On July 13, 2022, the AG of Missouri, Eric S. Schmitt, sent FBI Director Wray a letter in response to and rejecting the FBI claim that they will “audit the Missouri Concealed Carry Pistol Permit Records” of various county sheriffs, sometime in August 2022.

From that letter, “It has come to my attention that the FBI has informed several Missouri county sheriffs that they will be showing up in August to audit CCW permit holder records”.

The letter goes on to advise Wray that based upon Missouri law that audit will not be allowed. AG Schmitt wrote, “over the past couple of years, we have seen story after story of incompetence and corruption at the highest levels of the FBI. Our trust in your agency is at an all-time low”.

This well written, factual letter goes on to attack the decisions of FBI former Director Comey to clear former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton! Here’s a few other excerpts: “…your agency has targeted conservatives, most famously the witch hunt against President Trump and his team. James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and others endlessly investigated fake allegations fabricated by the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democrat operatives”; “The FBI inexplicably cleared Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing and has been sitting on evidence of criminal activity on Hunter Biden’s laptop for years. Now the FBI appears to be targeting Missouri gun owners, and we will not stand for it”.

The entire text of the letter to Wray, can be found online. This letter is a scathing letter that Director Wray deserves because of his apparent and complete reliance on incompetent and/or corrupt current or former, high ranking FBI executives. In my opinion, Wray does not have the experience, knowledge, nor intestinal fortitude to be FBI Director…that’s why, before any names surfaced for a new Director after Comey, I urged  President Trump to appoint a criminal-based FBI Agent and to not appoint ANY Judge or person without extensive, federal law enforcement experience! I personally agree with everything the Missouri AG wrote to FBI Director Wray and commend him for foresight and fortitude!

Additionally, the FBI obtained a search warrant for former President Trump’s home in West Palm Beach, FL from a US Magistrate. Procedures for obtaining warrants do vary slightly from district to district, based upon size, number of judges, or workload but the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures must be followed. In my almost three-decade career, I obtained literally hundreds of arrest, search and seizure warrants as well as a few Title 3 Wiretap search warrants, from no less than 5-6 different districts. Those districts included the Western, Eastern and Southern Districts of NY; Charleston and Columbia, SC; and a few others, as I worked on special assignments, in other districts.

I even obtained and served a major search warrant on a Department of Defense, DOD, spent rod radioactive disposal site, leading a team of AEC, EPA, NYDEC, FBI  and other agencies in a very detailed search. We proved the allegations were wrong and gave the site a clean bill of health, thank God! That warrant required approval of the AG.

Every felony search and arrest warrant for which I/we made application was approved… and by policy, had to go to a Federal Judge first or at least an attempt to contact a Federal Judge before we could contact the Magistrate. That was the same in all the districts! No Federal Judge would ever, not ask for a few details before passing the application on to someone else. After all, it could be a politician, maybe the Judge’s mother-in-law, or even a former President of the United States! A Chief Justice is responsible to make certain the federal rules and policies are followed and wants to know who’s getting a warrant, for whom, and what it’s about…anybody who tells you different has no idea what they are talking about! If they have confidence in the affiant, and rapport, they will cut an Agent some slack especially if it’s time sensitive, urgent, life and death… like a bombing. A Title 3, Wiretap warrant, is a search warrant, but a completely different animal!

Also, under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 41, the affiant of the warrant “must” provide the owner of the premises/subject a copy of the warrant, “leave a detailed inventory list”, and allow the owner/subject or their representative to observe the search; none of which was obeyed, by the FBI.  I/we have stayed for hours after a detailed search to count hundreds of boxes of sealed stolen goods and left an inventory list signed by the owner! We even brought a steno and typewriter for cumbersome searches! That’s how important the chain of custody is…an unsealed box might as well be toilet paper if not itemized!

These rules cannot be avoided. They are there to prevent exactly the things these inexperienced, untrained, M-16 toting, FBI Agents actually did ….just as we have all heard about the new FBI. In the hundreds of search warrants I participated in, I/we never said, “We’ll drop off the inventory list to your lawyer later”. In my opinion, the reason the FBI didn’t comply with the federal rules…didn’t comply with what is SOP…is…they either didn’t know or didn’t care because, for most of the Agents on that search, I believe it was probably their very FIRST!

I’ll go even further…in my opinion….most Agents today, with five years on the job…never drafted an arrest warrant, never drafted a search warrant…never made an arrest, never participated in a search warrant execution…because they don’t work the criminal cases! I’m talking about the criminal cases that the FBI was charged with enforcing, for the previous 50 years, gaining the reputation of, “ The Best Crime Fighting Agency in the World”! You need to shoot a gun and practice to be a good shot. You need to do criminal investigations in order to develop informants, obtain arrest and search warrants, and become a real Agent versus an AINO, Agent in Name Only. If you do not …as we saw with the fired leaders, major mistakes happen! They are proof that experience matters!

Why? The FBI chose not to work high volume, criminal cases that involve arrest warrants, informant development, search warrants and most important…day to day contact with the average citizen!  Which is why I just finished writing a book, coming out soon titled, Action, based upon real criminal cases that we worked and how the FBI today is nothing like the FBI it was from the 1930s to the 1990s.

The Agents who executed that search warrant on Trump’s residence broke more laws, committed more felonies during the execution of the warrant than the man who is the subject of the warrant…President Trump, who committed none, my opinion! They broke the Best Evidence Rules and broke the Chain of Custody (again) and can use their treasure trove of evidence as fire starter fodder or toilet paper! So now you have a little inside information on arrest and search warrants.

Regarding the Magistrate, they handle misdemeanor cases. They hear the preliminary hearings which is to verify there’s a warrant, the identity of the subject, to set bail and date for next proceeding. In some districts they do more than others…but in these United States, no Judge with any brains at all would allow an application for a search warrant, for the residence of any former president, to go to a Magistrate! The FBI Rules for dealing with politicians are very strict, and when I was an Agent and either arrested or searched a politician’s house or office (I did both), we had to present to a Federal Judge. There is no way any Chief Justice or one of his District Judges would ever pass off a search warrant for the President’s house to a Magistrate…NEVER!

So, the suspicion grows….why did they present to a magistrate, and this one in particular. An honest answer to those questions will be grounds for dismissal of that search warrant, more than just my opinion?!

If the Attorney General, himself, deemed this matter so important so as to be directly involved in the search warrant of the former President of  the United States residence, how does he, the AG, justify presenting to the lowest officer in the Judicial District, a misdemeanor only, US Magistrate?

So, I would bet that there was a “shopping for a Judge”, which is not only unethical to do but also prohibited in every district, and some case history shows, that it can be grounds for dismissal!  In my opinion, AG Garland’s minions couldn’t find a Judge who would even read their application!  Either that or they didn’t bother, because they knew no District Court Judge would be dumb enough to be the very first to issue a search warrant on a former President! That is especially true, since they knew that former President Obama took hundreds of thousands of documents, and former Secretary of State Clinton stole everything except the kitchen sink as well as stole and destroyed 33,000 secret State emails; documents that were under subpoena “at that time”, and no charges were filed! That was after the previous Director Comey’s personal attention to and involvement into the investigation of Clinton! Remember Comey admitted he took official FBI documents intentionally and gave them to an unauthorized, former employee, to leak …not to DOJ…but to the freaking press! Comey must have been charged with such a heinous group of felony crimes…he wasn’t?

AG Garland and Director Wray better pack their bags, hire a good attorney because there are very stiff civil and criminal penalties for a law enforcement Agent and Agency to violate a US Citizens Constitutional Rights, especially the 14th Equal Rights Amendment! Look no further than Obama AND Clinton to charge violation of the 14th Amendment, which allows for triple damages. Also noteworthy is that a municipality, by law, cannot pay for a defendant’s awarded PUNITIVE damages, because if somebody else pays for “punishment”, it’s no longer punitive! You new FBI Agents had better, if you haven’t already, purchase personal liability insurance …why? Just read this whole paragraph. The Agents Association had a group type insurance, as I recall. The FBI will not pay for your attorney if you operate outside of the law…so read Rule 41 and the 14th Amendment! We all carried the insurance because we made arrests, did search warrants, and carried guns…from what I understand most of you new Agents don’t have to worry about that part!

Another thing, no Secret Service Agent or other Federal Agent can be an informant who saw something in a desk or closet and report that as a citizen…they are Federal Agents on duty protecting a President …duh! They are Federal Agents. For them to act as an informant will not get past the “stink test”…in my opinion. You cannot use a lawman to report back to you what he saw, illegally, in an environment where he was acting in his official capacity as a lawman and looked at Top Secret papers that he had no business looking at, unless they were indeed unclassified by the guy he is stabbing in the back. If they saw them, in plain sight, then they must have been Unclassified. If they were Classified and marked as such, he had no clearance to even look at them or report what he saw to anybody! If he did, that’s a felony!

For a civilian to be the  informant and to be in the premises, I am certain they have NDA agreements, but even if they do not, reading something that is marked Classified, Secret, Eyes Only cannot be read by the unauthorized. Ask the people who were prosecuted for doing that and then sharing that info when Trump was president and those who were not charged under Obama …another 14th Equal Rights violation!  Even if they didn’t, they cannot even view documents that are/were marked Classified and then do a Comey and leak it or pass it on!! If their informant committed several of the felonies, the same felonies they want to charge Trump with…that wouldn’t surprise me… after what Eric Holder did with the ATF, Lehrer did with the IRS, Brennan and Clapper did with the NSA and CIA and your hero team of Obama/Clinton did with documents!

That same argument applies to anybody who was in the President’s house, who looked at and read (in order to know what it is) anything marked or looked like secret stuff. If they did anything whatsoever beyond their job to see what it is, like walk across the room, they are acting as a lawman, and illegally obtaining private information, that instantly becomes fruits of the poison tree!

What I am saying is this, a lawman who “burglarized” a subject’s house, and then gave the “evidence” he found to other lawmen to use in a search warrant, would be on a par with using that same lawman to report on anything illegal they observed regarding those same documents! A lawman cannot do anything illegal to prove a crime, build the evidence, assist in the crime…like Eric Holder and ATF did in Fast and Furious! Reading something marked Secret, in a former President’s house, by any unauthorized person, is illegal! If the source is a lawman legally on the premises and he observed something noted to be classified his duty is not to read it. His duty is to protect it. It’s that simple!

To Chris Wray and Moron Garland, you’re in over your head boys, you better get out and “turn states evidence”, and maybe you can avoid a prison sentence, my opinion!