A new nation emerges, with a new World Order lead by Ayatollah Hussein Obama!



MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE THERE WILL BE AN ATTEMPTED HIGH-TECH COUPE IN 2022…because the evidence is there…read on.

From 2008 to 2016, I thought Obama wanted to create chaos so he could order Martial Law… he built all those prison like holding centers…! He said repeatedly he’ll Fundamentally Change America…apparently, he never read the Constitution…there’s no such Amendment!

Unless you had a recent real estate transaction, you wouldn’t know that most all real estate transactions (like house sales) are all digital, and you don’t get a paper original Deed, Search, Survey, unless you insist! Wonder why there are, suddenly, Title thefts and a push to get Title Theft Insurance…that’s all due to digital and the internet, and the click of a button?

My opinion…insist on ORIGINAL stamped, signed blue ink, paper for your Deed, Search, Title Insurance and Survey! If you don’t have paper copies, get them. Also…keep current paper copies of bank, fiduciary accounts.

WHAT IF THEY DO SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET…with the click of that same button?

Let’s call that step number one…shut down the Internet!

Step number 2, erase all digital data they want gone…digital deeds, bank accounts, social medias, and take ownership of those deeds…now prove your former house and former bank accounts are yours…there’s no records. But don’t worry, they’ll rent it back to you, and give you a job to pay expenses, and good news, the government will forgive ALL debt, but they keep your money!!!

The only bad news is you own NOTHING. You have only those Rights they grant to you, there’s no Constitution, no due process…and no appeals.

That’s exactly how Saudi Arabia operates…Sharia Law.

Step number 3 is very bad…shut down power plants…the grid. Now we are in trouble because we can’t live without electricity. Food, water, heat, respirators, medicines…name it …we need it! Also…many power plants cannot tolerate a shutdown to cold. They will be ruined.

Now these assholes can play God…because you put them in control after they told you they will “Fundamentally Change America”.  You got what you deserve.  If you don’t think they are capable…better pull your head out from where you have had it stuck. The Fundamental Change they promised you…has arrived!!!

Step 4 relates to stocks, bonds, and other digital dollars. I’m not too familiar with stocks and bonds as I like to see/hold what I own…but it will probably take a dump too.

Then they move to quell any uprising, if they have armed support (Military or Police) …they may not. Our Patriates (lead by our Special Forces) will refuse to violate their Oaths!!


If you would just LISTEN to what Joe Biden and Hussein Obama say and then BELIEVE what these two Scoundrels are TELLING YOU about their “fundamental changes” … then ask why …why would a President who swore to PROTECT, PRESERVE and DEFEND AMERICA, the Constitution, you and me …intentionally do the OPPOSITE??!!

In my last two columns (December 12 and November 11, 2021) I tried to explain to you how their actions are anything BUT protecting us!  There is no sense detailing them again…read them yourself.

I have been trying to figure out how these scoundrels could accomplish the almost impossible, with 130 million legally armed citizens? “HOW”? Then I recently received anonymous information about the Internet and its vulnerability…that sections have been shut down by the government as “tests” and BINGO, it all falls in place. This is the ONLY feasible way!

In my opinion, Biden and Obama are working together to destroy our Constitutional Republic. Look at all the Laws they are VIOLATING! By violating our Naturalization and Immigration Laws and allowing unabated, mass invasion of aliens through open borders (over 2,000,000 so far this year)…Think about this…those people are NOT tested for anything, are not vaccinated, not vetted, not quarantined, they include the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we don’t have any idea which is which…all while WE are slapped with mandatory shots, confinement, masks, ID to buy a 6 pack of beer…to protect us?

To protect us… this is what President Trump did, he enforced the LAWS…he prohibited those who want to harm us from entering, and when challenged by those who are our current leaders, President Trump took his actions to the Supreme Court and won. He then continued to enforce the Immigration and Naturalization laws, put up the wall, and allowed Customs, Border Patrol, ICE, and Homeland Security to do their jobs instead of overwhelming them with baby sitting and chasing criminals through a very dangerous environment!

If you still believe that Obiden and Obama ARE protecting us and increasing safety in our homes and streets, by violating our Rule of Law, by those open borders, by closing power plants to stop “Global Warming” …please stop reading this…really. Go pick up a comic book; Marvel has many you can learn from, just wait…and see, maybe I’m wrong. When leaders turn on their people that they are sworn to protect …there must come a time when you recognize what they are really doing… “These don’t look like showers” …or you will have the same fate of those who failed to recognize the “showers” in the 1940s in Germany!

Patriotic leaders do not stop nor reduce the production and supply of commodities that all their citizens depend upon to live… like food, like refined petroleum products, natural gas, like the ½ million acres in Wyoming and 3 trillion barrels of oil in the Colorado Green River WITHOUT viable/reliable replacement fuel for power…all for NO GOOD REASON! Neither Global Warming nor Climate Change are viable reasons…you must stop believing that nonsense “Those are showers” …it’s simply NOT true!

First – contrary to what you have been told, there is no scientific proof that global warming or cooling is happening as a trend… there’s no difference to what Planet Earth has been doing for 4.5 billion years…no difference than all the planets in our Universe!  There is proof that both happen irregularly but trying to compare 50 years of temp swings to 4.5 billion years is as insignificant as peeing in the oceans.

There is temperature change …every freaking day…on that we all agree …HOWEVER, DINGDONGS, there is nothing man can do to slow down the Earth on its axis or its speed around the sun or warm or cool Planet Earth! That’s a fact!

The fact is in 2015, NASA reported on a study in Antarctica and found from core samples that the Antarctic Ice Land Mass is colder, thicker, and larger than 10,000 years ago! You never heard that did you…google it? You probably heard that the Arctic Ice Cap lost 1 million square miles of ice over a 10-year period and the polar bears are all dying. But I’ll bet you never heard that the million miles lost over those 10 years was regained in “1 year from 2011 to 2012”! I’ll bet you never heard that a study on polar bears by the Weather Channel founder, John Coleman, proved that from the first record of polar bear counting to 2018, by officials in polar bear states, their population is higher than ever!

Making Planet Earth’s temperature America’s biggest problem is a “the sky is falling” fantasy and a distraction from the real problem…and that is “them”, Biden, Obama and Obama’s former staff and what they are doing to this country…killing your Constitution and Rights…using every scare tactic they can think up!!!

Second – climate changes have been evolving on planet Earth for 4.5 billion years…a fact! The only thing we can do to change some of the climate changes that God has in store for us, is to “pray”! Then do like Obiden and Obama do…claim OPEC did it or the truckers did it, or… I know…blame, Trump or better yet just make it up!

One more thing…NASA and numerous other US government agencies have found that the data from the UN IPCC, the left’s only data source…the same source that Al Gore; his Gore-ites, the glacier melt down of 2015 that didn’t happen, as well as all the phony info they put out was based upon phony info from…that same UN IPCC. The IPCC is the source Obama, Obiden and all the left experts rely on for climate change data.

As far as, “Trump did it”, all right… he increased oil production, resupplied our emergency oil reserve, started the Keystone 900,000 barrels a day, he increased the Bakken to 1 million barrels per day, opened the government owned Green River Reserves and expanded exploration where there is oil and sold what he wanted to the Arabs! He also, in his spare time, made China pay us 1 billion dollars a month, he increased natural gas electric power and slammed the door shut on illegal alien invaders, drug and people smugglers…all to PROTECT us, and it ALL worked!!

Nothing…and I mean nothing Obiden or Obama did helped America …not a Damn thing …everything they did, and are doing, is to make your country a Socialist Nation…an Islamic Nation!!!


Obama drained your emergency oil reserves down to nothing! Trump restored your emergency reserves …in case of an emergency. Obiden is reducing them, again and again …to help us? How does having no emergency oil reserve help us? It certainly helps our enemies…a helpless America!  Obiden/Obama want to be certain we do not have emergency reserves when they make their move! Hey Congress, where’s your “Checks and Balances”? Why is Biden draining our oil reserves…find out for Christ’s Sakes!! He said it reduces the gas price…yeah, by $.17 per gallon. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have 50 million barrels in reserve?

Obama and Obiden promoted The Defund the Police, the release of prisoners, allow riots, looting, pigs in the parks, chaos!

Trump …the EXACT opposite!

You do not put weak sisters in leadership positions, unless you want to rule instead of lead …positions that require quick thinking, mental and physical strength. Name just ONE of Obidens’ staff that you would follow “into battle”! How about General Milley or John Kerry, or Sec of State Blinken, how about the Transportation Secretary Buttigieg (my favorite), Attorney General Garland, Homeland Security Mayorkas (a real leader of his men and a real first man though the door…after it’s all over). How about the Secretary of Stupid, Jennifer Granholm, the one who has no idea why gas prices skyrocketed, after Biden stopped production, supply, and exploration?!

Trump built the strongest Military the world has ever known…Obiden and Obama are destroying the strongest Military the world has ever known!

Do you really believe Obidens’ Build Back Better Bill that INCREASES the size and power of the IRS …is to protect you? If you do…you must believe chickens have lips…morons, I swear!

From the State Department official 2019 report on terrorism… “Country Reports on Terrorism 2019, is submitted in compliance with Title 22 of the United States Code, Section 2656f (the “Act”), which requires the Department of State to provide to Congress a full and complete annual report on terrorism for those countries and groups meeting the criteria of the Act”.

“The Iranian regime and its proxies continued to plot and commit terrorist attacks on a global scale.  In the past, Tehran has spent as much as $700 million per year to support terrorist groups, including Hezbollah and Hamas…”. What Freaking President would read that report and then give Freaking Iran, hundreds of Billions in CASH and the Taliban $85 Billion in munitions?

There are TWO, Hussein Obama and Joe Obiden…that’s who…isn’t that Aiding and Abetting our Enemy, who wants to kill you?? C’man! How did that help protect America…just wondering?

The President of the United States’ number 1 job is to PROTECT THE PEOPLE…THAT’S YOU AND ME…well…what the hell are Obiden and his boss, Obama, doing? They are systematically DESTROYING AMERICA. For two Presidents to do that is Conspiracy to Commit Treason and Treason!

I know what you’re thinking…oh, my God! Can they do that…yes…they have…with a click! How do we stop it…?

After dealing with criminals for several decades as an agent…when we wanted to stop a crime …we exposed the plot and placed guards at critical locations. The major internet data center is near WDC! Other data stations are spread out. The Government claimed it has taken steps to prevent an Internet take down…but what if the Government leaders are the criminal??

Biden says some really stupid things BUT he also says some very revealing things. He issued a warning to Republicans using a loud and angry voice, pointing his finger he said, “You Republicans had better watch out in 2022”!

He often says, “They told me not to say that” and “I’m not supposed to take questions”, and many more revealing things.  You’re not stupid…who’s the “they” he mentions but the Media NEVER questions…put them all together!

The Dems know that they are going to lose the House and Senate in 2022! They can’t allow that to happen! They are DESPERATE! Who would have believed that they could drum up 10-15 million votes after they learned they were losing by 11 million votes at midnight of election night! Never underestimate your enemy!

America is fed up with the Dems! So, whatever they do, whatever it is …it will be before November 2022 and it will be BIG, but if we stick together…we can overcome!

Drag the President, his staff before a joint session of the House and Senate and call them out, under oath. Demand that Congress request protection at the critical data stations and headquarters for the Internet, the 3 Grids, Power Plants!

Talk to your relatives in the Military and tell them to stay true to God, Country, and their Oaths to protect us and preserve our Constitution! Talk to all your friends and relatives who are in law enforcement and do the same…obey your Oath!

If we make it to November 2022…tell your Voting Boards, you want equal representation with equal access to observe up close and personal …all elections…equal Republicans and Democrats… no water main breaks. If counting stops, it stops until both parties return with a rep from each party guarding the polling venue, when vacant!!

That’s if we make it to November 2022!