I Have Something to Say!

Absentee, Mail In Voting…versus… Free-For-All Open Mail In Voting. Donna Brazile… who cares what she has to say?   Presidential debates …safer than Joe’s basement.

First-Mail In Votes…hell no!

In my opinion, President Trump should issue an Executive Order allowing those individuals who have previously voted by mail, utilizing the Absentee Voting protocols and previously accepted State protocols for identification, to vote as they did in 2016. They must apply again for the absentee ballot as well. But order that all who want to vote now by mail, MUST follow Absentee Protocols and request the application, following all Identification requirements.

The President should prohibit any new mail in protocols or lack thereof, just because of China-19. Our National election is at stake! Why should a Democrat governor ,from any State be allowed to disregard the Absentee Protocols, make new Rules and Procedures while the rest of us must prove who we are by some method?

To allow any governor to change the Rules without a thorough review, for voter identification, at the last minute, 6 months before a Presidential election, must not be allowed. It is a violation of the equal Rights Amendment …the 14th Amendment. You cannot make some Citizens follow strict, established rules and then, at the last minute, when it looks like one party may lose, just change the rules to allow cheating. That’s a Violation of the 14th, Equal Rights Amendment. All Citizens must be treated equally! That’s the law, follow it!

The President must enforce that law and not allow any cowboy, mail in voting if he believes that evil forces are at work…as they are!

All voters must follow previously, accepted procedures. Do not allow any mail in votes to be counted unless Absentee Regulations and or the protocols from the last Presidential election are followed.

Let them go to the 9th circus and get a court order, in the meantime you get one and in about a year the Supreme Court will issue an opinion! Better yet, get a friendly Judge to do a preview before the Executive Order and issue an Order that it be followed!


Donna Brazile…who cares what she has to say? Well to be honest… I do…sort of!

I for one, am sick and tired of turning on FOX and seeing Donna Brazile being asked questions about this Presidential election and then slamming the President about being worried and Chris Wallace asking the President’s Election Committee if Trump will cheat by using Foreign governments for help …the way Hillary did… you know,  with the Steele Dossier. I have never heard Donna being confronted for what she admitted she did in the last election. She gave Hillary, the audience’s questions BEFORE the Town Hall type “debate” on CNN, between Donald Trump and Clinton.

I would like to hear her asked…”Donna, why did you do it? Were you paid? If so .how much? Who exactly asked you …or did you volunteer to do it? Did CNN know you were going to cheat? Who at CNN knew? What else did you do, in your failed attempt, to help her be elected?”

I am certain, many of my readers would be interested, as would they be able to think up more questions. So how about it Wallace…ask her in a CNN special about the “Corrupt Town Hall… or are you just like your father?


The Presidential Debates…make Them Safe for Joe…How?

It’s easy …place both Joe and the President on the same stage…safe distance apart, with no live audience. Utilize either just the TV audience or several small different locations, even use sound proof rooms so Biden can’t get rattled by all the audience laughs…at his guffaws!

Have the jointly selected Commentators, fire away! The President on his own and Biden, on his own…both, completely on their own, no communications from their staffs, no  preview of questions, no teleprompters, Just the two who would say “push the button, and send in the Marines. Order it shot down or sink that ship”. I’m sure America wants to see if Biden would sink the right ship?

We want to see how Joe would do if and when he were alone with Russia or Iran making deals , fighting for America as Trump would do or fighting for Iran as Joe would probably do!

We know how Iran, Russia, China do with President Trump…they lose. How many Billions is China paying the US because of Trumps trade deals? How does Russia feel with the US being the biggest economy, biggest and strongest Military and the largest producer of energy and largest exporter of oil in…the…freaking world?

They know they will never defeat a strong US, led by President Trump… as well as they know that they can control a weak US, led by Hussein Obama with Joe Biden, perched on his knee, like Howdy Doodie…after all Obama was much more willing to deal with Putin and the Ayatollah in his 2nd term…we all heard that didn’t we? And…China knows how Joe just loves their money!

So how much more willing to sell out America will Hussein be in his 3rd term?