Nothing! That’s what we did wrong …absolutely nothing. We did all we could do… to keep the best President this nation has had since Abe Lincoln!

In my opinion, we probably shouldn’t try to compare a modern day President to our founding fathers… like George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson, or Abe Lincoln. Their problems were almost impossible to imagine. Many Presidents since then have been under fire. However, none have ever been treated worse than President Trump by a well-coordinated, corrupt press, rebels in his own party, as well as elected and appointed treacherous bastards, like a senile old lady and an equally senile former Vice President!

No President, ever, was denied due process, (not allowed to cross examine witnesses before him) and then “impeached” with no evidence of anything…let alone a crime. Because…there were no witnesses and there were no crimes.

Never was there any person ever impeached because a senile, old lady, had the majority and who happened to be the Speaker of the House. She threw her oath of office out the window… for a personal vendetta against a President… and was backed by liars, thieves, and cheats who never had the evidence of anything they pretended to have. Instead, they had only anonymous untruths.

We are, of course, talking about our former President, Donald Trump…who made us energy independent in 1 and ½ years.

Biden just reversed that by the Treasonous act of closing the Keystone pipeline! If that is not a political act to embolden and aid our enemy, then what the hell is the benefit to the US by closing that pipeline?!

Now, another unconstitutional proceeding …an Impeachment of a CITIZEN who used to be President. That is NOT possible! Where in the Constitution does it say the Senate can impeach and bring to trial… a former elected official…WHERE?

The definition of “Impeachment” is … “a process by which a legislative body addresses legal charges against a government official”…nowhere does it include “former” government officials.

The Secret word here is “government official”…Donald Trump stopped being a “government official” when the Joe Biden took the oath.

The time to impeach Donald Trump has expired… just like the Statute of Limitation expired to indict Crapper for lying under oath to Congress, as he conveniently admitted, less than a week after that stature expired!

When trusted appointed government officials, like Comey, McCabe or Strzok or Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, Rosenstein, Orr…Yates, several FISA court Judges, a Vice President Joe Biden… lie, cheat, steal, and violate their oaths of office…what can WE do?

When people with the wealth of a George Soros or Gates or power of the press and internet, like Google, Twitter, or Facebook stop us from the freedom of speech we used to enjoy…what can we do?

It’s DOJ’s job to deal with crimes against this Nation, and they failed miserably!

It’s almost like …We The People… need to pool our resources and buy a media that they cannot silence.

In my opinion…there are two things for sure we need and they are… VOTER ID CARDS and a way to vote by inserting the high tech, voter ID Cards, with a photo, chip and fingerprint… into a voting machine, made in the USA, and not by any company “Soros”!

The problem we have is this…none of us, including President Trump, realized how corrupt the swamp really is. How could Democrap Governors, Mayors and Prosecutors allow violence to overtake entire cities and do NOTHING? How could they watch businesses literally, go up in flames and do nothing and then blame someone who had nothing to do with it, Donald Trump, for their problems?

Nobody could believe that anyone could be that corrupt…but they are and much worse!

President Trump’s mistakes were allowing those guilty of crimes like Treason…  Hillary Clinton and Biden and Brennan and Clapper and Obama… to get away with their crimes. He should have ordered his Attorneys General to seat Grand Jurys to hear the evidence against those people and put them where they belonged…in jail.

Instead he allowed those enemies of this country to embolden themselves to the point that they gained in strength and were able to eventually destroy him through a totally corrupt Impeachment… fabrications, and a very corrupt election. That’s correct…Biden did NOT get 80 million legit votes! Maybe Vice President Pence and Mitch McConnell want to believe the election results were legit…but there is no doubt whatsoever it was corrupt!

Had he fired Sessions when Sessions recused himself and picked somebody other than Barr and Wray, he would have been able to clean out the heart of the problem.  He should have cleaned out the entire DOJ starting with the AG’s staff of “career attorneys” who created the problems that led to the majority of Trump’s problems.

If you read any of the columns I wrote after Trump won…I urged him to clean out the career lawyers Eric Holder cemented in the Civil Rights Section of DOJ…he had many years to create clones of himself… a self-righteous bigot, anti police and white haters. His staff of attorneys were held in contempt more than all the other administrations in history. They were cited for evidence tampering, witness tampering …held in contempt by numerous Federal Judges and even barred from practicing before Federal Districts in 37 states for conduct unbecoming a DOJ Prosecutor!

Why…? Because he sent them on witch hunts to all those Black/white police shootings for 8 years trying to put the cops in jail…not trying to get to the truth.

Trust me — Trump will be President again…4 years?!