From the FBI Crime Statistic in 2020, there were 19,350 GUN homicides in the US with Blacks accounting for 62% and Whites 21%. Of the remaining 17%… 12% were other minorities, so ¾ of all gun deaths were by minorities… “Therefore…race played a distinct role as other minorities were also found to have higher rates of gun deaths”!

Gun deaths rose by 35% in 2020 which was Joe Biden’s first year in office! Can we draw any conclusions like…the Democrats are soft on crime or is that another coincidence or Trump’s fault, or Big Foot, did it? I submit it’s the Democrats, who control everything…for now… and more like the complete failure to prosecute violent crimes and emptying the jails and opening the Border!? That’s a failure to enforce our Rule of Law…in case you missed the point!

Does Biden accept responsibility for ANYTHING gone bad? None!

Let’s take a look…Who stopped the Wall and opened the Southern Border…Joe Biden!? According to the Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas, who is Joe Biden’s appointee and VP Harris, the BOSS of the Southern Border…who has never been to the open Border… ALL is going as “planned”, under control, operating smoothly! Opening the Southern Border has nothing to do with illegal immigration!

All that is only true, IF your “planned” goal is to overthrow our Republic and Fundamentally Change America…into a Socialist Nation! If it’s true, then it’s Treason!

Who stopped oil drilling on all government lands and some private lands (pulled the drilling permits), closed the Keystone Pipeline, which was delivering one million barrels a day to the US…answer…Biden?! Again, according to Biden and his Secretary of Stupid, Jennifer Granholm, cutting off oil supply of five million barrels of oil per day, has NOTHING to do with the price of product…and therefore the Law of Supply and Demand is wrong…as are Energy = mc2 and F = ma! They have turned everything upside down! That’s Biden’s Administration…a staff of imbeciles! F = ma, by the way, is the first law of Physics!

Fact, the cities and states that are ruled by Democrats, have the highest crime rates, lowest employment, highest welfare, and social assistance rolls!

Could it be that since minorities commit 75% of the gun homicides, if we stopped minorities from possessing guns, we would stop 75% of the homicides? Could it be that if we could force single point of entry with walls at our borders, it would stop illegal entry?

Could it be that if we increased the supply of oil, we could do as President Trump did and have $1.85/gallon prices again instead of $7-10/gallon?

What country, on the planet, has the most oil?

Answer… the United States!

Which country has the largest single oil reserve?

Answer…the US, Green River, Colorado?

Which country has the second largest oil reserve on the planet?

Answer…the US …the Bakken…which covers five states including the Dakotas!

Which cities had the most devastating riots and destruction, without any attempts to stop same?

Answer…Portland, OR…Minneapolis, MN… Chicago, IL…Los Angeles, CA…San Francisco, CA…Oakland, CA…NYC…St. Louis, MO, Detroit, MI…Philadelphia, PA and on and on…ALL Democrat Ruled!

Do you think that if we changed these cities into Republican leaders instead of Democrat, it would change anything? I do… my opinion…it would change EVERYTHING BAD THAT IS HAPPENING!!!?  I say to increase oil production in the US will completely turn the entire economy around as the entire nation runs on oil and natural gas…that’s a no brainer. But…what about gun control? Excellent question!

We already have a law on the books regarding every crime with a gun. There are no “gun crimes” you can think of that are not covered! I charged some subjects with violating sections of the National Firearms Acts, probably more than most because I made a LOT of arrests and recoveries for substantive violations like Bank Robbery (57 my last year on the NYO BR Squad) and Truck Hijacking (theft from interstate shipment) …$2.2 million recoveries my last year on that squad!

Understand this…there are FFL, Fed Firearms Laws, on the books that allow for federal charges on local gun crimes! All we have to do is prove that the gun used traveled in Interstate Commerce any time during its “life”. There is a Judicial Assumption that if the manufacturer’s stamp says Conn. and the local crime with a gun arrest took place in Michigan…that gun traveled in interstate commerce! The sentence is set by statue, cannot be served concurrent with the local charge, must start AFTER the local time, the amount of gun time is mandatory and “set by the statute”, depending on such factors as prior convictions, and there is no judicial input (the Judge has no say, in sentence)! If the sentence is, for example, 2-5 years for an armed robbery, they must serve the full term 5 years, then the gun time starts, no chance for parole on either charge!! Just prove it traveled, at some time, in interstate commerce!


Here’s the only problem I ever ran into…the US Attorney would refuse to do add-on crimes (FFA) because they thought it would be “overkill” …so as long as the judicial system is loaded with “bleeding heart” Prosecutor DAs, AGs, etc., you can shove your Gun Control Bills! Change the Kim Foxxs, Gascons, James, all the prosecutors “appointed” by George Soros and Hussein Obama!

That FFA law was so good that they probably removed it!

If you want to stop crime and guns on the streets, the only ways are to reinstitute: Stop and Frisk, Street crimes Units, Stake Out Squads on repeat Stores, 3 Strikes and you’re out Sentences, and MOST important, Death Penalty Mandatory for multiple deaths (more than one) of any type, with any weapon, bomb, device, vehicle, no insanity defense allowed (because no sane person would do that in the first place) they don’t deserve to live…work it out with the devil!

If you murder more than one human being, by any means whatsoever, there will be no chance for clemency, parole, or pardon by any official and the sentence MUST be carried out within 90 days of sentence with NO delays allowed…for any reason!

The only thing new would be the “multiple deaths” penalties and with the number of families they ruin…it’s desperately necessary! Oh…and of course…enforce the freaking, existing laws!


  1. If you want to stop crime and guns on the streets, the only ways are to reinstitute: ???

    How about get Soros influence out of this country, particularly the treasonous AGs he’s funding to get into office? And taking out billboards with your fact on it:

    Which cities had the most devastating riots and destruction, without any attempts to stop same?

    Answer…Portland, OR…Minneapolis, MN… Chicago, IL…Los Angeles, CA…San Francisco, CA…Oakland, CA…NYC…St. Louis, MO, Detroit, MI….
    Philadelphia, PA and on and on…ALL Democrat Ruled!

    Put the TRUTHs right in the face of the lost.

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