I was in the NYO when the Boston Office of the FBI was under investigation. I saw firsthand how bad corruption can be when an Agent friend of mine, whom I thought was true blue, was arrested, charged and convicted of violating a trust bestowed upon him. Nobody was more surprised, upset, disgusted than me. He gave up source identities for money at the expense of a life…very bad! Many other Agents in the NYO were extremely upset by what a trusted Agent had done!

I am certain other Criminal Agents, like me, recognized very early on that something was wrong with the way the Clinton “investigation” was being handled. I figured that either inept Agents or corruption was involved, and it turned out to be both! When I heard former Assistant Director Jim Kalstrom make the same observations on FOX News, I knew I was correct, long before we heard McCabe/Strzok’s names!

If I may offer a suggestion…I believe that many of the criminals involved in the most corrupt Presidential Administration in US History, Hussein Obama’s, are counting on the Statute of Limitations to run, as Clapper thinks. Clapper lied under oath to Congress that the NSA never monitors US Citizens and a few other lies and two weeks after he believed the 5 year Statute expired…he smugly admitted his lies. If we make ALL of  the subjects from Comey to Obama, Lynch, Powers, Rice, Hillary, Abedin, McCabe, Lehrner, Strzok, Sullivan, Podesta, Clapper, Brennan..ALL… the subjects of a RICO case we change the 5 year Statute to10 years, bringing all subjects into one common Criminal goal …to defeat and/or destroy Donald Trump, the candidate and then the President. They conspired to use Federal law enforcement, intelligence Agencies and the FISA Court System to control and effect a Presidential election and then, when that failed, conspired to destroy his Presidency using the same criminal tactics. They committed numerous RICO Predicate crimes, from Wire and Mail fraud, Hobbs Act, Money Laundering and much more. They committed Espionage, Treason, and I believe Murder of a Supreme Court Justice. Not all Subjects committed all crimes, but all committed Predicate crimes in furtherance of the Racketeering Enterprise common goal…get Hillary elected President to preserve their jobs!!!

Several groups could be considered the Criminal Enterprise. I believe the State Department is the true Enterprise but would be too distasteful,so I would make the Hillary Clinton owned DNC the RICO Criminal Enterprise in a heartbeat!

Clapper and Brennan knew the Steele Dossier was a fraud yet pushed Comey and others to utilize it to open several illegal doors. Every time they communicated by wire about the fraudulent dossier, they committed a Predicate Act in furtherance of their plot to retain their high paying and powerful government jobs by getting Hillary Clinton elected President. They felt so confident that their multiple schemes would be successful that they left an incriminating and substantial paper and wire trail even after Clinton illegally destroyed 34,000 pieces of evidence!

The death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia was never investigated yet the evidence is as clear as a set of railroad tracks. Someone ordered the Judge’s remains to be kept inaccessible by driving the body around the State of Texas for an entire day until, in my opinion, somebody talked Scalia’s wife/relatives into cremation which is against the Catholic Judge’s beliefs. Why…to prevent autopsy, body fluid tests? Who spoke to his family? NSA has that info. Nobody interviewed the family members to see who called and what they said! 40 to 70 guests at the lodge were never interviewed, why? Keeping in mind this was two weeks AFTER the Judge warned Obama, for the second time, that Obama was abusing, overstepping his authority, and must stop!

Who ordered the FBI to NOT get involved? When they were called, the Sheriff or Border Patrol was told that they, FBI, would get back to them. When the FBI got back, after calling a person at a higher pay grade, the FBI said NO! Why and who gave the order? Put some people on the box and find out WTF? A Supreme Court Justice who was butting heads with the President dies under just slightly suspicious circumstances, the Border Patrol and local law enforcement shows, but not the Agency tasked with investigation the suspicious death of a Federal Judge… the FBI ?

The Judge’s murder investigation may not be a part of the Clinton RICO case, but needs to be at least investigated.

The Rico case must not be let go. These people blatantly violated the same trust bestowed upon them that the FBI Agents and others violated in the Boston case. Hillary, Obama, Comey, Lynch, Clapper and Brennan — arrogant bastards, I hope they fry!!! In my opinion, they corrupted Obama’s entire Administration and need to pay!