James Comey, I was an FBI Agent for almost three decades and worked most all of the violations you committed at one time or another…but mostly worked Robbery Cases, you know Bank Robbery, Truck Hijacking, Kidnapping, Hobbs Act – Political Corruption, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud and my favorite, RICO, which was taylor made for people like you, Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Holder, Obama!

We could argue from now until the cows come home over if what you specifically did was Criminal or not, but AG Barr and I have a better idea…he, and I am certain of this, will put all your escapades, lies, leaks, Obstruction Violations, Federal Rules Violations before a Federal Grand jury, and we’ll let them decide. And decide they will, whether or not your providing a Prosecutorial Opinion on a “subject of a criminal investigation” is within the purview of the FBI Director or if it is a Violation of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. They will hear all the evidence against Hillary and determine if her actions were intentional or did she accidentally have a private server constructed in her basement to hide her emails from public purview. They will decide if she violated her NDA and if she was a part of a RICO case to defraud, launder money, and secure her election to the President by committing Conspiracy with foreign Agents. They will answer if destroying 34,000 emails after being served a subpoena to protect and preserve those government documents, was an accident or intentional, or espionage.

Then they will, after finding that she will be indicted and held over for trial(s), answer if you and your top ranking Assistant Directors were inept, stupid or corrupt in your handling of her case(s). They will ask why Headquarters was made Office of Origin when HQ has no investigative staff… only McCabe, Strzok, and Page, and never is OO on Criminal Cases. Was that so you could control all the evidence and interviews, as you probably did?  Why did Hillary say she was not the subject of her case? If true, who was the subject, and why wasn’t Hillary the subject of her own criminal case? Does the FBI have a “designation” for cases as “Matters”? Did you violate any laws by declaring Hillary “careless” but not criminal? Did McCabe violate any laws by withholding the evidence from Weiner’s computer for 4 months? In short Mr. Comey, a Jury of your peers is going to hear all that you and your subordinates did to secure the presidency for Hillary and your criminal acts to destroy President Trump’s Presidency. They will decide if all those actions you committed were in the interest of the United States or the interest of James Comey trying to protect his job as FBI Director with a President Clinton. Did the FBI destroy any evidence in the Hillary cases? Why were all the Staffers given immunity without proffers and Grand Jury Testimony? I never heard of that ever happening.

They will examine all your dealings with the FISA Courts and find out if you Brennan, Clapper, Powers, et al. violated any other Citizens Civil Rights besides Carter Page’s. They will examine why the FISA Court scolded all the users and abusers of the Court, such that they required Agency Heads to sign off on the Applications. Yes indeed Mr. Comey, you and your buddies do have a lot to worry about and NONE of it involves Collusion…I can assure you that!

So call out all those you want to call out Mr. Comey, but if those that you have already thrown under the Bus (I never authorized leaks, remember that statement), tell all or even if they don’t …you, my friend are toast! So continue on your “For God and Country Tour”, enjoy your freedom…but you, my friend, are going to get time…there is no way around that…unless, of course, you can give us Obama and maybe Holder, Jarrett …what do you have to offer?

Hey Bubba, be patient, I told you he’s coming!