Honorable Donald J Trump


Dear President Trump,

I have been writing an OpEd Column as THE RIGHT SIDE, since the late 1990s, and very seriously since Hussein Obama became President and the biggest fraud this country has ever seen. That began when his campaign to Change America… into a Socialist, Islamic Nation… started! I bought and read the Koran to better understand him…and boy…do I!!

America, the American people and, indeed, Freedom…desperately need you, to keep America free…free of Socialism, free of Islam, free of Traitors pretending to be “leaders” who believe in, our Constitution!

We cannot wait for the 2024 Presidential election for us to take back what WE believe you rightfully won in 2020. We are losing our Country!!! As leader of the Republican Party, you should be arranging for the local party leaders to train election observers who will not exit polling venues if one Democrap is there and not leave any venue unguarded to retain a true chain of custody!

You simply MUST run for Congress in Florida this year… and then Speaker! Now hear me out…you will be well on your way to winning back the office they stole, without running for President! Those who recommended a run for Congress don’t realize what a great plan that is. They did not complete the plan, to win our country back, and we don’t have the time to fool around. The Democraps know that the House and the Senate 2022 are lost, are desperate, and I believe they will make a BIG attempt before November 2022 to cause chaos to the point that the military will be called. They are doing all they can to force citizens to revolt. We must remain calm and turn the other cheek, FOR NOW! The internet, power plants, and banks will be closed. People will be hurt, but I believe we will survive the COUPE!!

Pick the district in Florida where you are the strongest (there are several) and then move to become Speaker…but we don’t stop there! I am certain we will win the House and Senate in November 2022. That’s when we begin the real swamp cleaning…but THIS TIME we show no mercy nor allow a POLITICALLY CORRECT AG or FBI Director to get in the way…fire whoever refuses your orders.  You are the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the US!

With AG choices like Joe diGenova or Trey Goudy or Huckabee …committed Constitutionalists, we cannot loose! As soon as the winners of November 22 are sworn in, immediately take these steps:

  1. Impeach Joe Biden for Treason, Criminal Negligence, Incompetence, and anything else you can find…start with charges stemming from Afghanistan and the Mexico Border… remove him from Office with the 2/3 vote. REMEMBER THEY IMPEACHED YOU FOR NOTHING…NO CRIMES! I believe we will get almost 100% vote!
  2. After VP Harris is sworn in as President…immediately move to impeach her for Criminal Negligence stemming from her failures to follow Pres Biden’s directive to take charge of the Border. She failed…she failed on Immigration, Naturalization, Border Security, and anything else she did…which is nothing…we can find…! Remove her from office.

HEADLINE – Donald J. Trump, Speaker of the House becomes President of the United States…Thank God!!!

Top priority MUST be given to Criminally Charging ALL those traitors who tried and failed to overthrow the Government…and that’s what this is about…not revenge, not pay back, but attempting to Overturn Our Constitutional Republic…by Treason, Espionage, Sedition, Rioting…you name it …they did it!

Is it legal for a dual citizenship citizen, like George Soros, who pledged his loyalty to our Constitutional Republic, when he took his citizenship oath, to try to control critical state and local elections, like Chicago’s DA Kim Fox and Mayor Lori Lightfoot…that is, if he did as the reports regarding million-dollar campaign contributions, are true? Would a billion-dollar contribution for a Presidential election by a foreigner or a citizen foreigner with double or even triple citizenship, be, okay?

If there isn’t a limit on contributions, create one! Voter ID and limiting political contributions by Federal legislation should be a priority, Mr. President!

Where do we draw the line? Should any one person be allowed to control elections? Has any person, in our nation’s history, done that…just curious?

Would we allow Vladimir Putin to contribute one million dollars to a candidate for the New York State election for Attorney General?


  1. You absolutely must, IMMEDIATELY, take steps to reorganize the entire DOJ, like I strongly recommended after your 1st election, before doing anything else and starting with the Attorney General. IT MUST be someone like Joe diGenova and/or his wife, Victoria Toensing, or both.  You must remove every single Attorney in DOJ …ALL 300 or 400 of them! Without a DOJ led by leaders who believe in your America first and our Rule of Law (as you found out) …. you can’t do anything!!! Starting with the Eric Holder’s Civil Rights Division…fire every f—ing one. They are all Eric Holder trained, fed, brainwashed, and NONE can ever be trusted to honor their OATHS… to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution, AND if they say that’s not true, then ask why they haven’t done so!? Half have been cited by Federal Judges for lying, perjury, altering evidence and more.

Get in touch with former DOJ Attorney Christian Adams, hire him and ask him to help identify those Attorneys who should be retained!

  1. The FBI must be completely changed. There are fundamental changes that must be made…BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS… regarding mission, roles, duty, oath of office to enforce the law and not create law or break the law …and much more! The FBI must take back the criminal investigative responsibilities that made the FBI the best crime fighting agency in the world. Along with that, will come better trained and more impartial Agents! We must have an active preventative mission and role against Domestic Terrorism. The kind of ANTIFA and BLM terrorism we saw in Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis …Democrap cities and states…where local “elected leaders” allowed riots to go unchallenged. That is unconscionable and criminal, and there should have been leaders charged with Criminal Negligence!  There were NO White Supremacist lootings and burnings either!

If money continues to buy elections for incompetent DAs, Mayors, Police Chiefs and oh…almost forgot…and the likes of Joe Obiden… there will be no Rule of Law.

J Gary DiLaura