Joe Biden: We want more Muslims running our Country…

Joe Biden: We want more Muslims running our Country…   The Democraps: We Want Less Police…   The Voters:  I Think Not On Both Fronts!

Two hot topics…Biden, I guess, didn’t get the memo…Islam is at war with us …Joe, hey Joe, are you there?!  They bombed the World Trade Center in September 2001. I guess, you must have been self-isolating then too! On September 11, 2001 we were attacked by 4 Commercial Airlines turned into flying bombs…Joe…and they crashed killing 3,000 Americans!

We later learned they were all Muslims, led by a Saudi called Osama bin Laden. Now don’t feel bad about not knowing Bin Laden, the most dangerous terrorist in the World, because the lead member of the Intel Committee was Al Gore, and he didn’t know him either! Bin Laden was probably funded by multiple Islamic sources and most certainly, in part, funded by Saudis, our “friends”!?

Then…I guess you must have ducked into the basement again, but Bin Laden was killed by our Seal Team. Too bad you missed it all, you should have stayed awake… they were freaking great!

Anyway Joe, I truly believe there’s a problem with Muslims being elected to any public office, Joe. You see we believe in the separation of Church and State…have someone read you, the First Amendment to our Constitution, it’s very short, but sets forth the separation of Church and State.

Islam believes that Church and State are one. Big FREAKING difference Joe!!

There’s much more to our differences, in fact we put murderers to death, Islam awards them for “honor” killings…there’s, much more but…read up! There’s a whole bunch of countries (about 57), that firmly believe and follow that doctrine and in fact fight, viciously, to enforce that belief…fact is, they call those who disbelieve, Infidels, and call for the death to the Infidels and Christians and Jews, and just about everybody including those Muslims who don’t believe in death to the infidels and they call them, “Kafirs”. That must be a nasty name in their Islam language! It’s for real! I‘m not kidding…it’s all over their book called the Koran!

Joe, to be honest with you, calling for more Muslims to be allowed in the US and more involved in US government is worse than FDR calling for more Japanese to be active in our government after Pearl Harbor…better rethink that one Joe. Nobody with any brains is going to vote for you with THAT type of thinking…sorry to be the one to tell you!

It gets worse Joe, you see Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism …in…the…world! I know…I know…Joe…you really like them, but it’s not a good idea to make people who want to kill you, your family, and your entire Country, your “buds”…it’s just not smart! That means if there is a terrorist act somewhere in the world…Iran is somehow involved. AND their leaders have said, “We will Kill All Americans” That’s you and me…You will never guess what your best Bud, Hussein Obama, did while you were apparently napping. Obama gave Iran $150 BILLION before he left office…I …am…not… kidding!

Trailers were filled with cash from all different countries, so nobody from the US could interfere, and he wasn’t even charged with Aiding and Abetting our Enemy, Treason…well… Eric actually had his back, remember, do you believe that one?

It’s not over yet…there’s no Statute of Limitations on Treason!

Joe…I think you had better stay in your basement! In my opinion, you don’t have a snowball chance in Hell of becoming president of an opened box of Cheerios, let alone President of these United States.

Now on defunding our police… the DNC had signed a deal with some 100 Police Agencies to provide “protection” to the Dems attending the Democrat National Convention but …NOW…they have reset the Rules of Engagement from following the law, to follow what THEY say…which is no Tear Gas and other restrictions. The Police have re-acquired their senses and have said, Go —- yourselves (I actually said that for the Police) …and “find someone else”! So there you go…just what you assholes want…I can’t wait!

There you go Antifa, BLM, KKK, ACLU, OFA, etc…have a ball…I for one am looking forward to seeing the DNC receiving a BIG fireworks display…I might even send in a donation to whoever is going to shoot off big ones! Someone from Antifa or KKK send a comment on where to send donations for those beautiful fireworks displays!

I call the current Democrat Leaders, whoever they are…Pelosi and Schumer or Omar and AOC, Democraps, because in my opinion, there has never in all my years been a bigger pile of Political Crap than those I just named. I cannot believe any reasonable person would, could, or did vote for these criminal, ignorant, totally misinformed people.

Just one more thought on the above…it is not scientifically, economically, or humanly possible to eliminate fossil fuel and carbon dioxide gas from the US or China or Russia or any other major country in the world.

The reason is quite simple. There is/are no substitute(s) that is/are economically and scientifically possible. WE NEED CO2 for trees to make oxygen for you to breathe. Do you believe the Oxygen Fairy makes Oxygen?

What will power airplanes…a mini Nuclear Reactor?

How about electricity?

Okay, you want electric cars. Where will that electric power come from…power charging stations …to recharge your batteries? Where will the power come from that powers those centers…power plants? What will be the source for all the additional electricity we need…hmmmm!

There is nothing in the world that can compete with CO2 producing fossil fuels. Will solar power, power a house? Mostly, if it’s sunny enough, or batteries are up, but nowhere near as efficiently as natural gas. When and if you pay the full shot for your subsidized solar panels, batteries and factor in capital expenditure along with longevity, along with maintenance…solar, geothermal, wind,…nothing except hydro can compete…but hydro power companies will not allow you to have cheap hydro power. They keep their costs inflated to show a rate equal or MORE than other power sources. How… they “cost equalize” their free water power plants with their high cost Nuclear and oil plants to raise the free water plant’s costs! That’s a fact!

I led a 50 million dollar law suit against the New York State Power Authority and through my investigation, depositions, and more determined that they “cost equalize”…another way of saying they cheat!

Doesn’t it seems like the “left should know all this”?  Guess what…they do, except of course, Cortez, Omar, the crew…they really are dumb. So that being true why are they “the adults, so to speak” doing all this.

NOW pay attention because this is what it’s all about. A STRONG America cannot be defeated by anybody not Russia, China, nor Islam led by anybody …not even Barack Obama, backed by George Soros! He found that out. But he hasn’t given up by a long shot. A weak America, like any person or Country, is vulnerable. Obama did his best as President to weaken your country, some of you are so blinded by ignorance, it will take a real kick in the head to wake you up. And if you elect Biden/Obama, you are going to get that kick you deserve!

Neither solar, nor wind, nor anything else, right now, can replace the fossil fuel electric generation plants we require, in order to live as free people and be able to protect that freedom.

85% of all electric in your country comes from one form or another, of fossil fuel…Natural Gas, Oil, Coal, refined petroleum products, all provide your power, with Nuclear next…another source the morons in the Democrap Leadership want to eliminate and will not approve more of…which we need!

The technology is not there and in my opinion, will never be there for solar or wind…ever!

Nuclear Fusion is the energy of the future, not the Fission like “the bomb”. Fusion is cleaner more powerful but still unharnessed. Solar and wind are nothing compared to Nuclear!

So, if you want Muslims running your country, like Joe Biden suggests, (you don’t think Hussein Obama suggested that to Biden…do you?), limited electric power, regular power outages, like say Mexico… no airplanes, no police, and no Rule of Law…vote for Joe and who…Valerie Jarret…never…I say her or Hillary?

If you want sanity, the comfort of being safe, free from tyranny, vote to keep President Trump and give him the House AND the Senate…America will rock!!!

If you don’t …Obama’s true colors will come out and Islam will rule America…that’s the ONLY reason he’s backing Joe …it’s Obama’s perfect plan!

Why do Muslims want to come to America…because they are tired of being submissive, the meaning of …Muslim! Think about that…genius!