When we were growing up, we were taught “not to throw stones if we lived in glass houses”, “not be a hypocrite”, “tell the truth”, and don’t lie.

I guess some Democrap leaders never learned what we learned. I mean just look at some of the things coming out of Jerry Nadler’s mouth…they contradict everything that his party did when Obama was the king (with a small “k”).

They subpoenaed Lois Lerner, who plead the 5th, and thumbed her nose, they subpoenaed Eric Holder, who was protected by Obama, they subpoenaed Hillary’s server creator Pagliano, a total zero, who thumbed his nose at Nadler and his fellow Congressmen, and they did NOTHING!

NOTHING, NOTHING AND NOTHING…that describes the Democrap led congress!

Now “tough guy” Nadler, who wears his pants up to his man boobs, is getting tough! Better watch out Mr. President, Jerry “High Pockets” is getting tough. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, my son, relax…chill… I don’t think you are in the AG’s cross hairs. You didn’t do anything…and I mean, ANYTHING, I’ll leave it at that!

We are only going after those who broke the law…those of you who never did enough to break a law, and I mean NEVER DID A FREAKING THING even worth talking about, are in the clear!

So you, Swallow, and Maxine “Water On The Brain”, have nothing to fear except fear itself!

Understand something, Mr. Nadler, now we have an Attorney General who not only understands the law, but will enforce it! We also now have a President who doesn’t have to spend all his time dodging bullets and is now able to be the Chief Lawman who has a BIG gun, and he is coming! He will not let anything go now that he’s “pissed”.

Ever been in a corral with a pissed off bull, Mr. Nadler? Well keep it up, and you are going to find out. You are not fooling anybody with your nonsense. NOBODY believes anything you have to say. All the delaying and stalling tactics ain’t going to stop the raging bull! Subpoena all his grandkids, too, you dumb ass. He likes it when someone tries to hurt his kids. Why didn’t you subpoena Chelsea Clinton when you learned she was on the Clinton Money Laundering…oops, I mean Clinton Foundation Payroll!

What the big difference between President Trump and Hussein Obama is, when I ask …exactly WHAT crime(s) did President Trump commit…there’s SILENCE… then, without ANY evidence you’ll hear from the back of the room…he cheated on his taxes…I…think.

When I ask what crimes did Obama commit…it screams out at you, FRAUD MAIL, WIRE, FORGERY AND EVERY TYPE YOU COULD IMAGINE… TREASON, ESPIONAGE, RACKETEERING, ON AND ON! There’s the difference, and there’s more to come because Obama’s loyal staff …maybe not so loyal…turning on each other…“he said, she said”…wait until we close in on Lynch…I can hear her now…Barack who, never really spoke to him…personally, and then we spoke about our kids…no wait that’s a different president!?

The American people are going to give you and the Criminals you would like to protect a real spanking!!! 2020 is going to be a year of reckoning for you Democrats. We have had enough of your do nothing but delay, criticize, stumble, lie, cheat and steal! Your negligence allowing illegals into our country from 3rd world countries, uninoculated, is causing an epidemic for mumps, measles, chickenpox, and stupidity (and I don’t mean the illegals) …what’s next?