The differences between the two philosophies are as different as right and wrong, hot and cold, night and day, free enterprise and socialism…the problem, though, is that Democraps will lie, cheat and steal, to hide their true beliefs while Democrats are as proud of their beliefs as Republicans are and BOTH Democrats and Republicans believe in our Constitutional Republic …our Rule of Law…most importantly, our Constitution!

Democraps will argue that the number one threat to our society and the world is Global Warming caused by MAN… “Run Chicken Little the sky is falling”.

You disagree? Well what were you believing, in the early 2000’s, when Al Gore said that the Glaciers will be gone, melted by 2015, if we don’t stop Global Warming? What did you believe when the Queen of Stupid, AOC, said the world will end in 12 years if we don’t do something about Global Warming?

All without any evidence that there is “Global Warning”!

Facing a “global Pandemic” intentionally caused by China, is not our number 1 threat?…per our “new” president Joe Obiden…who is really a Howdy Doodie puppet on Hussein’s strings just like Hussein Obama is George Soros’ puppet on a string.

That’s correct, we are being led into destruction by lunatics on a string… into an energy crisis, (gas is up $1 per gallon since Obiden took over …8 weeks ago)…the Texas Grid collapsed when the Sun, Wind, and temperature conspired to stop making electric power…those bastards…how dare they? All while,  the “criminal of life”…fossil fuel, you know, the faithful and reliable fuel source that man has faithfully depended upon since man first appeared on Earth, thousands of years ago…without a failure, is just watching!

First there was just wood, then oil then gas and coal. All of which the good Lord bestowed upon us, for inexpensive heat, electric power, and to cook…everything.

You… yes you…just don’t get it! These Democraps are NOT doing these dumb ass things to help anybody but themselves. They want to rule and not lead. Don’t you get it?

Take Obama (please do) and just ask yourself why in the world did he do all he could to intentionally try to bankrupt America? The answer is in your face….Islam…that’s why… and he is still trying, through Obiden, to get his way …to Rule a Muslim America. ..and you idiots who voted Democrat didn’t vote Democrat…you voted Democrap…because that was what you believed… all those lies and bullshit you heard from CNN, ABC, NBC, CNS, the Post (Washington and NY) – just MSM fake news. You swallowed it hook line and sinker. And when you realized that Trump was correct, they did lie, cheat and steal the Presidential election and Senate, what did you do about it? Nothing…not a God Damn thing…well, buckle up Dorothy because what you are seeing is a mass movement, by Democraps, to crash, bankrupt, ruin your economy, and …oh yes….take away your guns, so you can’t do a thing about it.

AND if you don’t believe me just name one benefit to the USA and Canada to closing the Keystone pipeline. Name ONE!!!

It’s the best way in the world to inexpensively and safely move petroleum products. How does moving product by rail, diesel trains, or road, diesel trucks help the Environment?

How does crashing the Texas power grid in severe weather benefit the citizens of the USA?

You had better start singing out to your “elected” criminals to change their ways or you are going to change… “them”…and it’s almost too damn late!

They are giving convicted murderers, like the Boston Bomber, who is on death row, your money as part of the COVID Bill?!

They are on a drunken spending spree to bankrupt America…and you are not going to like what is about to happen to your way of living…mark my words!

You had better start telling your Senators and Congressmen STOP…STOP…RIGHT NOW, STOP your insane, lunatic spending and insane new laws!