Why Are The Democrats Afraid Of President Trump…Read On

I started writing “The Right Side” OpEd column for a small paper, The Niagara Falls Reporter, and on 12-17-15,  I wrote this…

“Why are so many people afraid of Trump? The man is a Patriot and is a man of his word. I can tell you that the Criminal Organization lead by Barack Obama and his followers Valerie Jarrett, Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and many, many more are crapping their pants because Trump is a Patriot and is going to go after ALL of the Treasonous bastards, without a doubt! There is no statute of limitation for Treason and the penalty is DEATH! People like Lerner and Valerie Jarrett will crumble like poorly baked cookies when they face the FBI without the backing of a President who “has your back”. When Obama’s CZARS, people who couldn’t pass an FBI background investigation, are under intense scrutiny for what they did to the top secret computer info they were given access to by Obama and Jarrett, they will trip over their own feet trying to “make a deal”. I only wish I could do some of those interviews! Starting with Jarrett!!! If you elect Trump, I guarantee you that Obama will be stripped of “his glory”, be indicted, and die a broken man. He pulled the BIGGEST fraud known to modern man!!! He will get what he deserves for what he did to your Country! His followers will cut deals and hand each other up faster that we can ask them to!”

As an Agent, I would tell the other Agents… “Too many coincidences make a fact”. If you put that with common sense, it’s surprising how accurate you can be…deducing what actually happened.

Here’s a series of “coincidences” that even a “Democrap” can’t explain…although, Jerry Nadler would ignore all the facts and come up with something like, “Oh yea…well, Trump cheated on his taxes”…like Nadler never did that himself…and chickens have lips!

Look at this and you should understand why I believe Obama is a Fraud…why I believed that then and even years before I wrote it… Obama was a fraud, a criminal and WILL be brought to justice along with the rest of his band of thieves.

How many people do you know who can’t produce a Birth Certificate? Not many, I’ll bet. Well a Birth Certificate is probably the single most important document a Citizen has because all our other proof of identity is tied to…your Birth Certificate. NO MATTER WHAT YOU MAY BELIEVE ABOUT OBAMA’S BIRTH…OBAMA DOES NOT HAVE A BIRTH CERTIFICATE! Every single “proof of birth” Obama put forth has been forensically proven to be a forged document, period.  Not arguing where he was born…he has no proof of his Birth Place.

Next, the second most important document is our Social Security Card. Why…because it is the ONLY document that the same number may only be reissued to the original owner! The original “owner” of a Social Security number is the only one who can have a Duplicate Card with that number issued, and it’s not easy to get…because it also requires a …you guessed it, Birth Certificate.

It’s been reported by many sources, that Obama has had “several” different Social Security Numbers. Do you know ANYBODY who ever received a previously issued Social Security Number of a Deceased person? No…I didn’t think you did. Why… because it can’t legally happen. Obama’s current SSN belonged to a man who was born in Connecticut. Obama’s card was issued in Conn. when Obama was in high school in Hawaii…when did he travel to Conn? Why Conn? It just so happens he had an Aunt who worked for the Social Security in Conn, at that time. I’m not accusing her of forging a card for him…of course not…somebody who never heard of him probably just got the info over the phone and mailed him a card…and chickens have lips! AND there are 49 OTHER States that his Aunt doesn’t work in!

Next…let’s look at Obama’s Selective Service card, another important document that was extremely important, in fact it was unlawful to NOT have a Selective Service card…for the draft…which no longer exists. You see you had to fill out a Selective Service card on your 18th birthday…or else! When Obama’s Selective Service Card was found, it was forensically examined by forensic experts who determined that the Card had been altered in many ways. They were able to determine exactly how it was altered by recreating the PICA type that was used to date the Application. When his card was created, they no longer used that type of date stamp, so someone cleverly created a way to “almost” duplicate the card…again…because there was no acceptable proof of birth. The same Forensic Experts who testify in court as Experts are the Forensic Experts I am talking about!

What are the chances that somebody would NOT have legit…Birth Certificate, Social Security Card or Selective Service Card? High, if he’s a criminal…none if he’s legit! What if that same man spent a million dollars trying to hide other personal information…like his College records, Passport, Financial Aid Records…and on and on. Not to have one of those documents is possible especially if someone lost the card…BUT there would be a RECORD of it…for Obama…there are no records…of anything! Think about it! C’mon man…chickens don’t have lips and Hussein Obama is a Fraud and a Criminal and his criminal enterprise is about to be crushed!

Obama, the fraud, ran his presidency, in my opinion, the way he lived his life…as a liar, a cheat, a thief …as the criminal he is. He weaponized the NSA, CIA, FBI, DOJ by putting the same type of criminals in charge of those Agencies. NSA Clapper, CIA Brennan, Security advisor Rice, FBI Comey! They did all his dirty deeds, and Holder “had his back”, as Holder often said!

When it looked like Hillary would have a challenge from Trump…Obama put his “Black Ops” to work!

Consider this …every single one of these Agency heads lied about something they did,  under oath, to either hide something Obama did, his Administration did or didn’t do. Again…it all falls on Obama’s shoulders. He appointed Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of state, and for years, in my opinion, was well aware that she was using a personal email for all State communications. Did President Obama never send or receive an email from his Secretary of State??? Did he not notice her server was not a secured government communication method??? …and chickens have lips.

I could go on, but you mark my words. Hillary, Hussein, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, et al. will pay!

If McCabe, Strzok, Page, Baker are smart…or if not, but have smart attorneys, they will present a proffer to Barr and cut a deal NOW. We, the retired FBI Agents, know what they did, but don’t understand why they would do what they did, might never forgive them, but might better respect them if they did the right thing!

They…you… have no reason to stand up for Comey and Clapper, Brennan, et al.. You owe them nothing and you will be run over by the “corruption bus” and never get your pensions back. There’s no guarantee you will, by getting Comey or Lynch or Clapper, but if you can incriminate Obama…