In my opinion, former President Trump is the only one who can save America and our Republic from the radical, socialist left…they have complete control of all three branches of our Government. They have ALREADY thrown out the Constitution, our Rule of Law and disregarded Due Process and every Immigration and Naturalization law there is! They most certainly have no intention to correct the corrupt voting process THEY created with the Dominion Voting machines, the lack of voter ID, unregulated mail-in ballots, total lack of chain of custody of original ballots, proper and FAIR vote monitoring (both parties present with unlimited observation of votes and voting)!

They intend to overthrow your Republic and turn it into a Socialist country. To deny that, is a big freaking mistake! They are at a cross roads. They realize that they will lose the House and Senate in November and the White House in 2024… all because of their total and complete disregard for the intelligence of, “We the people”, that‘s you and me!  Either the Dems act before November, 2022 or their best chance ever, to make this a Socialist Nation, will be gone…forever!

President Trump MUST run for Congress in 2022. If he does he is most certain to regain the White House…he creates two Paths to the Presidency! His current position is unique and ideal to regain…to save our country!!!


The First is Congress in 2022… almost a certainty. The Second is the 2024 Presidential Election, uncertain. It’s uncertain not because he won’t win in an honest election…it’s because he has no chance for an honest election without voting changes…he just won’t win in another corrupt election! That is unless an “Honesty in Voting” law is passed by the very people who created the way to cheat and there is no freaking way the Democraps will pass a Voting Bill that removes the “ways and means” they can cheat… and cheat they will in EVERY election UNLESS the Republican Party can control all the polling venues INSTEAD of the dishonest Democraps  (Democraps are Democrats who do not believe in the Constitution, eg AOL and her crew)!

In the First path to the Presidency…it’s paramount that he become Speaker. ..first because Pelosi is staying! Second, as Speaker he can slam the door on the insane spending and force the issue of the Border walls…checks and balances …the WALL is fully approved, funded and under contracts and Congress has the obligation to see it through!

As Speaker, the road is clear…Impeach both Biden and Harris, either individually or as a pair…I personally like the pair idea so that History will show what happens to Traitors, after they are both tried for treason! The next in line for President is…Speaker of The House, who just happens to be Donald J Trump. NOW pass those voting laws!

In the First Path to the Presidency… as the Speaker, Trump could change the election laws BEFORE the 2024 election then should Speaker Trump decide to run for President and lose, he is still Speaker and in control of Congress and control of the insane money they are spending!


If he takes the Second Path, the 2024 election…but does not become a Congessman first, and loses, America is screwed and America is gone as a free country!!!

I believe that Mr Trump should RUN on that PLATFORM…that Mr Trump fully intends to run

for Congress then Speaker and then rid the country of Traitors!


As President ,Mr Trump can insure there will be an, “Honesty in Federal Elections”, law starting with what America wants MOST, Voter ID …next, that our Borders are secure again … that we will be power independent again… and make certain that no one can eliminate a critical source of power, like fossil fuels, which is still 80% of our electric power, without viable replacement power! That our Oil Reserves are used ONLY for national emergencies. Made In America will reappear on products…products critical to our national security, like medicine, ammunition, specific fundamental food products …and more, must all be manufactured, grown or built in America. I also believe he should pass laws prohibiting ANY export of any elements that are declared critical elements like Uranium, Cadmium, Lithium and much more! I believe he should break any contracts and stop the export of any of those critical materials that should not have been exported… like Uranium, by Executive Orders, backed up by legislation. Let Russia and China file suit …I don’t believe they can! Screw China any way we can…America is MAD!!! If we can’t sue China, for the China Flu… ?!

I feel the then President Trump should force the building of Nuclear Power plants in ALL 50 States! Build using all US materials and US Nuclear knowledge witch is awesome, on Nuclear Power Plants… US steel, concrete, workers who are US Citizens. Funded by the Government but sold to private Utility Companies when completed!

I fully believe they will make a drastic move to cause CHAOS. I believe the Internet will be shut down and then the 3 Grids. They will blame the “Radical Republicans” as the culprits… for shutting down the internet and grids… and for ALL the evil acts that will follow, just like they are doing with Jan 6, 2021 and did with fake Global Warming/Climate Change…run chicken little…the sky is falling! They will tell us that the Democraps (the ones who are actually behind it all)…  are coming to our rescue with the Military, to put down the Coup… that they created… what a BRILLIANT FREAKING MOVE!!!

If the coup fails, they know they will all face the death penalty because they will be committing Acts of Sabotage, Espionage and Treason!!! They cannot fail. Treason, is a Capital offense … to fail would be certain death! All of the main conspirators owe allegiance to America, a key element to Treason. They are all US citizens who have sworn to Protect, Preserve and Defend the Constitution of the United States. Shutting down the Grid is what Russia has threatened to do with 2 EMP bombs… the EXACT same effect as what “Branden” may, well, do.. It’s also an act of war on the US… committed by… whom ever did it? Wouldn’t you agree?!!!

If you don’t believe these scoundrels are capable… just look to Jan 6th… they did it. .. who did they blame…Republicans? They shot and killed an unarmed female on the OTHER freaking side of a wall and door! No real Police Department could, would, possibly even try to justify any part of that shooting…he feared an unarmed female, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF A DOOR…really???! Yet WDC PD thinks they have gotten away with that.. .I don’t think so… the other shoe hasn’t dropped yet! I believe ,as a Firearms and Deadly Force Instructor that someone told him to “fire a shot through the door” and he MISSED. Check his Qualification  Gun Scores and talk to his Instructors. The way he handled that gun …in my opinion …he’s probably shouldn’t have a gun! Get a court order to shoot a Qualifying score and when he claims the 5th…you’ll know…no one should be afraid to prove their ability to qualify. Go after him! They have denied dozens of Citizens Due Process…they have been IN JAIL for almost a year, in solitary confinement, without being charged, without an attorney, in filthy unsanitary conditions…and no FREAKING ACLU. Guess who contributes, heavily to the ACLU…George Soros…that’s who. Hm…I always thought lawyers were honest…although, I have arrested a few! They should change their name to the UnAmeircan Select Civil Liberty Union For Oligharts or the Funded UnAmerican Civil Founders Union or the FUCF U for short!


In my opinion…we are already in a War …to save America! That is why it is so important for all my readers to send emails, letters, Tweets, whatever to President Trump urging him to become a Congressman from Florida

If President Trump and the Republican Party pick a Republican District in Florida he can win and make him the Republican candidate, no matter who has the current seat, if a Republican holds that seat, all the better, give him a job, if we take his job to save America! Remember … we are fighting for our existence of our Country.

In just one District, we can easily train enough known loyal Conservatives to monitor all of the voting venues with equal representation by Democrats. Our people need to be trained on the voting laws… trained to not succumb to bullying and to make a stand if necessary if it pertains directly to the actual ballot casting. Dems run the venues in their districts…do the same in ours!

Pick a District with a county that has a Republican Sherriff and ask him/her to appoint a former Republican, Federal, State or Local Lawmen as Sheriff Deputies to enforce the election laws at each polling place!

Mr Trump please, solidify the Party, and fight to regain the House, Senate and Whitehouse and put some common sense in the White House… again… instead of a Puppet, with a decaying wooden head… to keep America a Constitutional Republic and never succumb to Socialism and promise to Impeach and charge all those responsible for the lawlessness.


  1. I agree, it’s historical, what totalitarian regimes do when cornered. Prepare for Pearl Harbor part II, which will be on a 2020 scale.

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