You will lose every right you have, not just the 2nd, “the Right to keep and bear arms” and not just the 4th, “the Right against illegal Search and Seizure”…ALL OF THEM!

If you think I’m full of crap…consider this…just ONE of the illegal Bills in the 6 Trillion dollar “Build Back Better BS” Bills, that the Democraps want, are sections that give the IRS access to your bank accounts (financial information) if you spend over $600.00 at one time, WITHOUT A SEARCH WARRANT!

First of all, they lied about how much spending there is in these bills. They are telling us it’s “only” 1.5 Trillion…like HELL!! If you add up all the spending, the useless unconscionable, illegal spending…the “3” Bills add up to over 6 Trillion dollars…and that WILL bankrupt America!

In my opinion, that is Obama’s plan…the Cloward-Piven Plan of 8 steps to Socialism and the destruction of America, all coming to fruition through Obiden!

No wonder Pelosi is still saying, “Just sign them now and read them later”?

One of the many hidden parts of these bills is an increase in power and size to the Internal Revenue Service of historic proportions. It provides funding to hire 60,000 additional IRS Agents to expand their powers to control your bank accounts. It provides the IRS with 80 BILLION MORE DOLLARS, to do what?…to take away the 4th Amendment…that’s correct. If signed, these money Bills will bankrupt America and give Obama his Socialist, Islamic Nation!

When I was a young FBI Agent and worked with the IRS on a case, I mistakenly thought that …“the IRS can obtain bank records, without search warrants”…WRONG…! The 4th Amendment applies to the IRS, as well as, all the other law enforcement agencies…no exceptions…unless they pass this unconstitutional Bill!!

Under your Rule of Law, you are guaranteed, amongst other rights… equal rights including Due Process and Freedom from illegal Search and Seizure!


Just in case you don’t think that is a BIG DEAL…I will try to explain to the uninformed how dangerous this is…rights denied, removed!

Under your Rule of Law, to obtain a search warrant for your bank account, a sworn affidavit and application, MUST state the CRIME you are believed to have committed AND substantial, verifiable, Probable Cause (PC) that you did indeed commit that crime. Just stating, “My informant said…” is not enough. That informant must be “qualified” by showing he has been reliable in the past, without revealing his identity…not easy to do!  There must be pen registers, surveillance evidence, forensic evidence, direct evidence not 2nd or 3rd hand… “he told Tom Doe who told Jim who told me”. That’s what they did to a freaking President of this great country. What do you think they could do to you or me? That’s why we have Rights and Rules of Law!

No one can obtain a search warrant to see IF there is some crime you MAY have committed. There can be no “witch hunts”! That’s what Mueller’s commission did to President Trump…they violated his Due Process Rights, his Equal Rights, and went on a witch hunt…which found NO CRIMES. They they impeached him…..for WHAT? What is the CRIME for which Trump was “Impeached”. You can’t name any crime he committed because Mueller said he didn’t after a multi-million dollar investigation? All to see if there was a crime the President committed.

IF you allow your Congressmen and Senators to sign those illegal Bills, two of them totaling some 3.5 Trillion (a lie)…will do away with our Constitution, your Rights, your Constitutional Republic, and America!

What I say about these Bills is not opinion, it is fact! By the way…Equal Rights?  Do you believe for one minute that Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Swallow, or Schitty will allow the IRS to access their bank accounts, without a fight? They will EXEMPT themselves from such scrutiny and “that” folks, is what Communism and Oligarchs are all about! …NO EQUAL RIGHTS AND SOME “SPECIAL BENEFITS” FOR “SPECIAL PEOPLE”!

What is happening…open borders, unabated scum entering our Covid19, mask required, white glove country; pipelines closed; drilling on government property stopped (including the Green River Oil reserve, the largest oil reserve in the entire world); all the supply issues, and on and on… are, in my opinion, being done intentionally with malice aforethought… well planned and financed by specific known groups of money people and Democraps who are guilty of Treason, Conspiracy to Commit Treason, and a plethora of other crimes against America.

In my opinion, those people are all well known…starting with Hussein Obama, “Obiden”, members of their staffs, and those Democraps who run the elections in their states. Not all Democrats are Democraps; it’s those Democrats who DO NOT BELIEVE in our Constitution…that’s your Democraps! You want change …go to Iran. You’ll get your change there…leave my America, its Constitution and Rule of Law… alone!!!

These money people are financing most of these idiot, power-hungry females who are wannabe mayors, local DA’s State AG’s …look for their contributors, and when you recognize that they are radical, left wing, red commie, pinkos… some with dual citizenship with foreign countries like Russia, China, Hungary…you’ll know!  It is up to you to figure out who these candidates are… many are not well spoken…borderline illiterate…different… nor do they understand our Rule of Law and must not be able to read and write because they don’t honor their written and sworn Oaths of Office they currently hold! They refuse to apply the law equally, or at all. They believe they were elected or appointed to be a …God! Starting with… school boards, all local elections, all state Attorneys General, and local District Attorney elections, all congress seats, and of course the Presidential election…VOTE REPUBLICAN…WHEN IN DOUBT ,VOTE REPUBLICAN…OR YOU WILL BE SORRY YOU DIDN’T !

ARE YOU HAPPY THAT YOU VOTED for Biden/Harris? How about Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot or Chicago AG Kim Foxx or Portland Mayor, Police and Housing Commissioner Ted Wheeler or Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey…how about the Mayor of NYC Bill de Blasio, aka big bird, or the Governor of California, Newsom (but not much). He’s  Pelosi’s nephew. Now that’s a pair, Dumb and Dumber!

There’s more who fit that mold…you know…they put cops in jail, release criminals who assault with only a small club or only steal property like smash and grab…nobody got hurt, only the bankrupted owner.

Trump had China paying us 1 Billion a month; he was selling our excess oil to OPEC; he made the southern border the safest it has EVER been; the price of gas was $1.85/gal, and he built our military into the strongest military the world has ever seen!  He made an agreement with Canada and Mexico that was fair to all. Oh yea, he was also the first president to realize Al Gore’s global warming is as phony as Al Gore!

The Paris Accord will cost us hundreds of billions… has no effect on climate change, whatsoever, and Trump pulled us out. He did that because it would have cost the US billions, while Russia and China run their coal-fired carbon manufacturing, dirty power plants with no concerns about climate change and laugh their asses off at the US, for wasting billions!

Remember Gore said that the glaciers would melt by 2015 and NYC would be under water?  He predicted that because the UN IPCC “Model” said so…the same corrupt outfit that claims global warming and carbon are responsi-BULL for EVERYTHING evil. (The IPCC is that outfit that Obiden gets his climate change data from…!?)

You idiots who believe Obiden…you are flushing America and your freedoms down the toilet! For what? For the promise of a free lunch. The only free lunch you will get is …CROW!

Remember you heard that first here by The Right Side!