One of my readers sent me this:

(NOTE- No One has been identified as a Whistle Blower by any official source…by law, a Whistle Blower MUST have personal knowledge)

“ERIC CIARAMELLA the whistle-leaker coordinated with Adam Schiff, ICIG Atkinson, and Vindman to give false, and misleading evidence to bring down a duly-elected President. That is sedition. Remember ICIG had to first take the case to the DOJ, because it didn’t meet the whistle-blower criteria. The DOJ said it was not a legal complaint and was not actionable. ICIG Atkinson, who was council for FBI-NSD John Carlin who falsified evidence to get a FISA
Warrant before Carlin came under scrutiny for his conduct, slithers over to the CIA to be ICIG. This snake ICIG Atkinson altered the Whistle-blower form, after the fact, allows the Whistle leaker to shop his story to congressman Schiff (who probably helped him write it), and we get the most politically motivated Schiff show in history. They both deserve a quick, public treason trial, a cigarette, a blindfold, and a long life in a Leavenworth 6’x6′ cell, no possibility of parole. Adam Schiff to follow.”

As much as I could, I verified some of this information and put credence to it because all the details line up with the many well known facts! You be the judge.

For example:
On Oct. 4, 2019 – Real Clear Politics’ writers wrote about the infamous 7-25-19 call between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky that there were concerns about that call by an unnamed member of the intelligence community through a so-called “whistleblower complaint”.  Remember, we all could read the transcript of that same call, which is the Best Evidence, under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. By way of explanation, the best evidence, in this case, works like this:  (1.) recording with testimony by personal knowledge of participant, (2.) transcript with testimony by person(s) with personal knowledge, (3.) testimony from memory of person with knowledge, (4.) hearsay, for any reason, not admissible.

“Now, concerns are being raised about whether the complaint, which is not based on first-hand knowledge (it’s all hearsay), should have even been considered, at all. What’s going on?”

At the time of the Trump-Zelensky call, the ICIG’s policy unequivocally required that, in order for a Whistle Blower Complaint to be deemed credible, a complaint “must be based on first-hand knowledge”, and the Whistle Blower must have firsthand knowledge to fall under Whistle Blower protection.. Under federal law, a member of the intelligence community can file a whistleblower complaint with the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) with respect to an “urgent concern” relating to an intelligence activity under the authority of the director of national intelligence. If the ICIG deems the complaint credible, he reports it to the Director of National Intelligence, who in turn informs the Senate and House intelligence committees. (Enter Mr. Schiff…my opinion)

This complaint was hearsay from the beginning…no question about it and either second, third, or maybe fourth person removed.

“On Sept. 30, ICIG Michael Atkinson issued a news release acknowledging that, under the policy existing when he received this complaint, he could not have deemed it credible and reported it to the director of national intelligence. Instead, he admitted, he processed the complaint under a policy allowing second-hand information — a policy that “he” did not establish until after he received that complaint.” Atkinson created this new policy to cover himself, and to discredit the President…my opinion!

According to research and a column written by Jeff Carlson for TheMarketsWork on 5-21-18:  Before the NSC, John Carlin was Chief of Staff for then FBI Director Bob Mueller…remember him? Carlin was confirmed as Assistant Attorney General in spring 2014. He resigned under a cloud as Assistant Attorney General – and Head of the Department of Justice’s National Security Division (NSD) on 10-15-2016.  Carlin announced his resignation one day after he filed the Governments 2016 Section 702 certifications.  “His filing would be subject to intense criticism from the FISA Court following disclosures made by NSA Director Rogers. Significant changes to the handling of raw FISA data would result.”  Section 702 of the FISA allows the government to conduct surveillance of Foreigners outside the US.

The NSD – with notice to the ODN to report any incidents of Agency noncompliance or misconduct to the FISA Court.  Again, John Carlin was head of the NSD. (The entire details of what happened is in Jeff Carlson’s excellent column in TheMarketsWork 5-21-18.)

The bottom line , Carlin failed to notify the FISA Court of FISA abuses, which according to the above sources, were taking place regularly during Carlin’s tenure…under OBAMA. He failed to report the results of the 1-7-16 Inspector General Report of FISA abuses to the Court in his 2016 Certification.
Also noteworthy, is on 10-21-16, DOJ and the FBI received a FISA warrant authorizing the over-hear of US Citizen Carter Page. The FISA court was unaware of the 702 Disclosure violations.  It’s most probable that Carlin helped on the Page warrant and either knew or should have known it was “salacious and unverified” and flawed warrant!

Attorney General Barr must rapidly move forward after the President is acquitted, as I believe he will be, and start indicting people.

Anyone can see that failing to bring elected officials to answer for crimes committed, by those who have been identified as corrupt, during Obama’s tenure, has emboldened people in the House who have been plotting to overthrow our government since BEFORE this President was even elected.

Understand this… the certain members of the House of Representatives attempted to overthrow this President… they attempted to overthrow our Rule Of law. Did they follow our Rule of Law? That’s an attempt by the Speaker of the House and specific named members of the House who plotted, without due cause, to remove this President. There must be consequences! That is Espionage-Conspiracy to interfere with the ability of the President to faithfully carry out the duties of the President.

Bring all of them before a Federal Grand Jury starting with Eric Ciaramella, Schiff, Waters, Tlaib, Pelosi, et al., then when done with the House players call the Bidens, Poroshenko, and Shokin, and move on to Hillary, her staff and keep going….

Why aren’t James Comey, McCabe, and Strzok, et al. indicted Mr. Barr?

There is PC right now, without any further investigation, to indict James Comey, and you know it…so why are you not gathering GJ testimony. I arrested and convicted people with half the PC and evidence there is on Comey…

Mr. President please don’t allow Barr to do to you what Sessions did. Had Sessions not recused himself and prosecuted those who needed to be prosecuted and nailed Hillary, you would NOT be in the position you have been in during your entire tenure! “If he got Hillary, he can get anybody…we better not mess with him”…my opinion!

Replay Tlaib’s famous “intent statement”, before even being sworn in. That’s criminal intent to overthrow our Constitutional Republic. Couple that with Schiff, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, et al. statements, and tell the American people there wasn’t a predetermined intent to create a way to overthrow our Rule of Law.

I almost forgot to help out Nadler. Your bank robbery example on welcoming an eyewitness after all the evidence has been entered shows your obvious lack of trial experience. A prosecutor never puts forth more witnesses that he needs to prove the case…never. Ask Mr. Dershowitz or any of “our” lawyers to explain why. They are all very trial savvy. You were wise to hide Hunter Biden and Eric Ciaramella.