When Obiden Press Secretary opens her mouth, the outright lies begin. What is really upsetting is that her deceit is so outrageous it borders on criminal…criminal in that it is urging drug cartels, poverty stricken immigrants, and desperate parents to drop off their unaccompanied children, at the doorstep of rape, murder and crimes against children that are indescribable! It’s upsetting because of the enormous additional risks our Border Lawmen and Women are now facing on that Southern Border.  Just ask the folks who live and work near that Border if they feel safer now that illegals are pouring across…again!

That folks is a crime in and of itself. The worst part of Psaki’s deceit is that these poor immigrants actually believe her Bull Shit. She spews the poison that Joe Obiden and his staff of lunatics, tell her to spew… “He was handed a mess at the border”…think about how outrageous that very statement is.

Do any of you really believe that BS…of course not?! Then tell her…write the press, MSM, and demand that she tell the truth when on that soapbox of hers!!

For your info, Ms. Psaki, President Trump, handed you and Obiden the most secure southern border EVER! That’s according to the former heads of the agencies that worked that border for decades, from the Border Patrol Agents I worked with who are still in contact with their “brothers in harm’s way” on that border. Emails I receive regularly, from Border Patrol Agents, former and current, all say the same thing…Obiden and his staff of LUNATICS are intentionally destroying the security, calm, common sense that former President Trump brought to the Southern Border with technology, equipment, manpower and, yes…with secure and working Border Barriers!

In my opinion, Obiden, at the direction of his boss Obama, is doing his Treasonous best to destroy our Rule of Law and Constitutional Republic… to weaken us, the US, enough for socialism, in the form of Islam, to take over with a new Ruler, the Ayatollah Obama!

Ms. Psaki …when I worked as an FBI Agent…I worked with the Border Patrol on our Northern Border, socialized and even shot on Border Patrol pistol teams for years (we won the Canadian National Police Championship in the mid 1980’s), and we often spoke about the dangerous Southern Border. Most all of the Border Patrol Agents I spoke to had been shot at many times on the Southern Border from California to Florida. To put things in perspective, most FBI Agents had never been shot at. That is because of the nature of the work…proactive versus reactive.

Being a Border Patrol Agent on the Texas Border was once called the most dangerous job in the country by many news medias.

President Trump changed all that and Ms. Psaki you know that…don’t you? If you don’t you are deaf, blind, and dumb (both meanings).

That being true, Ms. Psaki, you are intentionally misleading, not just the people you swore to protect, but unsuspecting, poor immigrants, who are risking their lives to rush to their deaths and the deaths of their children…all your fault!  All because your boss, Obiden, tells you to lie and is too feeble to speak for himself.


People like you are expected to be honest, ethical, moral…but you are NOT!


No Boss… nobody could make any of the Agents… FBI, Border Patrol and others…I worked with… follow an illegal order.

Lying to all, like you do every day, is despicable and someday, the good Lord will make you pay for the hurt you have caused and continue to cause, to both immigrant families and the law men who relied on that Border Wall…the Wall you claim doesn’t work but every single Border Agent, every single one I’ve spoken to since the walls were built said/say the walls and natural barriers all work and save lives on BOTH sides of the Walls!!