People…people …people, please read this to see and understand the “sky is falling” nonsense that we are being fed by the likes of John Kerry, Biden, and other ignorant people who apparently know nothing about science!

The most disingenuous, deceptive, ignorant concept they are perpetrating is that humans can “change” or impact an UNDEFINED climate change.

John Kerry…define “climate change”, you bozo…go ahead …this ought to be good! I wonder what “expert” he will plagiarize…maybe Al Gore!

For 4 billion years, according to all scientists, all common sense and all logic… the Earth has been cooling! The Earth has been cooling from the molten mass it was about 4 billion years ago up to and including present time and a visit to ANY volcano should convince you of all of the above.

Every planet and sun in your Universe is also undergoing “climate change”…what is climate change? It’s when “more is less and less is more”. Does that clear it up for you?

That’s how much scientists know about “climate change” …is it temperature change? If it is, then the weather person you watch to see tomorrow’s weather should announce, “There will be climate change tomorrow”. What temperature defines Global Warming? Better yet, what span of years that your study covered, defines Global Warming? Is it 10 years or maybe 20…50 would be better …wait, 500 years would be much better! However, the way to measure temperature wasn’t invented 500 years ago!

Fact is… the Fahrenheit thermometer wasn’t invented until 1709 by Daniel Fahrenheit! That’s 300  years ago…no reliable way to travel to all the Global spots existed, necessary to measure temperature, nor did the interest exist until maybe the 1970s, and even then how scientific could that have been?

Let’s say, for argument sake… the interest and ability to measure Global Temps started 50 years ago, so any “study” has, at most, a “50 year sample”. Now, compare that to the total time we are scientifically calling “necessary” in order for the 50 year sample to be accurate…the best would be 4 billion years, the age of the Earth. So what percentage of reliability does any evidence have, just relying on the 50 year study that exists?

Divide 50 by 4 BILLION and that’s your reliability percentage…skeptical? Then divide 50 by 500…that’s .1% reliable AT BEST!

That’s your #1 worst enemy today… according to two buffoons, Biden and Kerry, and many more…

OR… is climate change, a change in carbon dioxide, CO2? If it is, please find a scientist, a real PhD practicing scientist, not a mail order weather man who read a book once on dew points…a real scientist, and ask him to show you the indisputable evidence regarding how CO2 directly impacts temperature change or some other “climate change”. He cannot, because there is none…at least none that is reliable. Better yet…ask him for proof that there is global warming.

There is more evidence of global cooling than there is proof of global warming!

I’ve looked at the raw data from Al Gore’s UN IPCC and examined their “scientific studies” on Global Warming…Here’s some of what they did…by the way, the UN IPCC is the expert source all tree-hugger, non-scientist, global warming promoters quote!

The UN IPCC doles out the billions (4 billion), we taxpayers give them, to colleges with unemployed scientists who are starving for grant money to survive… the IPCC requires them to sign an agreement to “prove” there is Global Warming rather than “investigate” if there is Global Warming…many have come forward! They were, until caught with the mouse in their mouths, measuring temperatures on college campuses across the US…that’s good…by unsupervised, nose picking, untrained, freshman…that’s bad… on blacktop…that’s real bad…on the ground…ouch…then reduced the temperatures by a “correction” factor because the over 100F temperatures on 85F days , were not reasonable! That’s the truth!

All the temperatures the IPCC used in their early “studies” were taken IN the United States and then called Global!

Don’t forget the small flaws we pointed out in the reliability of some “studies”…untrained personnel, corrupted evidence, a bias to personal gains, a predetermined agenda, inadequate sample (no means or methods even 100 years ago).

Planets disappear before scientist’s eyes and planets APPEAR where they were not before…that’s climate change!

In my humble opinion, our climate is determined by things we have no control over…the SUN, Earth’s orbit, Earth’s rate of spin, all Nature’s way of tossing us around…get it…around?

My trade is Engineering, before becoming an “investigator”, Special Agent for the FBI.

My science background is Material Science…I am a Metallurgist. I initiated the FBI’s Environmental crimes Program for the Western District of NY in the 1970’s…all 17 counties, and attended every EPA School offered, and taught Search Warrants to every class I attended as a result of my experience in the rock ‘em/sock ‘em Bank Robbery and Armed Truck Hijacking/Hostage, Violent Crimes program… which I returned to after establishing and training others in the Environmental Crimes program.

I am not an expert in Climate Change nor Global warming …partly because nobody is!

But I will put my knowledge and investigative ability next to anyone…remember I not only talked the talk about pollution and Environmental Crimes but I walked the walk…executing MANY search warrants, even one on a DOD nuclear site!

Can smog from a city have a temporary effect on the air quality in that city…certainly…will that smog cause climate change? Think about this…you Environmentalists…how many coal power plants does China have, answer 5,000 and plans for 2,500 more. How many do we have? The answer is 15!

What would happen if we STOPPED all CO2 emissions?

That I do know the answer, plant life needs 200 ppm of CO2 to survive, and 2000 ppm to flourish. We vary around 400 to 600 ppm CO2 in most cities.

Less than 200 ppm and your trees will die and so will you! You don’t hear that from the left do you?

Certainly, there is not one “honest person”, in this country, who would claim that such a totally ridiculous concept of control over Nature, is possible and should be the US’s #1 priority…except Joe Biden, John Kerry, Al Gore and their minions!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! The Right Side