I strongly recommend that the President direct Attorney General Bill Barr to subpoena Congressman Adam Schiff to a Federal Grand Jury so that the President can determine if Schiff is again fabricating, lying and obstructing the President from carrying out his lawful duties (a felony), or is there evidence that rises to “High Crime or Misdemeanor” as the law requires. When Pelosi claims, as she will, the President is Obstructing Congress, then we can let the Supreme Court determine who’s obstructing who!


After she was elected to Congress, but before she even took her oath of office, Rashida Tlaib said, “I’m going to impeach the mother fucker”, speaking of President Trump. When Congressman Schiff said that he had personally seen evidence that the President committed “collusion” with Russia to win the election, an impeachable offense, and that the evidence isn’t Direct Evidence or Indirect Evidence, but is “in between evidence” (there is no such evidence under our law), he outright lied to Congress and the American people.

Both put their foot in their mouths when they made those public comments. What they did was to show a clear, predetermined intent to remove, interfere, and harass our duly elected President before and without ANY evidence. THAT is Criminal Intent to try to unseat a duly elected President without due cause! Schiff is so ignorant that he doesn’t know that collusion is not even a legal term used in the United States Code Book (USC)! Schiff then said the crime is obstruction. When he learned firing Comey was an Article 2 Presidential power, he then turned to conspiracy. Again, Schiff lives in a Fantasy Land World and gets his legal opinions from Tinker Bell. Neither obstruction nor conspiracy are standalone crimes…there must be a substantive pending, prosecutorial investigation that was obstructed or conspired to violate. Again, ignorant and intent on “getting” this President…but with no crime…no due cause. We heard more criminal intent evidence to illegally unseat a duly elected President by other members of the House and Senate.  As reported on FOX, Schumer said he wants Trump impeached, and reportedly said he doesn’t care if it’s legal or not, just get the ball rolling!

Omar, Presley, AOC, and Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, also claimed the President must be impeached…most recently, for “cover up”…but no crime is ever mentioned. Again, there is NO Title 18 crime called the Cover-up Crime!

The common denominator with all these co-conspirators in their obsession to unseat a duly elected President and NONE, not one single member of the House, Senate or Mueller team, after 2.5 years and 35 million dollars spent, can name a crime that comes close to an impeachable offense…NO ONE.  If you can…please cite Title and Section of USC!

The President, exercising his Article 2 powers of Administering his Foreign Policy and Chief Law Enforcement Officer, is NOT a crime as Mueller so eloquently stated, when asked if the firing of Comey was obstruction…NO was the answer!

Finding out from Ukraine if Joe Biden, as VP under Obama, threatened Poroshenko (as Biden admitted he did) is not only President Trump’s responsibility, it is his Constitutional duty and the only person in the United States who is authorized to make such an inquiry…who else has that authority…John Kerry? !

Better yet, ask the respected Democrat, Constitutional, Law Professor Alan Dershowitz if anyone other than the President can administer Foreign Policy, besides the President and his designee!

The AG should subpoena Adam Schiff before a Federal Grand Jury to establish whether Schiff and Pelosi, et al. are criminally liable for threatening, harassing, interfering with a duly elected President without due cause. If they have a “high crime or misdemeanor”, spell it out under oath and to the GJ.  If not, then ask the GJ to return True Bills for Criminal Harassment, Treason, Espionage, Sedition, against the offenders!

They cannot impeach a dog catcher with the Fantasy Land, anonymous, non-testimony, hearsay 2-3 times removed and Tinker Bell evidence. Schiff could not bring his whistleblower nonsense before Judge Judy in a small claims court for a $100.00 small claims case. She would throw it out! Ask Judge Judy, Schiff! Schiff plans to impeach this President with this “evidence”? Schiff and Pelosi will never impeach anyone with anonymous evidence!

If he can’t convince a GJ that he has impeachable high crimes or misdemeanors, ask them to vote for the crimes he/they actually did commit…harassing the President with the intent to interfere with the President’s ability to carry out the duties of his office.!!!

Schiff and Pelosi have stated that the Schiff led Intel Hearing is not an impeachment hearing, but is a hearing to determine if impeachment is warranted. When they issued subpoenas, in my opinion, they created a “criminal inquiry/hearing” where our Rule of Law and NOT special Fantasy Land Schiff Impeachment rules apply. Therefore, due process was required and denied by Chairman Schiff. Due process requires that the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure be followed….you know, cross examination, subpoena power and attorney for the accused, who they say is the President, must apply…but was denied by Schiff. Another legal problem for Schiff that the President and his DOJ must look into.

You see, the ONLY “person” who can conduct a “legal investigation with complete secrecy, no cross examination, no defense attorney, no defense subpoena power, sworn testimony” and then issue warrants for arrest and trial, is the President, his Executive branch, DOJ and the Grand Jury!