The Democrap Party Is…”Overstocked”…with Criminals!

Are your heads spinning yet? I know what the problem is…there are simply too many Democraps who are criminals! Who do we charge…Hillary, sure…Comey? yup…how about Brennan and Clapper? Oh, yea…well what about Lynch, Holder, Obama, and Sally Yates? yes, yes, yup and sure!

Should we stop there? Hell no…there’s still, Powers, Rice, Cheryl Mills, Podesta, Abedine, Ohr (both), Strzok, McCabe, Page, Rosenstein, Weismann (Mr. Mule team himself).  Oh my goodness, I almost forgot Joe…you know “sleepy Joe Biden”, Mr. “dumb as a bag of rocks” himself?

Another oh my goodness, who could forget Ms. IRS herself… Lois Lerner?

You see, that’s why I say we are “Overstocked” with Democrap criminals…you thought I was talking about Pat! Pat Bryne, the former CEO of Overstocked! Well, that’s a good point, because when the Attorney General of the United States puts Major Criminal Investigations against the above heroes on hold to listen to Pat…there IS something to it, because what Pat had to say was “filtered” by FBI Agents and then DOJ Attorneys before it got to Barr, and if Barr decided to have John Durham and others speak with/interview Pat…he IS legit no matter what CNN morons…oops…I mean CNN Reporters have to say.

You know, what if he had…for example…evidence on the “mysterious death” of Judge Scalia. You know…what if the guy at the top had him “whacked” two weeks after the Judge told him he was overstepping his authority, for the second time, and that’s why the supreme court ruled against…you know who. You see…I firmly believe Judge Scalia was murdered…because of all the things that WEREN’T done! No autopsy, no FBI Investigation, none of 70 other guests interviewed, not one! …and much more…driving the remains all over Texas all day and then returning to the same funeral home from where the hearse was originally rented? That makes a lot of sense…don’t it? Find a reasonable reason for that!

I believe that Obama ran his administration as a Racketeering Organization (RICO) when he realized he would not be able to turn America into the Islamic Nation he so dearly wanted! So he turned to regular crime using his Black Ops. Listen, I didn’t just think this up…I’ve been writing for years how Obama, Clinton, and the others could all be prosecuted under the RICO statute and laid out the Predicate Crimes as well as the Organization!

I sure hope that Pat lives to testify, that the AG obtained a proffer from Pat’s attorney, and put him before a Grand Jury to lock in his testimony as well! I’ll bet that was accomplished!

I think the entire Demcrap Party is going to crumble in the near future, as well, as a result. Look where they’re heading…..being led by Tinker Bell AOC with her bag of pixy dust, sprinkling, the great ideas they have, backed by a great deal of thought… behind them! Think of it…free Health Care to all illegal aliens at a cost of $60,000.00 to every US citizen…it’s really worth while, according to all their Democrap Presidential Candidates!!

I can’t wait to see Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer, Swallow, Shitty try to start apologizing to the President and getting in line to kiss his ass…begging him to allow them to become Republicans because all their Democrap friends are in jail!!

Before you start with, “I’m nuts” …think about what they did to our President…what you morons tried to do to him, “Russian Dossier”, really? Tell me that wasn’t NUTS! FISA Warrants…that’s going to put all of them in jail!