Panic Mode…

Andy Mccabe, et al. … on the Verge of Indictment…and the Crumbling DNC!

Andy McCabe did NOT act alone in his demented, felonious, despicable decisions to submarine Donald Trump, and worse yet, to “lead” in the decision to Obstruct, Conspire, and “COLLUDE” (hey, Democraps, “What goes around comes around”, there’s that meaningless phrase you loved to use), all in the effort to stop, the Hillary investigations!

Let’s take a peak at what McCabe, Strzok, Page, Baker, Lynch and Comey et al. covered up.  Was it lying to the FBI or Treason and Espionage by Clinton?

Hillary Clinton had an unauthorized, illegal, private, personal email server secretly built in her basement to prevent, circumvent, hide her personal, unlawful activities from the prying eyes and ears of you, me, and Law Enforcement via the “Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)”! To do this, she knowingly, willfully, unlawfully, and intentionally compromised the security of the United States of America by opening every single classified, unclassified, SOP (the most secret of secrets) communication to the prying eyes and ears of our enemies. That is every single secret that the Secretary of State received/sent during her tenure as Secretary of State!!!

For Christ sake, think about that…Russia, China, Iran all have everything Hillary sent and received as Secretary of State for years!  If that isn’t “Aiding and Abetting the enemy”, someone please tell me what the F___ is? The Secretary of State is considered, by most, to be the SECOND most powerful person in the WORLD, next to POTUS. She put the names of informants in Iraq, Iran, Russia, China…orbits of Defense satellites, the most Secret of Secret, classified, intelligence information out there for a high school computer geek, let alone the likes of Russia, to hack!

She was more concerned about preventing you, me, and Law Enforcement, from knowing her criminal activities than she was concerned about the Enemies of the United States knowing our secrets! AND, Comey didn’t think there was any “Criminal Intent”?

Andy McCabe supervised the debacle they called an “Investigation” of Clinton. They… (Comey and McCabe) made HQ Office of Origin…something I NEVER saw in three decades of real criminal investigations. HQ doesn’t even have an investigative staff. He allowed 5 attorneys and a witness/subject in the interview room. They didn’t tell Hillary her rights, so if she did screw up, her attorneys could have it suppressed. He was behind the FISA warrant, signed it knowing it was Fraudulent, unsubstantiated and salacious, and in violation of the law…and was partly responsible for the FBI obtaining illegal FISA wiretaps on Carter Page and members of the Trump campaign! He cannot walk!!

Now the AG is faced with a decision “TO INDICT OR NOT TO INDICT” McCabe, second only to Comey in this Conspiracy.  Mr. AG, there is only ONE  reason why I so strongly recommended firing McCabe before his 50th…to get him to roll and hand up Comey, Obama, Lynch, et al. If he ain’t doing that, there must be NO DEAL! You can offer him NO TIME, you can offer him a plea to 1 Felony, you can offer him the thing that is more important to him than any of the above and that is reinstatement of his PENSION (if the President believes his testimony warrants that). His pension has to be some $130,000 per year, that he can’t collect for 15 years because he was fired for cause. That’s $1,845,000 he looses. That’s why I wrote so many times to act before his 50th birthday…now you want to let him off the hook? Are you freaking nuts? If McCabe is not handing up EVERYBODY and you believe his BS, then did you know that chickens have lips?

Andy McCabe would not blow his nose without Comey’s permission. He would NEVER, EVER lead a cover-up of that magnitude without Comey having “FULL UNLAWFUL CARDINAL KNOWLEDGE”, and you can bank on that!!! He can probably hand up Lynch, Obama, and Rosenstein as well. If he doesn’t plead and testify, there should be no deal! And what’s this BS about trying any of these cases in DC? C’mon man…pick the most Conservative District you can find and Indict there…what is wrong with you?…Mr. AG, C’mon man, venue for Treason is ANY PLACE you pick…the entire country was violated!

We are not talking about a Martha Stewart case of lying to the FBI about a recipe. We are talking about numerous Felony criminal Acts to cover up and then ACT against a sitting President… that’s Espionage and Treason, by McCabe…as well as covering up numerous acts of Treason and Espionage by Clinton…Criminal Acts that bring the death penalty and NO statue of limitation.

The American people will be “up in arms” …so to speak…if you don’t indict first… then deal. You need to get the attention of ALL of these criminals and let them know that our Rule Of Law is back! No more, “Candy Immunity Promises”!

As you can see, the attacks on our President by wannabe’s is stepping up…and that is a good thing!  They wouldn’t attack him if they weren’t afraid , would they? So they oppose improving our Military, making us energy independent, best economy EVER, the return of Law Enforcement and making $500 billion from China instead of losing $500 Billion to China…that’s “Panic Mode”…bring it on dumb asses…promote more “no fossil fuel” programs because the world will end in 11.5 years…the clock is ticking!

Bubba, you’re going to get more than I thought!