The latest…according to the LEFT…the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade thereby “outlawing” nationwide… abortion?! That’s absolutely NOT TRUE!

FACT…the Supreme Court said in layman terms, that there is NOTHING in the Constitution that ALLOWS the Federal Government to regulate, interfere with, direct in anyway, a woman’s rights on abortion! They said, that according to the Constitution, when there is no verbiage in the Constitution regarding any specific “rights” given to the Federal Government, like abortion… then those rights remain with the States and their citizens and NOT the Federal Government!

The Federal Government has no right to interfere with a woman’s rights on abortion…THAT’S HOW THEY RULED…idiots!

You would think that those who voted for people like Maxine Waters at least determine if they are literate… could read the Constitution and the Rulings from Supreme Court! She is either illiterate (that means… can’t read or write) or is just plain STUPID…because she is telling citizens to riot as “the supreme court outlawed abortion” …they did NOT! Besides that being wrong…inciting to riot is a crime, “to travel in interstate commerce to incite to riot” …have someone read Title 18 Section 2101 USC to Maxine, if she can’t read…hmmm…how would she know to do that? Well, then tell her to watch NEWSMAX… they’ll explain it all to her! Hmmm…how would she know to do that? Now I understand how, in part, people like Maxine Waters, Hussein Obama and Joe Obiden got into office…ignorant voters and minions and “yes” people on their staffs, with the IQ of fish!

So, Maxine…no need to get your panties in a bunch, just get your minions in your state to vote in more idiots, JUST LIKE YOU, who allow junkies to live on the streets of San Francisco and LA, crimes to go unpunished, lawlessness, no bail for felons who are arrested and unlimited and unregulated abortion, all that you would allow! Would she have a problem if we put that extra border wall fence that’s unused…around California…there’s only three sides to do?!

If we, the Patriotic Citizens of America, who believe in the Constitution, Due Process, and our Rule of Law, win back the House and Senate in 2022, this is what must happen…

  1. The Keystone Pipeline, the Green River and Bakkan Reserves, which are the largest oil reserves in the WORLD (the Green River, Colorado and Bakkan Reserve, the Dakotas and three other States…as well as all the other pipelines Biden closed, as well as revoked government drilling permits and exploration permits), will all be UP and RUNNING… causing millions more barrels of oil to flow DAILY and the price of EVERYTHING that is transported by fossil fuels…to DROP drastically in ONE year! What did I say? The price of gas and diesel will plummet from $10 per gallon for diesel and $5 for gas to Trump prices of $3 for diesel or lower and $2 for gas. Think of this…the Indian reservation where I buy diesel, which does not charge the NY State sales tax of 8%, right now is at $6 a gallon! That means that an 18-wheeler carrying commodities we need, pays $1,500 for 300 gallons… versus $900 Trump dollars which is $600 LESS per fill up! Besides paying for those increased trucking charges for everything we buy ANY PLACE, we also pay those same outrageous pump prices because Barack Hussein Obama wants to RULE America as a Socialist, Islamic Country! The “Fundamental Changes” he said he will do, he couldn’t get done…so he found a fall guy…brain dead Joe Biden, and fall guy he is, and he doesn’t even know it!
  2. Next, the doors will be slammed shut on our Southern Border and all those illegals WILL be deported.
  3. Criminals will be arrested for smash and grab, shoplifting for under $1,000, held in jail for trial and actually PROSECUTED for arson, theft, purse grabbing and all the damn laws that made America great! Let’s do it again.
  4. All the illegal Executive Orders this idiot passed will be overturned and this time bills will become laws that will “prevent any President” from overturning Laws that were passed by the Congress and signed by ANY President… to be overturned by another President’s Executive Orders…they MUST be voided by an Act of Congress and a New law signed by the sitting President! NO MORE ONE PERSON RULE!!! LAWS that are signed into Law should only be changed THE SAME WAY they became LAWS…passed by Congress and signed by the President! My idea!
  5. Stop and frisk laws will come back, and Anti-Crime Units will take the guns off the street and “Take names and kick ass” …again!
  6. Laws will appear that make multiple homicides Federal Crimes, that come with MANDATORY death penalties, and mandatory deadlines for appeals…after the expiration of appeals the six-month appeal deadline (for example) …they are toast…no Judicial nor Executive pardons nor forgiveness of any type allowed. My idea!
  7. A real and new DOJ will direct a new FBI to investigate the horrendous crimes that have been committed by the likes of those who tried to overthrow this country and create a Socialist America…no need to name them…we all know who they are!
  8. We will get to the truth of what happened on Jan 6, 2021, and who told the three Police Officers to move away from the glass doors so another Police Officer could fire an ordered warning shot that struck and killed an innocent, unarmed woman…also who ordered that shot…my opinion!? I believe that the Officer who shot her is so piss poor a shot that he couldn’t fire a warning shot…didn’t mean to hit anyone…but did because of his ineptness with a pistol. Give me 5 minutes with him and I’ll prove it!

I believe that Mitt Romney has lost his mind! Did you hear what he proposed? He wants to give a pregnant woman $700 per month and $350 per month for each child she has, and I don’t believe it matters if she is married or single. That’s making childbirth a commodity and babies a product to produce income. Romney should be kicked out of the Republican Party and exiled to Venezuela for life.

I would propose the exact opposite…give women, single or married, birth control pills and make having children out of wedlock a misdemeanor. Fine her $700 if she gives birth to a child without a husband to support and help raise their child… AND prohibit her from receiving ANY public subsistence/compensation, for trying to dump the results of her sexual escapades on you and me! I believe a woman has control of her body and at the same time MUST be held accountable for her own mistakes and NOT rewarded for her sexual exploits and then look to you and me to pay for everything for her …forever!


I’m so angry…I can’t write anymore for now!