Even though former President Trump would win an honest election by a modern landslide…I do not believe he “they” will allow an honest election unless Speaker McCarthy convinces the House majority to go to PAPER BALLOTS. All that is needed are the ballots to be sent to the voting venues and counted by hand, if necessary. It is still an approved method being used by many States! He can defund ALL, computer driven, current contracts and force paper ballot…if he has the BALLS? A waste of money you say…pick ANYTHING Obiden has spent $$$ on… illegals…they get $2,200 in cash at the border and a continued $2200 every month!?

How about the Keystone …the Wall…contracts with Canada for offshore oil exploration, uninstalled Border wall…millions of $$$…rotting away on the ground…8,500, working and contracted oil wells closed by Obiden and hundreds of working natural gas power plants. EVERYTHING THIS IDIOT, WE HAVE AS PRESIDENT, HAS WASTED MONEY ON IS INTENTIONALY DESIGNED TO BANKRUPT THIS COUNTRY, FOR OBAMA TO STEP IN AS THE FIRST SOCIALIST, ISLAMIC US RULER EVER, MY OPINION!

If Obiden announces the adoption of anything digital dollars and the elimination of the US dollar we are done. I don’t care who runs for leader…it will be the Ayatollah Obama, the Ruler, my opinion!

Somebody has to get to Speaker McCarthy and prepare him if Obiden drops the US dollar and have a plan in hand to stop any and all funding …get his House in order… do not wait and see, STOP IT…McCarthy needs to get his RINOs in line or there will be NO Congress as they know it! This Republic will not exist!

If I am wrong, on the Republic being lost and the dollar issue (and I hope and pray I am wrong), and if President Trump is illegally convicted of any of the bogus crimes… then we play the TRUMP CARD, Don Jr.

To play that card, President Trump MUST…now…get Don Jr on the ballot as a legit contender and inform the public that if he, President Trump, for any reason, is unable to run, he will fully support his son, on the same, exact conservative, business-minded platform. That’s the same platform that forced Saudi Arabia to pay us to take their oil and China to pay us $1,000,000,000…per month, tariff…That’s the first dime that China EVER paid the US since Nixon started trade with China!!!! President Trump did that and more, supported by Don Jr at all times! If and when “former” is cleared, he could accept the 2nd most powerful job in the world, Secretary of State, second only to the US President, Don Jr!

In my opinion, that’s how President Trump MUST plan…he should have taken my advice in the last election and run for Congress…then Speaker…but what do I know! Oh …I also recommended, timely, to President Trump, to not appoint Jeff Sessions nor any judges to FBI Director, to dump Comey…and several other matters, which just one would have, could have prevented what has happened…he probably didn’t read those articles…