I’m Happy As Hell…

I’m Happy As Hell…If You Listen Closely You Will Hear The Democrat Party…Crumbling! The Ones Who Are The First To Deny, The Loudest, Most Outrageous… Are The Guiltiest!!

About 3 years ago, I wrote that when a new President (I predicted Trump) was elected and he started to drain the swamp, whichever Democrat shouted out the loudest, blaming someone else for their dastardly deeds, would be the guiltiest! I specifically predicted that the then FBI Director Comey would throw all those he corrupted under the bus. I also predicted that the staffers of Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Holder, and Comey would scramble to hand each other up, looking for a deal. That’s called “dog eat dog”!

But, Comey stopped the investigation and violated the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures, FBI and DOJ Rules and Regulation, as well as, DOJ and FBI Guidelines…DOJ comments on, Prosecution and FBI comments on, Search, Seizure and Arrests. Comey was determined to clear Hillary and will be convicted of any of a multitude of criminal acts — from lying, leaking — to Fraud Against the FISA Court — to Hobbs Act-Political Corruption — to Obstruction in the Email Investigation. He made FBI HQ the Office of Origin (OO) in a major Criminal Investigation. Something never before done and accomplished so that HQ, Comey, could have complete control over interviews, what evidence would be ignored, and what would be collected…what evidence would be destroyed and what would be leaked. He removed or didn’t allow Hillary to be carried as the Subject of HER email case, and somehow passed that info onto her (that she was not the subject)…but she was!!! Comey plays word games. By definition, Hillary Clinton was the Subject of her Case, no matter what fairy tale Comey tells!

Comey allowed numerous lawyers, subjects and witnesses to attend her FBI interview by an inept FBI Agent Peter Strzok. Strzok failed to advise her of her rights and challenge obvious lies; like she never received any training or instructions on the handling of classified communications. Her NDA is prima facie evidence to the contrary. Strzok must have left that in his car or forgot about something that INSIGNIFICANT?!! Why wasn’t she put before a Federal Grand Jury as the law requires?

Look what’s happening…Hillary and Comey are actually on a “Tour of Blame”… Blaming others…(refer to Title for interpretation)!

With Hillary… it’s “why she lost”. It, of course, has nothing to do with a secret, personal, unclassified, unauthorized, illegal and intentional private email server to circumvent FOIA and the public…nor is it because she blatantly violated her Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)…nor is it because she approved the sale of our Uranium to Russia to her personal benefit of over $135 million…nor is it because of her Money Laundering or pay-to-play schemes…nor the fact she cheated by BUYING THE DNC and received the debate questions from Donna Brazile, BEFORE the debates…nor is it because she is the most corrupt woman who ever walked the face of the Earth!

It was …get this …because Trump cheated! He stole her election!!!(Refer to Title…again)!

Next is Comey…now… “everybody knew that the Steele Dossier was corrupted, salacious and unverified”…his signing a corrupted FISA Wire tap Affidavit is no big deal…they did it all the time, my opinion! Comey is going after Rosenstein, Rosenstein is going after Comey. Comey blamed McCabe, Strzok, and Page for leaks because he testified, under oath, that he never authorized their leaks!

Brennan is speaking out that we should let the water over the dam go by, “Can’t we all just move along into more important things”, (away from Brennan’s corrupt, illegal acts like listening to citizens illegally, unmasking their names and lying to Congress)…my opinion!

Folks, pay attention…in my opinion, this is going to get REALLY interesting…before the indictments come out. What we are about to see are the once most important people in the world (in their minds) turn on each other like mad dogs. We are about to see the most corrupt Presidential Administration in our Country’s history, (Hussein Obama’s) come totally unglued, ripped apart, in the biggest blame game we ever saw…and there’s NOTHING they can do to stop it!!!

Not even Jerry Nadler, Swallow, Shitty, or Water on the Brain will be able to distract the wheels of Justice this time.  This time there were real, serious crimes committed by staff members of the Obama Administration and by Obama himself…like Treason, Espionage, RICO, Hobbs Act, Mail fraud, Wire fraud, lying, leaking and more! No Collusion games here!

The name of the game will be …LET’S MAKE A DEAL! AND…the biggest loser, I predict will be …to be continued…

Side note…why didn’t those “former prosecutors” notice the Obstruction Committed by corrupt FBI Agents, the overwhelming evidence against Hillary laid out by Comey, or the absolutely obvious obstruction and misguided Prosecutorial Opinion by FBI Director Comey? What did you guys prosecute…illegal parking cases in a GSA parking lot? Again I ask…what Crime did Trump Obstruct the investigation thereof, Title and Section of US Code, please?