Google, “SHADOW GOVERNMENT” and you will say…OMG…”The Right Side is Right on the money”!

If you had to make a guess, who would you pick… an unelected, previous President Obama, who said himself that he is a Muslim and who spent his administration’s, 8 full years, trying to overload and crash your economy, or President Obiden, who can’t climb aboard Air Force One without falling…will we need an escalator for AF 1?

Some helpful hints…Obama said he would run his 3rd Administration from his basement and Obiden can’t remember where his basement is or who is running his Military. Obama couldn’t produce a birth certificate and Obiden can’t remember what that is. If Iran attacked the US, Obama would defer to John Kerry who has relatives there, to find out, what’s going on…Obiden would call Chi and thank him for the gift he just sent Hunter but ask him to disarm the next one, before delivery…thinking China was Iran!

The chaos, these two clowns (that’s what Obiden called President Trump) is just getting started…and it is nothing compared to what will happen if things get really serious, again, with North Korea, Iran or China.

Obama is beginning to show his hand by making releases/statements regarding his opinion on every horrendous event and relates it to “Domestic Unrest”.  A “terrorist attack by Muslims”, will never be used, but have no doubt what it is, “A terrorist attack by a Muslim”! Obama will call for more gun control every opportunity he and his puppet Obiden will say, “Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full”! I predict Obama will get embolden as time goes on, and Joe the joke, gets weaker and weaker …when Joe can no longer climb on board AF1, Obama will make his first overt move …towards “takeover”, my opinion.

President Trump held onto a hand rail to walk down a set of stairs after being cautioned it be may be slippery and the MSM chided him for being weak, senile, old. Obiden all but falls down the stairs on Air Force One, not once or twice but three times and the Main Stream Media…NOT ONE WORD! Is that a disservice to America…a President who obviously cannot, should not be President and the MSM hasn’t noticed…or do they believe as I do and feel a senile, inept, Obiden is better than a Harris using her entire brain all at once with her ridiculous “cover-up laugh”?! Can you imagine, if that were President Trump?

You diehards who are responsible for putting this duo, Obama/Obiden, in charge should be ashamed of what you did. They, Obama/Obiden, took a very successful economy, a very secure country with, for the first time ever, complete energy independence and within 6 weeks destroyed all that. It would take a real pro at destroying successful security, economies and energy to do something like that. Can any of you name one? C’mon man, just think…who believed that overloading a free enterprise economy with social subsistence programs is the way to bankrupt that economy and turn capitalism into socialism?

I’ll give you another clue…many books and columns have been written about two Professors at Columbia including writers Michael Reisch and Janice Andrews who wrote that Cloward and Piven “proposed to create a crisis in the current welfare system – by exploiting the gap between welfare law and practice – that would ultimately bring about its collapse and replace it with a system of guaranteed annual income”.

Overload the social subsistence system and collapse the economy and then the government, Ruled by Ayatollah Obama, will rush in and solve it! At least that’s what Obama thinks…got to hand it to him…he’s still trying to make this country an Islamic, socialist nation! Cloward and Piven were two of his favorite professors at Columbia. Some would say Obama came close… but there were too many armed Americans for a Socialist take-over by Obama, about 130,000,000, so look out for much more gun legislation and it will be tied to events that happened where Obama/Obiden will say no more Assault Rifles….Obiden can’t spell assault, has no idea what that means, go ahead and ask him to describe an assault weapon, MSM, I dare you! He won’t answer..

To all my readers, everything Obiden does will be directed toward that goal… spend every dime they possibly can…trillions and trillions, just spend… butterfly studies …how fast do snails move, how high is high…spend, spend, spend, destroy America…do away with our Constitutional Republic and start a new order…called Socialism, at first…Islam later…where government owns businesses which employ everyone with a guaranteed wage. Welfare and medical care will be for those the Rulers decide should have it. No more equal rights for all. Your Rights will only be those rights “they” allow you to have. AND if you think I’m kidding or full of it…pull your heads out of that dark place you have them stuck so at least your ears pop free. What can we do?

CHANGE Congress and do it in the next election. Get back the House and Senate. Tell your Senators who want to retire, to time it so a Republican will be appointed by their Governor to take their place.

We are headed toward disaster…unless the lunatics are stopped.

What about the Constitution…you know “Checks and Balances”…well genius , consider this…Congress passed a Law to build a wall on our Southern Border and passed bills to finance the projects and caused contracts to be let ,signed and construction began. It began because  “Acts of Congress”  were signed into Law…correct? Congress holds our government’s purse strings, correct? AND most important …the walls worked and worked extremely well. I have spoken to/been emailed by many Border Agents and IT WORKS, one would have to be stupid to say “ it don’t work”!

But Obama/Obiden, by Executive Orders stopped all that…but they can’t do that! That’s Un-Constitutional!

You are CORRECT…but they did it anyways! You should be outraged…but you are not… or you would be doing what I am going and that is writing/talking about it ,telling everybody, calling MSM, do something…anything,“You know you made a mistake if you voted for this idiot”.

They didn’t stop there…Obama/Obiden stopped another project that is a signed /working, successful, a  deal between two Countries ,US and Canada, signed contracts with billions of US dollars committed …the Keystone Oil Pipeline. That’s the safest, cheapest, simply put BEST way to transport petroleum products…bar none. I’m an Engineer with Chemical/ Environment background and I’m telling you 2 plus 2 is 4 and a pipeline is the BEST way to transport petroleum products …period. Obama/Obiden stopped the whole thing by another exec order overruling Congress!

Just name one, just one benefit to the US or Canada or the environment for stopping that project. There is /are NONE. It’s a win/win situation for everyone EXCEPT Warren Buffet! He owns the Rail Road that is the alternative…diesel trains hauling billions of barrel by train across thousands of miles to Refineries in New Orleans! Buffet makes 2 billion doing that and donated, through many sources, hundreds of millions to the Democraps including Obiden!

“Money talks and Bull Shit walks”…that’s the Obama/Obiden platform for the New Democrap Party…