I wrote that title for this column BEFORE I found the foolish letter this group of so called “impartial” prosecutor, lawyers wrote…believe it or not! The reason I say that… Mr. Prosecutors, is because there MUST be a Crime, a Prosecutorial offense, committed by the President or any subject in order for him to try to Obstruct the Investigation, Prosecution or Evidence or Testimony, thereof! So name it!

Aside from all the “other” reasons a President cannot be charged with a Crime; this President cannot be charged with Obstructing a Criminal investigation or witness tampering or “Collusion” or anything else is… because there is no CRIME!  IF THERE IS A CRIME… FOR CHRIST’S’ SAKE…GIVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THE TITLE AND SECTION OF THE VIOLATION!

If the 370 of you legal geniuses planned (conspired) to rob a Bank, but after “casing” the Bank, purchasing a suitable Hickey Freeman suit, a legal gun and rental Mercedes from Hertz, you changed your minds, did not commit the crime… what crime did you “Conspire” to commit…oh, and you told me not to tell anybody or you would hurt me…what crime did you commit? Hmmm…can’t think of one can you, well neither can I…that’s why we almost always had to allow the crime be committed, because as you all know, you Prosecutors “always” needed the CRIME…Bank Robbery!

Admittedly I didn’t look at all the affiliations of all 370, but did run through more than half and could only find one who hadn’t worked for either Obama or Clinton, one or the other! Shame on you! About as “impartial” as the “Mule Team”! I guess the idea of impartiality among Democraps is different than what Republicans call impartial! We call it 50/50 , half and half , Dems and Republicans!

Allow me to put forth a different scenario and change one name …we’ll substitute Trump with Hillary.

Let’s assume Hillary signed a NDA that was read to her by two FBI Agents who directed her to read and if she understood and agreed, sign it, when she became Secretary of State, the 2nd most powerful position in our Government! Assume she agreed to provide the security necessary to all State Department and government communications. Assume she used an unauthorized, non-secure, personal email server she had built in her basement to send and receive ALL State communications, including SAP Communications, that are the most secret (only 10 people in the entire country are allowed to see). When you 370 prosecutors were told this by your friendly FBI Agent who asked for a subpoena ordering her to “protect” those documents, and right after being served, she gave 34,000 of those records, secret and personal with orders to destroy them, to her personal lawyers, none of whom possess any clearance to see them…what as prosecutors would YOU have done? I believe I do know what AG Barr is going to do! Let’s see if you think it’s Collusion!

What if these FBI Agents told you Hillary bought the DNC, by a signed contract, giving her COMPLETE control of ALL expenditures of DNC funds and with those funds she paid for a Dossier prepared by a former British Agent who himself purchased “salacious and unverified” dirt on candidate Trump from 3 Russian Agents to secure her election as President. AND then the FBI,CIA NSA used this “salacious and unverified Dossier” to open a FBI Counter Intel Case on Trump, and obtain a FISA wire tap on US Citizen Carter Page, an unpaid Trump campaign worker. Then they expanded the investigation into a Russian Collusion Investigation against the President Trump by Comey leaking secret government information to a friend to give to the press because he believed it would result in a Special Counsel, which it did!

When the President of the United States asked the FBI Director, on National TV, if there was an investigation on the President and his campaign, the Director said “No”. When asked about the Dossier, FBI Comey said it was “salacious and unverified” 3 months after Comey signed the FISA warrant. When asked if he, Trump, was a subject of a FBI investigation, Comey told the President of the US, Comey’s boss, “NO!”.

Maybe… since Comey already had told Hillary she wasn’t the “Subject” of her FBI email investigation (as she reported, proudly, several times), the President thought he should ask if he was …sounds reasonable to me, especially since Trump did it on National TV!

What you 370 “former”, and I’m glad you are “former”, prosecutors are about to learn from a real prosecutor, Bill Barr, is Hillary and not Trump broke the law…indeed she not only broke the law, but with the help of a Racketeer Influenced Criminal Organization, she shattered the law. With the help of her staff, some corrupt AGs, a few FBI executives, CIA, NSA, DOJ and more, became the most corrupt Administration in U.S. history!

Some of you prosecutors must have worked at least 1 Title 3 case; I’ve worked many. Can you remember ONE Affidavit that was signed by the Director of the FBI…just one…why do you think the FISA Court required that?