June 21, 2023…all reported, by me 6 years ago!

As soon as Comey told President Trump on National Television that the “Steele Dossier, is “salacious and unverified”, the REAL FBI would have opened a case on criminal acts by all those I named 6-7 years ago, including Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Lisa Page, Baker, DOJ Yates, DOJ Rosenstein and many others who lied to the FISA Court by putting their names to the Carter Page wiretap search warrants! Oh…I forgot, the FBI Director Comey probably wouldn’t allow me to do that. You see…that’s how CONTROL works! That’s why Durham couldn’t investigate or indict anybody…CONTROL! That’s why they Impeached Trump…because they could …Control!

Durham testified that Carter Page’s first search warrant was unfounded, did not follow “protocol”, and intentionally lacked exculpatory evidence favorable to Carter Page.

It wasn’t Protocal that Strzok and the others didn’t follow …it was Federal Laws! It was FISA Rules to Protect US Citizens,  Rules and Regulations… the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, FBI and DOJ Rule Books…they didn’t follow and  committed Obstruction of Justice…  and more…protocol, my ass. Criminals all of them except the one man who will put them in jail if he wins…President Donald J Trump.

If Carter Page’s first search warrant was “unfounded”, then it is, Illegal, as I have been saying since 2015!!!! That makes everything after that …at least 2 more wire taps on the RNC headquarters, Trump Palace, Candidate Trump and all the cases those scoundrels created …Fruits of the Poison Tree…absolutely and positively, illegal!!!

So all those monitored under the fake FISA warrants… which were created specifically to protect/prevent US Citizens from being illegally monitored…have standing to file very serious Civil Rights Suits for violation of their 4th, 5th, and equal rights amendment 14th, as well as other recourses! Those violations allow for TRIPLE damages and PUNITIVE damages cannot be paid by ANY employing Municipality (DOJ, FISA COURT or any other employer)!!!

So Carter Page, if you don’t file you and the others who were targeted as a result of ANYTHING to do with, as a result of, that first warrant…you all need your heads examined…do a class action and start a “Go Fund Me” but for the sake of America do not allow those bastards who signed any FISA warrant documents get away with it! Go after them!!! Remember this…FISA ordered ALL Department Heads to personally sign ALL FISA warrants because they did not trust DOJ ,FBI and the other law enforcement agencies, and that was just before the Carter Page first warrant. What’s that tell ya’?

If Donald Trump, doesn’t win, we will have lost the last chance to live free…you already heard they are going to eliminate all Fossil Fuels by 2030, hire 87,000 IRS Agents, do away with cash US dollars and go to Biden Digital dollars, they already destroyed the Southern Border…News Max reported that IRS Agents have already illegally entered private citizens homes WITHOUT Search Warrants or Permission. They’re telling people they can!

I must have missed something…when the hell was the 4th Amendment changed or was it cancelled? I guess the 4th is NO MORE! What happened to the ACLU, are they gone as well? CONTROL, CONTROL AND THEN …MORE CONTROL!!!

The President cannot set aside any Amendments to the Constitution by EOs nor can Congress set aside any Amendments to the Constitution by a Bill or Law…it’s MUCH more involved than that! The IRS cannot set aside the 4th Amendment, read the 4th Amendment. Those parties with standing should speak to a Civil Rights Attorney.

People think…why are they doing these insane/illegal things to us? You had better wake up or it will be over…What will be over, you ask, your Constitutional Republic …that’s what! CONTROL!?

Climate Change… stop Fossil fuels…it’s all about control…not a damn thing to do with CO2,or anything man can control…BUT they have many of you fooled…man cannot control ANY ELEMENTS that makeup CLIMATE. So how can they control Climate Change? Remember FOOL is a big part of being FOOLED!