A lot of people have been asking, “Why do Democrats hate Trump so much”?

In my humble opinion, they don’t! They hate what he stands for and what he’s been able to accomplish. Remember what Obama said, “He can’t bring manufacturing jobs back, that’s impossible”…for a Community Organizer, nothing’s possible, but for a CEO, anything’s possible!

Make America Great Again and do it by draining the corrupt, liberal, left wing swamp wherein Foreign and Domestic Lobbyists create millionaire Democrap leaders who want to rule the country. You see, the Democrat Party has been pretty corrupt for decades. Think about their scandals over the years…the “big” Republican scandal was Watergate…an attempted burglary of the offices of the Democrat National Committee that failed and went wrong. That and the Iran Contra deal, where we got Iran to pay for arms to support a conflict in Nicaragua to support a South America conflict or some such remote deal where I think we made out pretty good. Then you look at the unbelievable corrupt crap pulled by the “Democraps” …that’s the leaders of the Democrat Party.

If you saw the Dinesh D’Souza movie, Death of a Nation, you understand why Democrats NEVER admit to doing anything wrong and immediately jump on the attack by accusing the Republicans for committing the act that they committed.

For example, “That Democrat seduced his 18 year old intern”, “no he didn’t, besides, Trump paid for sex…so there”! Really?…think about it!

I have to say the best attempt at that by the left we saw was when Khizr Khan was standing at the podium at the 2016 DNC, holding a Koran in one hand and the Constitution in the other. Khan, was made to look like a volunteer victim when he was actually paid some $25,000 to make an appearance to try to humiliate Trump…but it backfired. Khan’s brave son gave his life as a US Soldier, defending the Constitution, fighting “against the Islamic Koran ideals”, that his father held in his other hand and accused Trump of dishonoring his son. The President never did …Khan did by holding the Koran his son fought to defeat!

Hillary paying Khan exposed the scripted theatrics and made it what it was… a plotted script instead of a bereaved family, and cheapened Khans sincerity!

The Democrat leaders are the most corrupt people in Washington starting with the Clintons. Hillary sold out the State Department, she sold America’s Uranium to her benefit. She laundered and stole money from her own Clinton Foundation, bought the DNC, Colluded with the Russians and then accused Trump of being crooked!!! That is rich! It really is…like sending top secret stuff over a gmail account is just careless…right…and chickens have lips!

What the left is worried about is exactly what the President has accomplished and how much more will come. If they don’t defeat Trump they feel the Country will turn away from the “Socialism” the left needs, to win. The Democraps (the leaders) think Socialism is their desperate last chance to win back the Country…because deadbeat  “fools” want free, free, and more free! They have no concept how expensive that “free” would really be!

They know that if they don’t discredit the real AG we now have, the Criminals who ran the Country under Hussein, will go to jail. Why do you think Comey and Hillary are on the ATTACK TRAIL? They know they are in really deep crap and their end is near. Comey isn’t fooling anybody whose in the know. Most FBI Agents understand the Federal Rules… what is allowed and what isn’t. FBI Agents cannot do what the heroes did to try to “save America”, trying to get Hillary elected. Thank GOD they all failed.

Comey used his underlings to do his dirty work and is doing exactly what I predicted…he’s throwing them ALL under the bus! We’ll see how smart McCabe, Strzok, Page, and Baker are very soon. We want Comey who will definitely hand up Lynch, who will trip over her own feet to hand up Hussein Obama!!!

Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Powers, Rice, et al., what comes around goes around, and it’s coming around!

Hey Comey, Bubba likes the tall slim type…!