First and foremost I want you all to understand that the trouble makers were NOT Trump supporters. They were a part of the major conspiracy that our current President (Trump) was trying to explain to the thousands of supporters who attended the rally. They were mostly ANTIFA…and anyone who says otherwise will also tell you, “sure and chickens have lips”!

In my opinion a well-organized and funded, by the left wing,  “group” that Obama and George Soros sponsor is most likely behind it all. How did firebombs, bats (a trade mark of ANTIFA ) show up…when have you ever seen a group of Trump, senior Citizens … cause a riot?

White House sources are reporting that ANTIFA members have been identified by face recognition software…what a surprise?!

What the President said was right on the money. The evidence of fraud is overwhelming…but here is where the President went wrong…

His 4 choices for 3 critical positions were horrendous and proved fatal! They were Jeff Sessions for the first AG, William Barr for the second AG, Chris Wray for FBI Director and Pence for VP. I spoke out several times against all except Barr. When Barr didn’t get off his ass to go after the corrupt DOJ Officials who were responsible for the Carter Page FISA warrants, I knew there was a problem with Barr and I started calling for the President to replace Barr…all he did was to pass the buck to Durham and wait…well we’re still waiting.

On Sessions, Wray and Pence I wrote, “Don’t do it”… Barr, I never heard of.

Why didn’t FBI Director Wray open investigations on the apparent fraud we all viewed on video of the Vote Counting Facilities after the Republican Observers were sent home? The FBI has jurisdiction of over voter fraud in Presidential Elections. Where the hell was Wray? And don’t pull that James Comey Bull Shit, “We need a complaint”…because you do NOT. I opened plenty of cases on my own!

When we saw NOTHING happening, I wrote for the President to order Barr to get a Grand Jury working, and if he refuses, FIRE him… and the same with Wray.

Ask those late night vote counters, “who told you to pull out and count those suitcases full of votes, whose name was on them, where did they come from, why were they hidden until the observers left, what did you do with them, who took them away…” and on and on…that’s why we Americans are so pissed off.

I warned the President in my columns, MANY times, to confiscate those Dominion Voting machines after the votes were counted, and have the machines forensically examined by the FBI. Get former employees from the software companies to help…we all saw how the votes were changed, without notice, in demonstrations in 2016 and again in 2020. Why didn’t Trump act after 2016?  He said that he “told them not to use those machines”…well where was the Executive Order?  Where was the FBI investigation?

This election was in fact stolen. That’s why Biden was not worried and just sat home and let the press run his campaign… makes me wonder, how about you?    What did he know that we didn’t?

Why did the President have Rudy Giuliani doing an investigation when it was Barr and Wray’s responsibility to do it and sit a Grand Jury. Rudy doesn’t have subpoena power, but Barr sure did?!

Mark my words…someone WILL come forward…even more so than already have…and it will blow the top off all of this. And don’t be surprised that the Chinese, Covid, Soros, Obama are all very involved.

Well Mr. President here’s your last chance…by two Executive Orders, order Special Prosecutors to investigate the election, with all the powers of a Federal Prosecutor, and do the same for Hunter Biden.

Do it now and get it rolling… for the next freaking 4 years! Let Biden shut down your ordered investigation against his son like he did in the Ukraine…give him the rope…

What Comes Around Goes Around!