I hope by now you all realize what I have been saying about Biden, Obama, Soros is coming true! They are changing America into a Socialist Nation before your eyes and pretending they don’t know what you are talking about. They are here to help us!

They put minions in high places to take the heat and claim their plan is working…but won’t tell us their plan is Socialism!

Do you believe Mayorkas when he says the border is under control and just fine?

If you don’t step up and vote Republican across the board, you, your kids, and their kids are screwed!

Ask yourself if we have the most natural gas and crude oil in the world (we do) …then …

  1. Why are we buying oil?
  2. Why are we buying oil from our enemies, like Russia?
  3. Why did Biden empty your emergency oil reserves by selling and giving it away to China, Iran, again Russia…our EMERGENCY OIL RESERVES ARE NOW “0” (ZERO)…why?
  4. Why are our truckers going out of business?
  5. Why don’t we have baby food on the shelves?
  6. Why not drill for more oil and natural gas?
  7. Why did Biden want to change our currency into digital, like Bitcoin, and then stop talking about it? I have the answer to that one…because he is/was pushing to do away with the US dollar and go digital so one bank, the FED, would control all your money, and it’s easier to control digital than US cash which is backed by the United States. Then BITCOIN went bankrupt when people found out it’s a Ponzi scheme…backed by NOTHING, worth nothing! He knew that would happen and was hoping we would have ALL been in digital before it crashed! Then what would you have done?

Their plan is to do exactly what they are doing…bringing America to her knees. Look around, nothing is going the way it should be. Nothing is normal. Truckers cannot afford to fill their rigs every day at $6 a gallon using 4-5 miles per gallon. Restaurants are closing …they can’t get workers; they can’t afford the price of food products.

In my opinion, Biden under Obama’s directions is destroying America and we will in the very near future see insurrection, rioting in the streets for the lack of food, water, electric, fuel and then they will declare Martial Law.

Why do you think these scoundrels destroyed our energy reserves? What possible legit reason could there be? They did it so that they could shut down everything at once…with no reserves to carry us for s few days! Just boom…no electric. That means nothing that needs electric can get to you…like water, natural gas, propane, diesel, gasoline. What possible reason could they have to shut down fossil fuel energy resources without replacement power? It is not climate change, global warming, or any other BS reason…because how will stopping all electric power production, help? You cannot live without electric power.

Stop and think for a minute, what if these scoundrels shut down the three grids tomorrow? In case you missed it, that’s what Biden said could happen anytime now! His reason…not enough natural gas and oil…why…because they are stopping fossil fuel production!


How long can you afford $6 fuel? Wait and see what heating your home will cost!

They are pushing a knife in your backs and telling you it will help climate change!

There has been climate change for 4.5 billion years and today it continues…so define “Climate Change” …the one they want you to believe they/we can control!

Further, what if these scoundrels like Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, Obama, Kerry are colluding with China where most are investing their money…what then…were they colluding with China on the COVID-19 virus…they believe Dr. Fauci was…what about Hunter, he owns standing in China’s electric power facilities…does his dad get 10% of that too?

You had better put a stop to the power grabbing Democraps this November …if we last that long…I have my doubts!


  1. “Why do you think these scoundrels destroyed our energy reserves? What possible legit reason could there be? They did it so that they could shut down everything at once…”

    But why?

    Soros has a track record of creating chaos in countries thru his NGOs, while buying shorts on their currencies. He learned as a teenager how to loot other’s assets during chaotic times. It’s just like Die Hard, it’s just about stealing money. The CCP wants to be the reserve currency. Biden is getting paid as the project manager.

    So how can we make them eat their currency “shorts”? pun intended

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