As we have reported many times…85% of your power is produced by fossil fuel …Obiden just announced he will stop all fossil fuel power plants ASAP! I’m not kidding, and that is TREASON with NO denying.

First, we must understand a few things that you don’t need to be a college grad to understand.  Pipelines are the safest way POSSIBLE to transport petroleum and refined petroleum products ANY PLACE!

If you had to get gasoline or natural gas from your front yard to your backyard and had to go through your house…how would you do it…5 gallon cans, small train on rails with tank cars, small tractor hauling containers on wheels, small creek running through your house or a PIPELINE? Don’t tell me “that’s different” because we actually do “that”! You do it safely, hidden, at low expense by pipeline….FACT IS we do it all the freaking time with natural gas and propane, to heat our houses, heat our water, and many more things!

That’s how safe a “pipeline” actually is and intentionally shutting down the lifelines in America for no economic reason, no environmental reason, no safety reason ….for no F____g reason WHAT SO EVER except…for AIDING AND ABETTING our enemies!

Title 18 Section 2385 USC… “Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or

Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so”…

How about bringing into the US from Afghanistan Taliban Fighters…what is that?

Joe Biden, you Dumb Ass, you are being setup by Obama, and you are too stupid to realize HE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!!! He intends to throw you under the bus when the shit hits the fan…because many of your actions are criminal…better hope you are institutionalized when you’re done fucking up America!! That’s my legal advice to you!

The biggest scam this Nation is facing and the most dangerous thing facing us, is the person(s) running it…forcing our Nation on a path to disaster…not China or Russia either…its Hussein  Obama…the most skilled scam artist I have ever seen. He has already convinced people how he’s, “not still Muslim” and only wants to unite our country and make sure all our bellies are full while he is slitting our throat and listening to the most beautiful thing he knows, “the Muslim call to prayer”… JUST what all good Christians do every Friday!!

He closed the Keystone Pipeline, is trying to close more pipelines, stopped all the oil drilling and oil exploration he could stop, then has the balls to tell us he has no control over the price of oil…”OPEC does”, and the IDIOT he made Secretary of Stupid, Jennifer Granholm, laughs about it! He told Obiden to open the borders, and is flooding our nation with mostly undesirable illegal aliens and Afghanistan refuges, whose sanitation habits, rival wild dogs!

In my humble opinion, Obama is doing it!!

You should be able to see that Hussein Obama is the biggest scam, instigator, co-conspirator to Treason, a Traitor himself .You see Obama thinks he has placed himself in an untouchable situation. He tells Obiden to do outrageous, illegal, even treasonous things, and hides in the shadows. Obama figures that just because he gave some suggestions to Joe and Joe was dumb enough to do them …even “jump over Niagara Falls”, or “bail out of Afghanistan and leave them billions in planes and munitions’…we can’t touch him.

If we subpoenaed Obama, he would claim “Executive Privilege”… that he can’t divulge his conversations with the “President” even if he is brain dead! However, we can obtain what Obama said to Obiden.

Just use common sense. There is only ONE viable replacement to fossil fuel for power right now and that is nuclear power…there is a ban on nuclear plants in most states…why? Because those states are run by very stupid people…!

How stupid? To those people who believe that electric power is the way to go…if you did the math, electric cars don’t work…they use more “energy” than all the fossil fuel motors and engines that drive the World. Electric cars and service stations and houses with chargers for electric cars will use more electric power than we can produce NOW with fossil fuel. Before the OBIDEN BOMB! Electric cars need charging every 250 miles and WE DON”T  HAVE THE POWER PLANTS NOW TO SUPPLY ALL THE ELECTRIC POWER IT WOULD TAKE…the blind leading the stupid…I swear!!

Also, to all you green ass dummies…there is not enough Lithium in the world to replace the fossil fueled planes, trains and automobiles AND for you geniuses, guess where most of the world’s Lithium is…this is GREAT…AFGHANISTAN!!! That is stupidity refined to a golden luster…who now owns Afghanistan…CHINA (oh yes it is, it’s theirs for the taking)…Obidens money partner…no Treason there, just more piles of pure STUPID? …Hardly!

Unless stopped, this tag team of Obama and Obiden, will destroy America by using climate change/global warming, and Covid 19 which they have evolved into a weapon …the sky is falling, Chicken Little…we have to save the world and stop all carbon emissions. Well if you did that… all life on Earth would cease to exist! But the team Obiden/Obama don’t care about anything other than creating chaos and doing a takeover…you need to contact your Democrat Congressman and Senators and tell them to WAKE UP.

These spending bills and Executive Orders are Treason and will destroy us and you will not have a job as Congressman or Senator! There will be no more America for you to steal from!

Obiden/Obama are stopping all the oil drilling they can, so we not only… don’t have enough oil to export/sell to OPEC …but we have to BUY from OPEC. Open your eyes, what happened in the past 6 months that could possibly cause that besides the EXEC Orders Obiden gave to STOP DRILLING and STOP piping oil and stop exploration…WAKE UP, CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND SENATORS.

People you keep falling for their B S…there is no global warming or cooling that humans can do anything about! Yet you fall for, “Climate Change is our number one threat”…like hell it is…the leaders of the White House and Congress are the biggest threat to the US!

They stop the retailer from producing gasoline and then say they have no control over the gas prices…you need that Trump magic wand, the Secretary of Stupid, said!

Jennifer, call Donald, he’ll lend you his magic wand!!!

They stop the supply line with outrageous unloading fees, from $6,000 to $30,000 per container, they deny private truckers access to the ports unless they join the Union, buy new trucks and new trailers. They offer people $1000 per week to stay home and claim nobody wants to work! They open our borders to all the scum in the world who want to come here…and then have the BALLS to claim…IT’S OPEC, IT’S THE TRUCKERS, IT’S THE OIL COMPANIES, BUT THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OUTRAGEOUS COST INCREASES WE ARE SEEING!

Just like I warned you last May about what was going on in the schools.  Fix your mistakes…you who elected this disaster…call your Democrat Representatives and tell them to STOP IT unless you want $10/gallon gas, $1,000.00 electric bills (when and if you have electric), and can’t find toilet paper, milk, bread, meat, etc.

If you don’t act …it’s coming!