If By Some Impossibility…Biden Becomes President…

If By Some Impossibility…Biden Becomes President…Who will Actually Ruin…Sorry…Run America? George Soros…That’s Who!

We can all thank Joe Biden for picking Kamala Harris for his running mat, for several reasons.

He has guaranteed us that he will not now, nor will he ever, become President of these United States of America! America will never elect a Communist to the Presidency and a Communist to the Vice Presidency…NEVER… my opinion!

AND Kama’s reign of terror in the Senate is over and the Republicans are up “one more”.

Also, he has definite signs of Alzheimer’s disease…it’s sad…but very true…there is no such thing as dementia…according Neurologists, I know.

By the time President Trump’s second term is up, Biden will almost certainly be “putting his urinal in the refrigerator”, instead of dumping it in the toilet. I’m very sorry, and would not wish it on anybody…except …maybe… Soros and Obama…who together are doing their best to destroy my country, America, that’s my opinion, too!

Kamala Harris is just left of Communism, and this country will never elect a Communist as Vice President!

Had she told the truth about her beliefs before her first election, her political career would have come to a halt years ago. Fortunately …her political career is now over, and we have Joe Biden to thank for that! If Communism is so good for America, why do people lie about their beliefs by saying they are Progressive…? Because if they told the truth, like Bernie Sanders did…they would be as successful as Bernie…oh! Now I understand and so should you!

Our President has a platform he is living by and running our country by. He is fighting to keep us safe by closing the borders when it is necessary, Joe and Kama, want open borders…always! Our President provided us with energy independence, Joe and Kama, will destroy our electric grid by stopping the use of fossil fuels with NO replacement. That’s 85% of our power…from fossil fuel…gone.  What will he and she replace it with…now, c’mon CNN. Ask them what will you use to keep America’s lights and furnaces going… not 50 years down the road…NOW! ?

The President brought our economy to record highs…shut it down when he had to, to protect us from China 19…now he’s  bringing it back, just like turning on a water faucet. It’s amazing what you can do …if you have a magic wand…isn’t it, oh… and if you know what you’re doing. Joe Biden doesn’t know if he is on foot or horseback…do you really believe Biden could do what this President did when Biden cannot put a sentence together without help?

Now something has emerged that really makes sense. I kept wondering, like all other legit voters, why would the Democraps want to do “blast” mail voting …only Democrap States…what’s wrong with legit, absentee voting that is verified, real, authorized voting? Is it because they think it will bring in a flood of Democrap votes or just a flood of votes. Then I heard the President say yesterday he doesn’t want chaos at the polls and any delay in vote counting because of a deluge of possible millions in phony votes…millions of phony, unverified mail-in votes from only Democrap States, thus causing a delay in determining who won…past Jan 20, 2021?!

Well …what would happen? According to the Constitution, the President and VP MUST step down 1-20-21.

NOW THINK VERY, VERY CAREFULLY…who’s next in line….holy shit…you got it …the Speaker…Nancy freaking Pelosi!!?? No wonder that b—h wants open mail-in voting…it’ll be Feb 2021 before her colleges flip through and throw out the Republican votes and keep the Democrat votes!

The President simply must insure that all votes are legit votes, by insisting that no major changes in Federal Election Rules and Regulations will be allowed just months before a Presidential election by passing executive orders.

What executive orders?

  1.  Only properly obtained, filed, and mailed Absentee Ballots, mailed in a timely manner, will be allowed. Any other NON-official absentee ballots will not be opened nor counted and will be destroyed. If mailed in votes cannot be discerned from legit absentee ballots then they will be opened only to verify authenticity. If verified as absentee, then they can be counted.  If not, then they must be destroyed.
  1. The post office will not be allowed to accept for delivery or deliver any voting ballots that are not proper absentee ballots.
  1. Order emergency production of an Absentee stamp to be issued with absentee ballots for easy identification by the PO.

Listen folks …Joe Biden would sell his own Mother into slavery, just to be elected president…he has caved to the Muslims; he will reverse Trumps’ ban on Muslims from entering the US, he said so!

He will reverse the ban on Chinese, he will open the borders.

He will get more Muslims, like Omar and Tlaib, Pressly and Obama (Barack)…involved in our Politics…he said that.

He will give illegal aliens freaking health care…he said that and “raised his hand” during the debates for the Democrap candidate. He will increase your taxes, take away your guns, and take away your freedom to live your life as an American citizen…free!

This guy has no moral convictions…he sold out America to Islam, he sold out America to China…he sold out America to Iran, Ukraine, and Lord knows who else…and you want this crazy Bastard…President?

You compare what President Trump accomplished in 3 years and compare that to the destruction Obama/Biden did in 8!

Every war Obama started including ISIS…President Trump stopped…by winning …just ask ISIS …where are you?

What Trump did, without a “magic wand”, would appear to be a miracle to a do nothing like Hussein Obama.  I can imagine how that poor loser feels…all that lying, cheating, and stealing, and all Obama has to show is a 25 million dollar net worth,  a broken, useless, Health Care system and a complete staff of liars, cheats, and thieves who are all about be indicted…maybe him too…my opinion! I wonder Hussein, who will hand you up first…Comey, Lynch, or maybe Brennan and Clapper.  Should you worry about Lois Lerner and Sally Yates…oh…I know…Hillary, I’ll bet anything she goes first!