My response is, what’s right?

When I was appointed as an FBI Special Agent, J Edgar Hoover was Director and he ruled with an iron fist! His philosophy was, “Make them do all the small things right and the big things will follow”. For example he used an antiquated Air Force chart for height and weight and used it as a fist against those he chose to discipline.  A friend of mine was put on a 6-month bicycle for being 5 pounds overweight…that’s a transfer, every 6 months! From one end of the country to the other!

Now, when you see that at 5’10’’, you could weigh no more than 175#…When I was 16, I was 5’10’’ and weighed 210# with a 34” waist, 34 “thighs with 5% body fat and ran the 100 yard dash in 10.9 seconds in full football gear! I was 35# overweight, according to Hoover! At 23 with pretty much the same numbers, I had to lose 35# in 6 weeks to get the job and did it!

That was all judged by a man who was 5’8”, at most, and 245#, at least…but that didn’t matter!

We had 180 Criminal violations where the FBI had primary jurisdiction and responsibility. Hoover, in his wisdom, firmly believed that in order to be effective the FBI MUST have the faith and confidence of the American public. To do that, the FBI MUST be in the public’s eye most all the time…on the front page, lead story on radio, TV, at the water fountain! To do that, he believed we had to be making arrests, recoveries and convictions.

So he picked 15 Federal Criminal Violations he wanted us to work, to stay the public’s eye…in the news! These 15 violations were high volume cases. Each violation carried a number. Some of the 15 cases, included the 11- violation Bank Robbery,15- Interstate Theft, 4-Kidnapping, 26- Interstate Auto Theft, 88-UFAP (Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution), 76-Escaped Fed Prisoner, 42-Fugitive Deserter…and more. These cases are, were the backbone of the FBI, period, and made the FBI, the number 1 Crime Fighting Agency IN THE WORLD!

Hoover created the FBI 10 most Wanted and along those lines created the IO Poster program…that was the  pictures you USED to see plastered all over the Post Offices. The IO Program highlighted dangerous, violent Criminals who were “on the Lamb” for at least 1 year and Armed and Dangerous…first office Agents were not generally allowed to work IO Fugitive Cases due to their danger! My close friend and partner, in our first office, Dennis Wickline, in his 2nd office,  was shot point blank by an IO Fugitive, with a 1911 Colt 45… Dennis’s partner, also shot, almost died! I spoke to Dennis the day after surgery and he was his same old self, thank God…his partner took a while but also recovered.

In our first office, Charleston, SC, I helped a fugitive Deserter we arrested, who had four AK 47 entrance wounds on his chest…he was facing the enemy when he went down! I asked if he wanted to tell me what happened and he did, indeed.  I believed the story he told me and said I would try to help him, but no promises. I asked him what he wanted and he responded, “An honorable discharge…they can keep those medals”.

I spoke to the right officer and a few weeks later, the officer I spoke to, called me to inform me that all the charges against my Fugitive were dropped, his record cleared, he will receive all the medals, he more than earned, and an Honorable Discharge.

One more thing…this was the only Marine “Deserter”, I arrested and between Dennis, Jim and me, together, we arrested over 200 Deserters! Marines just don’t desert, so I felt there were reasons that should be looked at!

My Marine called me, thanked me, and gave me what turned out to be a very big case. He knew a guy from Charleston who brags about being wanted all over the South and goes to the Bronx in the summer. Last October, which was Oct 1968, this guy told my new friend that, he robbed a Bronx deli he frequented. On the way out, a uniformed NYPD Officer came in and he shot it out and the “cop”, who went down hard. I got a description and name this stickup guy was using and contacted the NYO. Meanwhile I did my due diligence and got a hit on the IO Fugitive program…our stickup guy is an IO Fugitive! About the same time, our switchboard lit up. There was such a robbery and the officer, unfortunately died from his wounds…we have a “cop killer” on our hands. I gave the NYO Agent the IO number, from that he made a photo display and showed them to witnesses. My man was picked out, positive ID and the NYPD obtained a murder warrant!

My Boss, SAC Roland Trent, whom I admired, immediately called me and said he was alerted by the ADIC in NY, John Malone, that Director Hoover has taken a personal interest in this case, as he did with all Police Killing cases. SAC Trent mentioned that 1st Office Agents are not allowed to work IO Fugitive cases but he believed in my judgement and good work, so he is making an exception but the Senior Agent, who never even made an arrest, would be in charge of the Arrest.

Next morning Senior and I went to the front and Dennis and Jim Colligan went to the back. Because I didn’t trust my front door partner ,I told Dennis that if I call out, come directly through the back door… don’t hesitate, he ‘s got a gun!!

Senior stood directly in front of the front door, I stood to the side behind the door jam. I had my gun in hand and Senior has is hands tucked in his front belt. He told me to holster and I responded that he’s armed and a killer, are you nuts? “Put it away”…so I did but had my hand on it! When the door opened, his mother, tried to close the door but I had stuck my foot in the way (not my first time in the parade). Senior started to argue with her, when I pushed him and her aside and went in…gun drawn. I found him at the breakfast table eating cereal, with a head set on, listening to music. I pulled his head phone off , told him  that he’s under arrest, to keep his hands flat on the table and not to look around. When I holstered and grabbed my handcuffs he pushed back from the table and thrust his right hand in his pocket. It happened so fast I dove instinctively grabbing his gun hand not allowing him to bring it out…I could feel a gun in his hand! I hollered for Dennis and in they came…senior was still at the front door arguing with his mother. After a short fight, we got him under control and safely cuffed. The gun? Was a 25 automatic …cigarette lighter… that we all thought was real! When I asked him exactly what he was going to do …he said bluff his way out!

Fugitives were a very important part of the FBI’s mission and every FBI Agent received training on arrests, dangerous raids, cover, concealment, surprise, out man ,out gun, overwhelm. We were all trained on the rifles, shotgun, handgun and gas delivery. We were trained on every aspect of law enforcement and you can talk all day and practice all day, BUT nothing and I mean nothing can take the place of actually doing the real thing…NOTHING! You must practice shooting to be good and you must make arrests if you want to stay sharp!

You cannot solve Crimes unless you investigate crimes. Intelligence gathering…does not solve crimes like informants and informants come from solving crimes…period! If an Agency doesn’t solve crimes on a regular basis, make arrests on a regular basis have all the types of cases that makes a Lawman…a Law Man. The fault belongs to those FBI leaders who moved the FBI away from Fugitives, and bank Robbery and Interstate Theft cases. Although it is their fault, much is understandable.  As much as I despise Mueller, he became FBI Director on 9/1/01!

When 9/11/01 hit, it took everyone by surprise, especially the DOJ…but NOT the brick Agents of the FBI…we could have prevented 9/11/01 and I’m serious… ask former USA Joe DeGenova… The NYO tried to open an undercover operation on the FIRST Twin Tower Bombing in 1992/93 when the FBI learned a blind, Muslim Cleric in Brooklyn was preaching violence, to blow up buildings and bridges and tunnels! Headquarters…the FBI and DOJ leaders…said NO, it’s a religion!

Then there was the infamous, 2001 Muslims who wanted to learn how to fly BUT not take off and land!!! That was in Minneapolis…remember that? Again, the left wing DOJ again said no…religion…Muslims…no touch…but why…we asked…because they said so! That was Janet Reno’s DOJ that was just turned over to Bush. Find out who from DOJ said no search warrant for the Minn deal and I guarantee it’s a Democrat with no guts!

A Judge cannot run any law enforcement Agency any more than he could run the Army, Navy or Marines! Think about it.

We must change the FBI’s mission back to the way it was and completely do away with the DOJ that the racists, imbecile, Eric Holder created…FIRE EVERY DOJ Attorney and start over!