Allowing an Imam to give an opening prayer …really? Have you lost all sense of reason? You have obviously never read any part of the Koran. I put that on par with those members of Congress who are ignorant as to not even know what a “garbage disposal” is…at age 29 (AOL)!

On September 11, 2001 Islamic Muslims killed almost 3,000, innocent American civilian, non-military, Citizens for no reason other than they were Americans…non-Muslims, in their words, Infidels! That’s more Americans killed than at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese when we were at the brink of war! Islam is at war with the world and has been since Mohamed thought it up, about 1,400 years ago.

In the 600s AD, after sacking Medina, in an attempt to eliminate all the Jews, Mohamed rounded up 800 surviving Jews into their coliseum and with his 11 year old wife (that’s correct, 11 year old wife) by his side, watched as his followers beheaded all 800 Jews, because he believed they were “pigs, pagans, and unclean” (from the Koran). Their hatred toward Jews, Christians, any non-believers in Islam (again, from the Koran), continues to this day.

Those Muslims we all saw ISIS kill in Iraq, behead and bury, on YouTube, were Muslims who didn’t believe in ALL the Shuras in the Koran. They believed in peace, and were therefore considered Kafirs to true Islam and are the “worst of all nonbelievers” (again, from the Koran).

The Koran demands death to all infidels and beheading to Kafirs. I wondered why some Muslims are afraid to speak the truth about their feelings. I read the Koran and learned. They need a NEW and different book of faith!

The Ayatollah of Iran and his Imams, preaching hatred, proudly announce that they will eliminate the United States and Israel and kill all of us including you “Morons” in Congress. I guess you elected officials forgot about the US Cole, American embassy and Military barracks bombings, Twin Towers, all according to your own government experts, were all perpetrated by Islamic believers. But, they didn’t mean it, they were just having a bad day…so invite them to “our” house and let them tell us how foolish we are in our beliefs…so foolish, they intend to kill us, dumb asses!

So what do you do, you welcome hatred spewing Muslims into Congress, put them on important committees and then invite Imams to preach to us…you have totally lost all sense of reason and each and every one of you, hopefully, will be defeated …soon!

Invite those people to your house and let them say “Grace” at your table but NOT OUR HOUSE!

America…created by geniuses and run by morons, I swear!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

2 thoughts on “I’M MAD AS HELL, AGAIN…

  1. I have doubts that you have ever read the Quran or met a Muslim or a Muslim family in your whole life.
    If you done either or both. You shouldn’t be writing derogatory remarks and issue a blanket statement against 1.6 BILLIONS people.

    Where did you qoute the facts about Prophet Muhammad or his followers ever committed genocide against Jews in Medina.
    This is total nonsense.

    Please consult some Jew Scholars and ask them the best time that is called GOLDEN TIME and that only happened under Muslims RULERS.

    I am shocked that you have represented such a respectable law agency and have these Hatered against a law abiding minority in this beautiful and tolerated country.

    I request you to keep you comments where it belongs to, Bank Robberies.

    And leave Islam to Muslims. Thank you

  2. Proud “Mualim?’ If you read the article you criticize with the same care you used to spell Muslim ,I can understand why you don’t understand what your Book of Faith, Koran, actually states. The statements I refer to are directly from Surahs in the Koran AND YOU KNOW THAT, don’t you. Ly and deceive are also Written in Surahs and are okay as long as they support, and advance Islam…aren’t they…or did you miss that one as well? Understand this, my Muslim friend, America is no longer ignorant to the teachings and actions of some 160,000,000 Muslims, of the 1.6 billion, you refer to. There are some 50 Islamic Nations that teach and practice what I say …but, you know that as well, don’t you? They are lead by Iran ,which, I predict, will not be Iran much longer! The event about the beheading of 800 Jews is from the Hadiths from the 7th century written from “notes” your leader, Mohammed, left for the authors of the Koran ,to try to record from what an ignorant, uneducated, illiterate, and quite stupid Mohammed left to be interpreted. Ever wonder why your book of Faith, is so difficult for EVERYBODY to follow, understand and is not organized in ANY sensible way? It’s because Mohammed was so ignorant that the authors could establish no chronology, no organization, no reason for a way to present, what Mohammed wrote. They just set forth what they found scribed on animal hides, pieces of bark, slate and what they could piece together from Mohammed and those who had knowledge from personal recollections, which were sometimes “stretched”. That’s how your Book of Faith was formed! So preach your BS someplace where people want to hear it, like…Iran!

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